My Angry Vent/Rant, and If You'd Like to Understand Me, Read Before
You Call My Life Perfect and Wonderful!
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My Angry Vent/Rant, and If You'd Like to Understand Me, Read Before
You Call My Life Perfect and Wonderful!
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Wednesday, 10 September 2008
09:13:58 PM (GMT)
Okee dokee, so I am here to vent about things that are currently frustrating me. 
Here goes:
#1.  I do Irish dance, right?  And I go to a really high calibre school, so we're
expected to practice a lot on our own time.  Which, I, admittedly, have been pretty
bad at the last three years or so.  But around May or so, I started practing twice or
three times a week.  I've also been getting progressively better at the practice
mode, and doing better at Feisanna (competitions).  Now I have a goal: at my Feis
this weekend, I want to get two firsts to qualify to do solos at the Oireachtas
(regionals).  I realize that I will have to practice hard, and I'm okay with that.  
  I've been practicing literally every day for the last three weeks.  And I've been
practicing hard.  My mom watches me intently and yells at me to do better.  It's a
little frustrating and annoying, but in general I'm okay with that.  I realize that
what I want is worth the sacrifice of missing have an hour of T.V. or computer time
and getting yelled at instead.  But what really gets me is the fact that my brother
does karate and has probably practiced a grand total of ten times since he started
five years ago.  No joke.  No exageration.  Ten times.  In five years.  Honest to
God.  I ask my parents, "Why don't you push Liam the way you push me?"  They say that
Irish dancing requires more focus and determination to do well at, which I accept. 
I'll say, "I know that.  I just wish Liam would practice once in a while."  Then they
start babbling on about how I bring Liam into everything, and aren't we supposed to
be talking about me, and that maybe I am not willing to put in what it takes to
succeed in the world of Irish dance.  What the heck?  Have they not seen my
practicing every night?  I'm just asking why if I miss one night, I get a lecture,
and yet I can't remember a time in the past year or so that Liam has actually
  I attend dance class for an hour and a half on Mondays, I practice on Tuesdays,
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, attend a three-hour class on Saturdays and
practice again on Sundays.  Liam attends two fifty-minute classes during the week. 
And that's it.  See where I'm coming from?

  #2.  We are preparing to do our 8-hand team at the Oireachtas.  That's a total of
two and a half hours of team practice a week, plus working on technique on our own
time at home.  And getting yelled at relentlessy at classes, because our goal is to
make it to Nationals and possibly even Worlds.  Plus, we have to share our class. 
With a little team.  Who's best possible place is third (no offense, Linds).  Here,
let me explain:
  Last year, we were an Under Twelve team, and we were twelve.  We won.  Now we're
thirteen, but we're an Under Fifteen team.  It's like being an eighth grade student
and trying to be the smartest kid in the school.  Hard to do, but quite possible. 
Now it's like being the ninth graders, and still having a goal to be the smartest kid
in the whole school.  Nearly impossible!  But the problem is, last year we had a
whole class to ourselves, twice a week.  Now we have to share our class with a
younger team!  Unfair!  And no offense to them, but they're not very good.  Like I
said, the best they'll do is third or fourth.  I don't think it's fair at all.  Last
year our odds were a lot better, yet they put a ton of time into us.  This year,
we'll have to work harder than we did to win, just to place top five, and yet we have
to share our time with a team that, frankly, is not worth the effort.

  #3.  I feel quite angry right now at a dude called Nicholas Buksa.  Here's the
story; our 8-hand team has been training since last August to get where we are now. 
An older team (they're all 15 and 16) has been straining for a good three or four
years to get where they are.  Both of our teams have potential to go to the World
Championships in Philedelphia next March.  In fact the older team is most definitely
going, that's how ready for it they are.  Only here's the scoop: right now it's a
three guys, five girls team.  For Worlds it needs to either be all girls, or four and
  Nick started dancing last year, the same time we started practicing.  He's only
been in dancing for a year.  He put on his first pair of dance shoes the day our team
(and the older one) set their sights on Worlds.  And now?  Guess what?  Nick's going
to Worlds on the older team!  How unfair-uh!!!  IT MAKES ME SO MAD!  HE DOESN'T
   He's not even going to the regionals with them!  He's just gonna get shoved in
there some day in December and get told, 'Hey, Nick, you're going to the Worlds!  Get
your rear in gear!  Even though you're gonna have to work your ass off and it ain't
gonna be fun, you still get to go to Worlds, which is totally worth it!'
  Argh!  We've been working so hard for this, and World's wasn't even in the spectrum
until last Saturday for us!  We still might not be going!  And we've been (and will
be) working harder than Mr.
can even fathom!!!!!!!!  Stupid bastard!
  Okay, I know it's not his fault, but still.  He's an ackward kind of dude, and
super annoying and scary, so it's fun to let him take the blame.  Who I should be
venting on is our teachers, for letting a Novice dancer go to Worlds with no prior
training, but whatever.  I still hate him!
  #4.  Okee dokee, finally a problem that has nothing to do with dancing.  At all. 
So here's the name:  WILLIAM GREGORY HART-TILLEY!  He's the most annoying, stuck-up,
thinks he's all that, thinks he's so smart idiot ever!  And he's so stupid and
annoying that that's all I have to say.  I'll dedicate a whole entry to my complaints
about him tomorrow, but I haven't the time for his ludicrousy now.  I've got more
important things on my mind.  winterpenguin26, MassDestruction and GermanyGal, you
know what I'm talking about!
  #5.  I'm worried about my family.  My cousin recently finished a battle with
cancer, and I'm still scared for him. My other cousin had a battle with cervical
cancer and just gave birth to twins, so I'm worried about how that might impact her
health.  (By the way, welcome Alexander Brean and Ryan Knox!  7lbs 3 oz and 6 lbs 7
oz!  Big for twins, which an another reason to worry about poor Krista!)  My
grandmother is really old, had a massive heart attack last year, and is showing some
signs of forgetfulness.  So I worry about her as well.  Also, my stupid cousin went
out to Alberta to work on the pipelines when his wife got pregnant.  She had the baby
and he left her.  He isn't coming back... he just has the greedy, horrible, selfish
desire to be young and single again!  I can't believe him.  So I have officially
disowned and am no longer related to CJ.  Michelle, his ex-wife, is my cousin now. 
He's not.

  So, next time people tell me I have a perfect, easy, non-messed up life and that I
won't understand your problems (Nicole... coughcough, no offense!), SHUT UP!  Does my
life seem frustrating now?  Do you see where my troubles are?  Maybe they aren't
exactly like yours, but they're tough ones, as well.  Extremely tough!  Especially
the last one, the family one, and getting prepped for the Oireachtas, Nationals and
possibly Worlds.  So if anybody has any hopes of understanding me and my allegedly
perfect life, think about what I just said.  The so-called 'lucky' one has issues,
too!  Oh, and thanks for letting me vent!   I actually do feel sort of better now!
Last edited: 11 September 2008

‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› says:   11 September 2008   469857  
Aww, Emsee, wow... i don;t know what to say. i'm glad you feel
better? Wow, is all i can say. 
most of my venting i do to you in person. i don;t think i need to
vent, but next time you do, can you please talk to me. Maybe i could
calm you down before you do this.. giving out many names in your
family so that it's easier to find out who you are! Man, you have to
be more careful! (sorry about the lecture-like thing, but it's true.)
tiggerlemon101 says:   11 September 2008   426448  
I know, I know, I'm noramlly very careful.  I should probably take
out Nick's last name, cause say Alex Johnston (don't ask) or somebody
is a scary rapist and finds out this account is me (or at least one of
our team) and then tracks us all down and rapes us!  Okay no, Alex
wouldn't do that.  Elohel!... 

But I don't really think it matters if Liam's first name is out there.
 Plus, I'm not really scared of those dudes.
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› says:   11 September 2008   963755  
Well, yah. But i meant William's name, and your cousin's name, and
her new-born baby's names. It would be pretty easy to find twins born
in the last little while with a mother with that name, and those names
and weigths!!!!
tiggerlemon101 says :   11 September 2008   391354  
Good point.  But guess what?  Wait, scratch that, I was about to say
that they were born (in a place that is very far away), but I decided
that was about the stupidest thing I could possibly do!  Elohel!

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