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Today, we Live or DieCategory: Story I can't decide a name for : )
Sunday, 28 September 2008
07:25:01 PM (GMT)
song ta go with it is either a) Dirty Little Secret or B) MOve Along

   I took a deep breath as I counted all of the things we would need. I was a little
bit upset, I won't lie, that Aubrey, Ly-Ann and Seirra were setting of the fireworks
and me and Brandy and Erin were alone with Fawn, at least for awhile. 
   I smiled, Ly-Ann did amazing at the set up, and Aubrey was doing it on perfect
timing, and Seirra was being super good on keeping the people safe, but right now, I
was about to cover my ears for the never ending screech prosession. Then it started
   I Looked at the sky, seeing the beautiful stars and other formatiosn that didn't
go with the screeching... Then I realized it. The sound was coming from behind me...
  I stood up and ran in pursuit of the noise. After running for a while, wailing
noise came worst from the cemetery, where I saw Fawn with ehr hands lifted to the sky
as these strange blue white whispy things flew around her, then I saw the shadow,
nodding and praising her. I didn't have too long to think of what to do, The Shadow
had seen me. And then I felt the reality come from my own mind. Fawn was bringing the
dead back to life, to raise her own army.
   I ran with ym fastest speed, wishing Coach Craver would have seen me now, where I
was running like the wind, where in gym I was the slow-mo of the group. I heard a
roar as the Shadow caught up to me and grabbed my ankle but I knew I ahd Erin's midn
nearby, so I thought as hard as possible for ehr to soudn the alarm.
   "NOW!!!!!!!" She cauterwauled Thank God for the vampire power of reading minds. My
rmy stood up, each looking about wildly, looking for an invisible enemy, when I saw
the blusih, whiteish, grayish bodies float above me, all heading for my army, my
class-mates, but most of all, my friends, no, my family. For that was what they were,
no longer friends, but more then life itself to me. I felt a tear brake my
concentration, but I didn't need to concentrate, becasue teh shadow was no where to
be seen, immediatly, I ran, straight for my army.
   I backed up to Erin, who was kicking ghost butt, when she screamed some weird word
and I felt the time stop. Immediatly, She ran up to the moving figures of my closest
   "WHtas the plan, Kat?" Rick asked me, picking up on David's nickname for me.
Speaking of David, the vamp's were hard at work, keeping up the time shield form
   "Why me?!"
   "Your the leader. Now hurry up!" Erin grunted at me.
   "Um, pair up! Rick, Ly-Ann, I want you guys to protect the unsupecting ones over
there, David Seirra, the humans. Protect them. Aubrey, at all costs, protect Brandy.
Brandy, you need to keep everyone calm. Kill as many as you can. Jacob and Saphron...
soemone tell them the plan. They're going to potect the unsuspecting too. Erin, your
with me." There were nods, and everyone broke up to do there job, I suddenly noticed
that my army was outnumbered by the swarming dead, and that there as more
unsuspecting then I ahd thought. I also relaized that it was up to me to keep all fo
them safe. Teh time shield collapsed as everyone took their stations, Erin followed
em up the head, were unknown dead were started to fill up the hillside.
    "Knock Fanwn down first, let em fight her though." I told Erin, as we were
runnign i saw the maze we had been placed in. Fawn had endowed dead. They had grown
mutant grass that tangled our ankles, and there was a large hedge that obscured my
view of the cemetary. So our plan was delayed.
   "K, both of us need to get in there. Now." Erin said, i nodded, and each of used
our powers to kill the grass and woudn oru way aroudn the maze. Then I saw the worst
barricade. I fell as the sight met my eyes. I wanted to scream and huddle into my
mothers side, as i would have done in a horror film, but the thing was, this was
reality, not a horror film. Fawn was being surrounded by the most gruesome creatures
I have ever layed eyes on. The one I saw first made me want to throw up. It was
started to decay, and it's eye sockets were sickening, the eyes were rotting, but not
gone. the skin was green, and the arm was severed, and the creature was using it as a
weapong. They began to swarm us, and I took on one and suddenly knew that this was
not an easy task. This was worse then having to fight my first battle, and failing.
Worse then fighting Saphron as she cheated, just to give me a taste of what I would
be facing, but I would have traded all of the practice if I could just be able to get
to Fawn and..what did I want to do when i got to fawn? I knew killing was what I
shoudl do... btu i couldn't, and I don't think I ever will be able to. 
   Erin was easily killing them, btu I didn't knwo what to do, an arm reached out and
started to ruthlessly pull on my arm,a dn I could hear the bones as they made
breaking noises, and the skin as it was stretched to a painful limit. I Screamed and
knew that this was no longer a safe, yet scary dream. Thsi was reality, and I needed
to save the poeple down in the field.
    "Katy! Your Power! Use Your Power! They aren't endowed! They die whe you use it
on them!" And so, i tried, and instantly, the pressure was releived of my arm, though
it lay limp at my side. I saw Erin as She fought bravely.
   "Katy! Just Get Fawn, I can get it from here!" And I saw the gap, she meant for me
to hurry, she was doing well, but I hated leaving her here...  "Do It!"
   I ran out and tackled my triplet to the ground. And Then I saw the menacing green
eyes, adn the beautiful black hair that did not belong o Fawn, but I instantly knew,
belonged to Saphere. We tussled on the ground for a while. She easily overpowered me
when it came to human strength, for I was small and scrawny, and she was tall, and
   "I HATE YOU!" I screamed at her when I was atop her, and I had her pinned to the
   "DITTO!" And so we rolled about when i decided to try a move I had been working
on. My hands moved fast and then they pushed out from me, and Fawn rolled away from
me. I then flung all the power within me at ehr, and she was forced away from me. I
ran at her, grabbing a sword form an undead-dead person. I ran at her, stabbing the
blade next to her head. I lifted it up, and then placed it above my head, ready for
the kill.
    She spit in my face. "Ya wanna know why I hate you?!"
    "ENLIGHTEN ME!" I screamed at her.
    "Cause, when you and Saphron where placed on the doorstep of that stuiped place,
the man saw you and knew that he loved you! Saphron was placed in an orphange, but
everyone loved her there too! I was kept! Our mother hated me! She knew what I was
gonna do when i grew up, but I sped up the progress, so here we are. But ya know
what, all teh while, she kept me. When I was 9 years old, I strived for her to love
me with the intenisty of my love for her, btu she never did. Wanna know what she told
me on the death bed?! HUH? 'It's Your fault, devil child.' I told ehr i lvoed ehr and
cried at her hands, and she glared at me and shrieked, 'it's killing me! It's the
childs fault, i hate!it I hate!it I hate it. Get away from me.' Then she kciked em
across the room. Thats why I'm so hateful! That's why I released the shadow! He
promised me revenge! He told me he could save my life! WELL HERE WE ARE! AND I
ALREADY KNOW I MADE A GOOD DESICION!" I couldn't understand how a mother could do
that. "Don't knwo how lucky ya are, huh? Well yeah, you better count your blessings!
And kill me, huh?!" I dropped teh balde and walked backwards. She laughed and picked
it up and ran away, the dead following her.

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   29 September 2008   665677  
Oh, ow. Poor Fawn. She is messed up to the head. I can't say i blame
her...tHen again, i can say that....


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