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Sunday, 28 September 2008
05:09:10 PM (GMT)
K, so Mizz Katee? I not sure if you saw the Pictures of everyone, I thought you
might be intrested.... Just ta tell you.
  When i said that Ly-Ann should start making preperations, I hadn't exactly thought
she would take it this far.... Or anyone else for that matter. Word spreaded like
wildfire, and so, my 'army' was looking quite strange. Everyone had planned on
meeting later in the day for a big training session, whihc was part of the
preperations. I didn't have much time for my own. But I had enough to notice my
  Ly-Ann was wearing these camo army clothes with a dogtag jingling around her neck,
and there was a large pouch, awaiting a lagre gun. (She had even taken the extreme of
placing little black lines under her eyes at the session)
  Aubrey was wearing goggles, I wasn't sure how this helped, but said nothing.
 Erin was gone every night, and I knew that she and Seirra(along with David) were
drinking up to get stronger.
 Me and Saphron were constantly practicing, she had givin me clues to finding the
"Witches code of Honor" Which i feel you should know about, so here we go:
   "No, Listen, it's twist, kick, flee, jump, turn, punch, words." I groaned, this
was going harder then what  wanted. Saphron demonstrated again, on a dummy she had
fashioned to look like Fawn. She was elegant and everywhere at once, and I knew that
when I did it, I was just a brute force...
   "SHOOTING STAR!" She yelled, ehr voice still sounding perfect, I groaned and then
immitated her.
   "SHOOTING STAR!" I screeched, and I saw a glass cup burst at the sound my voice
had made, I ducked as the glass shards threw themselves at me.
   "Alright, we can brake. Hey, did I ever send you on the search for the "Code"?"
   "Well i am now." Then she handed me a little list of directions. It took me 5
days. 5 dasy that I should have been spending on my prepeerations, btu no! I needed
the Witches Code....
   K, so I find the stuiped book and open it up. It's aged and really gross... I read
all the legends, wich were extremely intrestesting, by the way. But then I open up to
a page with familier hand writing under the legend. It says:
   My name is Saphron, of the oldest triplet Witches. I await patiently for my
sisters, Saphere, and Saphire. I ahve decided to take up one of the oldest of Witch
traditions, Medicine. It will be a long and enduring task but I promise to it. 
  Then i saw the writing beneath it gasped.
   I am Saphere. The second oldest. I immediatly know of what course I am to take
in this prophecy. And I know that I shall not regret it. I have decided to particpate
in cloning and such. My first task? To change myself. Into a new power and body. I
HAve decided her power to be Animal, and her name to be Fawn
  I immediatly dropped the book and screamed. I was Fawn's... sister? I had picked
teh book back up and brought it Saphron, fuming.
   "I see you found it." She said, not looking up from her book, her coffee held up
to ehr mouth. 
  "You. Did. Not. Tell. Me. WHY?!"
   "ABout what, Exactly."
  "Uh, my name, that I need to choose something to 'expertise' in something, oh, how
about Fawn being my other SISTER?!"
  "Well, I really didn't think it mattered. Yes you need to choose soemthing, but not
for a while now. And I thought you would ahve made the connection. Were all witches,
  "Whatever. I'll deal later. Now, what about thsi 'expertising' in something?"
   "It's what you devote your witch career to."
   "Well, obviously, I reealy don't want to be a healer, and cloning is taken, so
what else is there?"
   "Well, it's up to you. Fawn decided to try something new. MAybe you should too."
 Well, i still haven't decided, and I've been thinking this through, and especially
since tomorrows the fight, I really think it won't matter all to much. So i picked up
my books and grabbed my cup of noodles, groaning as I looked at Gregg and Aubrey as
he leaned in to whisper in ehr ear, and she turned around, looking him straight in
the eyes and grabbed his collar and kissed him, good and ahrd. I felt liek screaming,
but I turned my gaze, and groaned, again, as my eyes fell on t eh inseperable sister
and ex-bf.  They were holding hadns and talking quietly. I saw hr see me, and then
smield, and she saw my tear and knew that I was to not be disturbed, so i turned my
head, I loved my sister and wanted everything for her. And yet again, was upseteed by
the sight, David was holding Seirra by the waist and tickling ehr madly, I knew thta
they were just friends, but I also knew this wouldn't last forever,and they would be
together forever, i ddin't need Brandy to tell em that one.
   So I grabbed my stuff and turned and sped form the cafeterium. Running into a very
bandaged Rick, though I could see the ugly red scar that ran through his normally
pretty grey eyes. I fell to the foor and I sighed at him, "You too?!"
   "Whatdo you mean?" He asked, actually confused. I saw Ly-Ann come out from behind
him, and then I was sure that it wasn't my point of view thta made him so tall and
stocky. The abnormally large and tall Ly-Annw as a head shorter then him, so yea, I
was begining to shrink. I was sure of it.
   "Your so fricken tall!"I said, exsasperated. Ly-Ann giggled and held out her hand
and I stood up.
   "Thanks." I murmured.
   "We were wondering if it would be ok if Rick came and worked on his stuff today,
just wanted to make sure."
   "Oh, yeah, no problem."
   "We didn't think o, but we wanted to make sure." I was getting upset at there use
of 'we', i think I'd rather have them on top of each toehr liek every one else ratehr
then loving eahc otehr more then I could ever hope to feel. The three of us walked to
the valley to start setting up for practice, once we were done, I sat down adn
ignored the PDA going on over next to me. Happy when Erin and Brandy showed up.
  The fighting was great, I think that everyone can kick fawn's darn ass if they
wanted to.

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   29 September 2008   711284  
Lol i loved the last setence! I did look at the info and David is a
hot vampire!!! Yay....... Aubry has my ahir color, too... And Jake is

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