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Hurricane Ike Log: Day ThreeCategory: Hurricane
Sunday, 14 September 2008
11:28:15 PM (GMT)
Look. My feet are blistered and have dead skin. Time to peel it off. I awoke
from the ending to a weird dream hearing noises in the kitchen pretty early. A few
minutes later, Coleman bounded in. He jumped all over my deflated blowup matress,
landing on my legsbefore running off, screaming "SRY!"
It was no less than five minutes when he came in again to "wake me up". He bounced
all over me, screaming "LORA! WAKEY UP!" I groaned at him that I had been awake, and
after a full ten minutes of his "entertaining" matress bounce, he left to eat
Of course, right after I had fallen asleep, which is miraculous in itself, Malcom
came in screaming that it was 8am and I needed to get up. He bounced all over too.I
was on the verge on yelling at him when I decided to just pretend to be asleep for a
few more minutes. After all, it just feltlike a bad massage. The after 3 more
minutes, I grumbled at him to stop. 'Course, being the butthead he is, he decided to
jump closer to my head. I was just about to push him off when his dad ordered him to
stop. [[Still love Uncle Russell <33]]
Not even 10 minutes past before a friend of theirs, Ryan, came in, him and Coleman
screaming at their Star Wars game on the TV. I decided it was defiantly time to get
After I took a shaveless shower [due to the fact we couldnot find the razor], I
watched my brother CREAM Malcolm at Halo 3, with a score of 122 to 23. My sister and
I found it most entertaining.
After hours and hours of waiting, finally I got a turn to play on the Wii. I started
out dying at Super Smash Bros, but regained my talent, beating Malcolm at ever turn.
[[Little spoiled brat is getting what he deserves.]] Sooner or later, he just all
together stopped trying, annoyingly complaining about how bad he is at everything.
Probably hoping we felt pity for him and would let him win, he kept playing, though.
How interesting.
After he finally quit, and before Ryan and Coleman got to utter the word "Halo", my
sister and I decided to play Mario Party 6, only to get fully distracted by Blazing
Saddles, which had been playing in the den. The two younger guys, Ryan and Coleman,
had switched back to Halo while we watched, seeing as they were not allowed to watch
such a provactive movie.

We had dinner when the cable came back on. I stole onto their computer to figure out
the wireless mouse had ran out of batteries. I still magically used the keypad to get
to Internet and onto MySpace, checking a comment Syd had left me. It said to call her
immediately when I got the message. I did so, and she had some news for me: Her
family's whole downstairs garage and office was filled to the top with water. Their
dad is a cop on the Island, so he had given them a full report. We shared our terror
stories and we had to say our goodbyes; my phone had horrible volume on the earpiece
I figured out I could get on my mother's laptop, so that's now how I get everywhere
on the net.

Bedtime came and the rest is history. All I knew is that I did not want to stay here
much longer.

Oroborus21 says:   14 September 2008   815327  
hope fully youll be home soon
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   14 September 2008   659985  
We're goin' home TAMARRAH :DD
jennifer101 says:   16 September 2008   384696  
i feeel ur pain this is syds sis n we r starting skool here n jeral
we will b her 4 anohter month love  guys call me lroa
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   27 September 2008   662359  
Why don't y'all start school down here?
It's the perfect excuse!!


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