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Aplecragg Village - Chapter IVCategory: (general)
Thursday, 13 November 2008
02:01:40 PM (GMT)
Keely Ukkir lived in Aplecragg Village all her life. She had a dpressed mother and
an angry father. Her older brother had died of ‘unknown causes’, apparently…
She grew up on rumours and lies about the outside world. Her childhood was hard,
especially when her mother died when she was seven. Her father blamed her and had not
forgiven her since but had cast her out like some unwanted dog. Now she was wiser and
more wary of the outside world, the place where she know called home, but yet, here
she was, following a complete stranger in a unknown place after an strange, unknown
Her head still bleeding as she felt the vampire’s cold, pale hand now pulling hers.

“Who are you? Where are we going? Where are we?” Keely asked the vampire.
“You ask a lot of questions.” The vampire replied, not looking back at her.
He’s voice so quiet and smooth. 
“Well, what do you expect?!” Keely shouted. She wanted to let go of his hand but,
something drew her in about him. A dangerous curiosity that she hadn’t discovered
before. He took her past a field. The people were now dispersing. To a little, dark
forest hunched at the end of the field. He took her through it in silence. Soon,
Keely saw a running river going through the little forest. Keely’s heart was
pumping hard. She was used to feeling worried and scared but she didn’t now. She
felt eager and inquisitive which surprised her. He let go of her hand and bent down
to the water. She watched, mesmerised by his silent, smooth movements. He beckoned
her towards him.
“What? What do you want?” Keely took a step back.
“You need to clean that wound, it could get infected.”
“You serious? Right, a vampire just told me to clean an infected wound…”
“I’m only thinking of you!” The vampire interrupted angrily and again beckoned
her to him. Keely didn’t want to disobey, as she knew what vampires could do. She
sat down next to him and showed him her wound. Her hair tangled and matted from her
earlier attack. He cleaned it using the water from the river in silence, his hands
cold but gentle. Keely couldn’t bare the silence.
“Why did you save me?” Keely asked. Eventually, the vampire spoke.
“You were being attacked.” He answered.
“No offence but vampires aren’t really known for saving people, in fact
practically the opposite…”
“And when did you start listening to people?” He interrupted again. Keely was
taken by surprise.
“Don’t make out that you know me!” She shot back angrily.
“All done. I know you more than you think.” He replied calmly. Keely got up onto
her feet.
“Oh, really?! What, are you trying to say? That you spy on me or something?!” The
vampire dropped his eyes to the ground.
“Oh God!!!” And Keely stalked off away from him. The vampire got up but did not
follow her. 
“Keely!!! Come back, it’s not what you think!” He shouted after her.
He even knows my name!!! Keely thought. She started to run, although she did not know
her way home. She looked back. He was keeping up with ease, not even breaking his
breathing routine!!!
She tried to run faster but her movements became clumsy as a giddiness swept over
her. She felt her eyes closing as she plunged into darkness.

My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   13 November 2008   962937  
Why did I have to wait sooo looong for this chapter? T_T

Anyways, I love it(as always)! ^^
‹Emafie› says:   13 November 2008   544894  
thank-u and sorry.. I've been really busy, sorry... T_T
My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   13 November 2008   278917  
It's ok. :P
The_Dead_Writer says :   13 November 2008   438657  
Shorter, but still very exciting! I really like it so far! Can't wait
to see what happens next....


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