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" All About Me/ Getting to Know Me Survey"Category: (general)
Tuesday, 23 September 2008
10:53:25 AM (GMT)
Name:: Kimce Nicole

Birthdate:: July 31st, 1992

Birthplace:: Tampa Fl

Current Location:: FL

Eye Color:: Babbie Blue

Hair Color:: natural: Brown
Current: Idk Crazy

Height:: 5'6

Are you taken?: Nope

Are you a virgin?: Nope

How many & what kind of pets do you have?: 1 Fat Kittie Xp Pepsi
and a crazy kitten =) shitter/spitter/tom tom

What's your job?: helping the little old lady out =)

What's your Dream Job?: Tattoo artist

Who is your best friend?: My sister Vanessa and Tory =)

What instruments do you play?: Claranet but not for a whiel 

What are your hobbies?: Singing, Making my friend's laugh. and being crazy

What are your goals?: to one day travel the world. meet that one person that will
make me truly happy and enjoy my life.

Would you ever sky dive or bungee jump?: yes hope too one day.

What kind of books and/or magazines do you read?: I love a good vamp book mostly
aneything that whould be considered out of the norm. plus teen voge lol.

How would do describe yourself?: well my friend's say I'm crazy, adorabel. cute
loving stuff like that. my mom whould say I'm a wild child but I don't know I'm a bit
diffrent I whould say but I'm loving and I whould do just about aneything for my

What is a topic you wish you knew more about?: ummm I whould have to say... ppl. you
can never really perdict what some ppl will do and if I knew that I think I whould be
set =).

What do you daydream about?: some time's it's diffrent but alot of the time it's my
future alot has changed the last few mounth's and alot is about to change.....so
mutch it's kinda crazy.

What are your religious/spiritual beliefs?: Lost.

List 3 Things You Would Change About Yourself:

One:: height
Two:: lost friend's
Three:: Excess body fat 

Either Or

Shy or Outgoing?: Outgoing 

Spender or Saver?: Spender

Truth or Dare?: Dare.

Books or Movies?: Books
Romantic Comedy or Action Adventure?: Romance of course

Cats or Dogs?: Dogs.

Mountain or Beach?: Beach.

Sweet or Salty?: Sweet.

Do You...

Smoke?: yes.

Drink?: I have.

Get annoyed easily?: Not really.

Like to travel?: Yes. altho I really have not travled all that far.

Like to drive fast?: Show/ Teach me how too lol 

Sing well?: I have performed before.

Want kids?: Yes just don't know how many right now.

-----What would you name a boy?: Iean

-----What would you name a girl?:.....

1: Lilliean: first after my mother hou is one of the closest ppl in the world too

2: jean: after my grandmother a great women I never had the pleasure of getting to

3: kelly: my oldest sister and a great person.

Have You Ever...

Performed on stage? yes

Been in a car accident?: yes quite a few

Been out of the country?: no


What Is..
The last CD you bought?: Evanesance

The last movie you saw in the theater?: the dark knight

The last movie you rented?: Can't rember

Your greatest fear?: Gitting eaten buy a shark lol. I whould have to say being the
old cat lady lol.

Your greatest strength?: I am verry understanding

Your greatest weakness?: I am too for giving

Your happiest memory?: Going to the zoo with my mom and older sister when I was

Your Favorite...

Movie:: The not book

TV Show:: CSI

Actor:: jonny depp

Actress:: live tyler
Food:: noodels

Drink:: Faygo

Color:: Blue

Scent:: cookie's

Season: it varies
Last edited: 2 November 2008

_abc_ shouts:   23 September 2008   267749  
You copied lots of my answers........lol
‹_Gummie♥Bear_› says :   24 September 2008   893412  
lol I didn't finish putting in all my anser's.
I had to go to my next class lol Xp


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