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SuicideCategory: (general)
Monday, 27 October 2008
06:26:25 PM (GMT)
well, a few weeks ago my girlfriend broke up with me. she was my world, my
everything, i just loved her so much and then she tells me she has slept with another
guy...she actually did it with him. she is only 13 years young. i was so astonished
and amazed that i didnt believe it but she had a straight face on, and the one girl i
thought was my true love broke my heart once AGAIN. the first time she said she made
out with her ex boyfriend which his name is Jacob T. i was heartbroken for sure and
felt like there was no purpose in my life anymore. she was everything and without her
i was nothing at all. with all the times we spent together and all those good
memories we share became nothing tome. worth absoloutly NOTHING.
Well her name was Rosalynn Victorianna(she's italian). i just tried to hang myself in
my basement that night. but i realized i can live with another girl in my life, she
is not worth giving up my life. i just have to move on and i did. now im looking for
a new girl. but honestly im not into internet dating. i like a girl at my school. and
i think she likes me too! she always looks at me and gives me a flirty smile and
pokes my back once in a while and runs up to me and hugs me so tight, omg, lol. but
anyways, the point is...i think we should not commit suicide and if it is for the
same reason as me, DONT DO IT, just move on there are plenty of people in the world
that are looking for a girl/guy like you. trust me here. Suicide is a common word but
eventually the pain will end, and all you have to do is move on with life and think
to yourself, its not worth it. life WILL get better eventually.all you have to do is
make it happen. i used to cut myself with razor blades and knives and thought its NOT
worth it. it only causes pain.
so if you have any questions, message or letter or kupichat me. i will reply.

blairexoangel says:   27 October 2008   568195  
aw  sorry about your ex but good luck with that new girl (:
& yea trust me dont kill yourself over a girl.. 
you sound like my friend pat.. hes like completly depressed cuz every
girl he goes out with breaks up with him after a few days.. 
(me included.. oops hahaa) hes always talking about suicide. sucks cuz
we used to be best friends before he got all emoishh.. poor guy. i
guess after like 20 breakups in 1 month u get that way :/
but anywaay.. 13 is waay to young to die.
i have like a million things i wanna do before i die.
& trust me if your ex-gf was like literally cheating on you..
shes not worth it. just keep telling yourself you deserve better [:
mustlovenick says:   27 October 2008   872711  
thank you blaire!
blairexoangel says:   27 October 2008   345957  
no problem (:
mustlovenick says:   27 October 2008   127979  
your a great friend blaire!!!   
xxlistenxx says:   27 October 2008   912852  
you tryed to commit SUICIDE!!!
im sure you'll find another girl 
dont ever do that again
Dizzyflower19 says:   4 November 2008   929358  
If Rosylynn cant see how great you are then that is her loss =]
i am sure you will find someone better
you deserve more than someone that would do what she did
please dont try to commit suicide again =]
when a guy breaks up with me icecream or hanging out with your friends
always helps         

upsetting for the girl and for you)
mustlovenick says:   14 November 2008   684265  
xxlistenxx: thank you, im sure i will too. and i wont try and commit
suicide again i promise!
DizzyFlower19:Thank You So Much!! and yes it is her loss and you
really think im great? lol well, thank you so much!! and i am kind of
getting over Rosalynn anyways. She was Rude and i think i ill find a
better girl than her!
animechic12345 says :   15 November 2008   943217  
the same thing happened to me over my old bf sam. he couldnt even
dump me to my face. wtf? lol. im slowly getting over it but i also
keep thinking he is going to come back to me and tell me he loves me
again. i guess not. oh well, ill get over it. eventually. lolll. its
okay and dont ever try to kill urself over a girl. if she was cheating
on you then she is obviously not worth it at all. i feel ur pain 
but u can obviously do so much better by the way u sound 


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