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Alex and other of my friends;;Category: (general)
Monday, 15 December 2008
06:06:14 PM (GMT)
I'll miss you. I really will. I'll miss many of you. I'll miss the warm days I had. I'll miss your energetic~ness from many friends. I'll miss your great advice that kept me going to press on. I'll miss your caring. I'll miss when we would be goobers. I'll miss the good times we shared. I'll miss the great times we had. I'll miss your wonderful spirits you had in you. I'll miss you all. Period. This might be the end of Axel's road. His journey might end here. I might jump off the sidewalk of shame, and end this. Forever.

‹AlexAttached<3› says:   15 December 2008   819364  
When I said that, I meant it.
I hope you know I did.
Because I mean everything I say.
I love you. And no, I'm not 'in love' with you.
I just love you.
People don't know much about that feeling.
Just the common way they categorize love.
It's funny, really.
I don't even know you.
But it's like we said.
You go down, I go with you.
Thank you. But Alex, truly, really, meaningfully gives up.
‹Aurora du Coudray› says:   15 December 2008   753145  
no axel dont go please!
you are a great friend and i will miss you forever!
like Alex said i love you too!
please dont go
if you will miss us then why are you leaving

~*Love You*~
‹AlexAttached<3› says:   15 December 2008   296992  
You just don't get it.
You just can't understand how much better we'd be, if we were
But never mind.
I hope he knows what he's doing.
‹DinoDaniel› says:   15 December 2008   831321  
You cant do this axel ;-;
Omg, i wont survive without you
Your one of the peoples i look forward to talking too D:
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   15 December 2008   934134  
Alex: I just want to see us happy. That is all.
Kira: Who said I was going to die? I might just take a break from
Kupika till I get back on the right track.
Daniel: I know, the same with you.
Alex, again: If we were dead, so much would pass by us. If we were
dead, we'd never get to see new things and we'd be just saying "I want
to give up on everything that I was blessed to have in the future." I
want to see a new day but sometimes, I always wondered what death
would be like.
‹♥ yew gotta love me ♥› says:   15 December 2008   753852  
wtf!? whats this about? ur not leaving r u?
‹Aurora du Coudray› says:   15 December 2008   287144  
Well axel you are one of my best friends!!!
are you coming back on soon??
i'll cry!
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   15 December 2008   943481  
Actually now, I have to leave for a while, I'm moving.
‹Lexxii;;EveryonesFavoriteDrug› says:   16 December 2008   819358  
axel your really dumb.

you think no one cares,
i was like you, Im Over it.

you want people to feel sorry for you.
Right now you have alot, so dont say you have none.

this was the reason i didnt want to be your friend

you would say shit like this to get attention.
the attention you dont get from you mom.
i know it and you know it. dont try to prove me wrong.

if adults saw you do this, they will put you in a mental home to make
sure your save.

This is the thing i hate, people who tell others "im going to kill
myself" or "i have no life" cause people will get sick of hearing this
all the time. I got sick of it. Thats why i didnt want to hang around
you, cause then it will get big to were people will be always sad for

Just because your moving doesnt mean that you'll loose everyone here.
and also doing this to get people to notice you is low. You have alot
of things so please, be happier. Because if i am getting sick of this.
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   16 December 2008   842172  
Lex, everything is fine now.
I'm over it.
I'm all good.
‹Lexxii;;EveryonesFavoriteDrug› says:   16 December 2008   595521  
thats good.
it better be.
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   16 December 2008   451963  
Did you see my other Diary of what made me feel better? xD
sexichick says:   16 December 2008   483979  
I will miss you honey! Please come back soon!!!
‹VaginaDust› says:   17 December 2008   342472  
NO!Axel don't die on me now!!!!!!........Can I have your shoes?
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   18 December 2008   379412  
Aww, Axel-kun. D:
Please don't leave kupika that long, we will all miss you deeply.
‹Wallflowers♥› says :   18 December 2008   642538  
Only for the move though.


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