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Sunday, 7 September 2008
01:12:00 PM (GMT)
Time Started: 12:29

How long do you think it will take you? : Half an Hour? Ish?
Full Name: Katilix Anonymous
Nickname: Kat, Katie, Katie-did.
Date of Birth: October 25
Age: Older than time itself.
Place of Birth: North Carolina
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Sign: Dog. Arf, arf!
Eye Color: Hazely-ish!
Hair Color: Beighish-darkish-brown...
Is it dyed? : Nowai. Although it might be later...
Long, Short or Meium: Medium.
Best Feature: My mid-section (skinny as a freakin' stick...)
Siblings: Sister, Laurabelllll!
Pets: None yet. Besides my pet rocks Machi, Klavier, and Daryan.
Piercing: Ears...
Tattoos: I wish ^.^
Height: 5'2"
Face Shape: Erm...upside-down, stretched skinny pentagon? Idina Menzel jawline?
Do you wear glasses or contacts? : Glasses; contacts are eeeeevil!
Grade: High school.
Hometown: Weirdton.... *literally.*
Scars: Ankle, a couple marks on my back.
Freckles: None.
Parents Still together: Yuppers!
Live with parents: YAH.

Hair: Wavy-ish, tangly, brown.
Wear glasses: Definetly.
Wear contacts: I did, in the past. THEY KILLED.
Have braces: Sooner or later...
Have bangs: Nopes. Grew 'm out!
Nationality: Half Italian, Half Polish.
Do you look like a celeb? : IDINA'S JAWLINE!

Your Life, Daily
Sex? :? :	Not 'till marriage, hun.
Party? : With a couple close friends, yahs.
Sing? : Well, DUH.
Dance? : Yesssss.
Are Online? : Way too flippin' much.
Shower? : As much as possible.

Public or Private: PUBLIC. Private was sooooo terrible...
Favourite Class: Right now, Physical Science. Def.
Worst Class: Gym. Severe eurghige.
Best Teacher: Maester Del Re!
Best School: Weir Middle, def!
Middle School: WEIR MIDDLE, DEF!
Elementary School: None, sry. My elementary days sucked.
Did you like Art? : Yah, most of the time.
Make good grades? : Straight A's, nothing else!
Prom Date(guy not date):  I hope Ry, but maybe not.
Graduate Date: May...ish. I don't know.

Color:	BLACK.
Animal:	Snakes
Food:	CHOOOOCOLAAATE! Just like Mello!
Drink:	Probably Ramune and water.
Ice Cream: CHOOOCOLAAATE! Still like Mello!
Candy:	Say it with me! CHOOOOCOLAAAATE! MELLO!
Actress: Myself, fur dur. But if not, then Keira Knightley.
Actor:	Johnny Depp, Steve Jay Blum, Tom Felton, Steve Staley.
Television Show: Naruto, Bleach, Ouran High School Host Club, etc.
Movie:	Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
Disney Movie: Probably Pirates of the Caribbean.
Band/Singer:  Anthony Rapp is teh stuffs!
Overall Song: Defying Gravity
Song of the Moment: The Sailor Song, by Toybox
Book: Pendragons
Letter: X, furdurs.
Restaurant: Ichiban!
Designer: Tie, between Dolce and Gabana & Galiano (ten bucks I misspelled that ^.^)
Holiday: Christmas!!!!
Day of the Week: Saturday, defs.
Magazine: Anime Insider and Shounen Jump
Memory: Being onstage for the first time.
Salad Dressing: Ranch, I guess.
Scent: Cotton Candy and even CHOOCOLAATE! Which is what Mello's hair smells like!
Flower: Rhododendrons.
Number: 13
Perfume: Anything from the Candy series *Lollipop, Toffee, Cotton Candy, etc.*
Gem: Malachite.
Horse: ? Ice, probably.
Do you own one? : None. I wish!

This or That
McDonalds or Burger King: MCDONALDS! Go chicken snack wraps!
Rachel Bilson or Misha Barton:	Mischa, yuppers.
Hug or Kiss:	Kiss.
Paris Hilton or Nichole Richie: NONE, PLZ.
Gold or Silver:	Golds!
Coke or Pepsi:	Neither. I hate pop ^.^
Snickers or Milky way:	SNICKAHS! SOOOOGOOD!
Left or Right:	I'll walk the middle path, thank you.
Cursive or print:    Print; easier to read.
Glasses or Contacts: Glasses, for the win!
Cat or Dog:  Dogs, def.
Spring or Winter:  Winter: NO BUGS OUTSIDE, plus SNOW!
Scary or Funny Movie: Funny, duh!
Fantasy or Real Life Movie:  Fantasy ish sooo much better.
Love or Money:	Love!
Sun or Snow:  Sun.
Mexican or Chinese:  Chinese, def!
Ice Cream or Sorbert: Ice cream! DUH!
Batman or Superman: Neither. Superheroes fail in my book.
Circus or Carnival: Carnival has RIDES! Duh!
Juicy or Dior:	Dior, def.
Chanel or Louis Vuitton: CHANEL!
SAKS or Nordstrom: SAKS.
Black or Blue:	Black, yeah! FTW!
Beach or Ocean:	Beach, because there ish no sharks.
Day or Night:          Night, by a mile.
Meat or Veggie:      Veggies!
Bath or Showers:   Hot showers are way superior.
Light on or Off:     Off. Darkness is superiorer.
Pizza or Cheeseburger: Cheeseburger...with no cheese.
Cheeseburger or hot dog:  BURGER, NO CHEESE.
Rollerblade or Ice Skate: I've never ice-skated...yet.
Tyra or Naomi	Duh, Tyra! By a mile!
Pooh or Tiger:	Tiggah!
Water or Forest Zoo: Forest, just cuz.
All American Rejects or Fall Out Boy: All American Rejects; they're made of love and
Slipknot or Korn: Korn, yahs.
Cell phone or ipod: iPod; I don't even have a cell!
Rap or Rock: ROCK!
Hip Hop or Punk: Punk for the win!
Hearts or Stars: Hearts, yahs.
Guitar or Drums: Guitar ish way cooler.
French or Normal Nails: Neither, plz!
Green or Yellow: Green, because I can!
Hair up or Down: Down, if looking good, up if workin' out!
Blonde or Brunette: Brunette, yahs...
The O.C. or Laguna Beach: NEITHER. THEY BOTH FAIL.

Have You Ever
Been on a rooftop? : Yes.
Been on a plane? : Not yet. Planes aren't my thing. Driving's better.
Been on a sailboat? : Yuppers!
Kissed someone in the rain? :  Naw. I wish ^.^
Danced in a Public Place? : Heck yeah!
Smiled for no reason? : Yups.
Laughed so hard you cried? :	YESSSSSSSH!
Performed on a stage? : ManymanymanymanyMANY times!
Talked to someone you didn’t know? : Mmhmms.
Tried Squid or Octopus? : I want toooo!
Failed a class? : Nevah!
Been in Love?: I honestly don't know...
Kissed a stranger? : Nowai, plz.
Broken any bones? : No. I'm luckyluckylucky!
Done something you regret? : Yes, haven't we all?
Been Arrested? : NO!
Gotten a Citation? :  Nopes.
Turned someone down? : Soooo many times...
Been turned down? : A couple, yeah.
Said ‘I love you?’ : Duhs!
Wished you HAD told someone you loved them? : ...I dunno.
Been in a fight? : Of course...
Thought about committing a crime? : Thought about it yeah, but never took it
Held a gun? : Naw...a fake one, yeah.
Been on a Rollercoaster? : Yeah! I love 'em!
Like Cleaning? : Sometimes. It depends.
Know how to drive? : Nowais.
Own a Web Cam? : Naw, not my thing.
Own a Cell Phone? :  A while ago, but it sucked.
Played Strip Poker? : NOWAIS.
Gone on a blind date? : Naw, not my thing.
Enjoyed Shakespeare? : Yes ^.^ Julius Ceaser rocks mah socks.
Been to the opera? : But of course!
Roasted a marshmallow? : YAAAAAAAH!
Microwaved a Peep? : ....HAHAHAIWISH!

School/School you want to go to? : Somewhere in Pittsburgh, probably.
Major? : L-A-W. Got it memorized?
Greek? : ^.^

Do You..
Dye your hair? : I want to, badly...
Have long hair? : Not really, ish...
Drink? : water. Yes. No alcohols.
Smoke? : Nevah have, nevah will.
Cry a lot? : Most of the time, yeah.
Like rollercoaster? :	DUH!
Know how to drive? :  NOTYET.
Own a web cam? :  NO.
Own a cell phone? : I HAD.
Own more then 25 stuff animals? : Duhs, way too many.
Think Bu is a good president? : Who's Bu? ^.^ If you're talking about Bush, than no.
I'm actually looking forward to the election.
Smithers would die for Mr. Burns? : Nawsss.
Snore? :  A little, not much.
Sing in the shower? : Yes ^.^ Sadly.
Sleep with stuffed animals? :	Just one small one, yeah.
Chew on your straws? : YEAH!
Shop at American eagle? : NOWAI.
Like the rain? : As long as it doesn't interfere with mah plans.

Your First:
Surgery: Not yet, luckily.
Crush: This kid named Alan or something, from preschool...
Piercing: Ears!
Real Best Friend: Probably Tarx and Rach...
Sport: Cheerin'!
Pet: FISHY! Named Farlo!
Vacation: One, went to Myrtle Beach.
Concert: Don Williams. AND IT SUCKED.
Car: Dunnos.
Kiss: ^.^

The Worst
Movie: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. IT SUCKED.
Song: About 99.9% of rap songs.
Memory:	 Not many; probably when I got the stomach flu ^.^
Relationship Ender: JIMOTHYLUUUUZER!
School: Obviously ST. JOES.
Person in the World: The stupid and idiotic ones...
Place to be right now: ...buried alive? Dunno...
Kind of pet: ROCK.
Book: NONE.
Store: Ae-ro-post-ale; n. Definition: Prep store.
Magazine: Dunnohs.

Your Longest: Almost eleven months.
Your Shortest: THREE FLIPPIN' DAYS! If that doesn't count, than two weeks ^.^
Favorite Date: Tekko-con, babeh!
Worst Date: Lions Club Dances....
Last Gift Recieved: A hug ^.^
Do you still talk to your first love? : Love? NAW.

Your Friends
Prettiest: Kacie, most def.
Stupidest: Ally, probs.
Smartest: Kacie, probs again.
Loudest: ME!
Craziest: Trust me, we're equal in this field.
Most shy: Kacie-chan.
Most Stubborn: Kacie, probs again...
Sweetest: Ryan...^.^
Best Car: Ryan's big ol' white van...
Best Guy: Ryan!
Best Pets: Chel's cat, Teeny!

Who Was the Last Person You
Said ‘Hi’ to? : Kacie, yahs.
Hugged? : Ryan.
Kissed? : Ryan.
IMed? : Don't gots it ^.^
Wrote a note to? : Rachel, I think.
Said ‘Goodnight’ to? : Momma.
Bought you something? : I dunno!
Go with you to the movies? : Ryan, again.
Text messaged you? : NOONE!
Called? : Kacie, yuppers!
Called you? : KACIE!

Thing you said: Dil Laga Na!
Thing you ate: Peanut butter sammich!
Place you went out to and ate: McDonalds.
Movie you watched at home: Juno.
Movie you saw in theaters: Mamma Mia!
Person you saw: Daddy-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!
Time you cried: Yeshterday..
Person to take your picture? : I think it was Jenia... Dunno ^.^
Book you read: The Jungle Book.

Can You?
Write with both hands? : I wish!
Blow Bubbles?: FUDUH!
Whistle? : Yuppers.
Stay up a whole night without sleep? : A while ago, I did ^.^
Speak a different language? : Very badly!
Speak more then two different languages? : VERYBADLY!
What are they? : Japanese and Spanish, a little Indian, very little Swedish, a little
Turkish, a little Finnish...

Make a card pyramid? : YAHS!
Cook anything? : A good amount of stuff, yeah.

In the Future:
Do you want kids? :Definetly, when I'm married.
Even if you don�t, what name do you want for a boy? : Ienzo, Luke, and Mark. If
we're talking Japanese, than Haku, Chibamuto, and Tsuichi.
Girl? : Elena, Denita, Marlene. If we're still talking Japanese, than Yunikurae and
Do you want a Boy or a Girl? :	Boy, probably...
Do you want twins? : YES! I would love to have Ienzo and Elena...
Do you want to get married? : Definetly.
Even if you don�t where would it be? : Probably in the church that I grew up at...
Traditional or your own? :  My own, maybe.
Who would be your Best Girl/Guy? : There'd be TWO! Kacie and Rachel, def.
Careers in mind? : Prosecuting attorney for the win!
College you want to go to? : Somewhere in Pittsburgh, like Carneigie.

The Opposite Sex�
Lips or Eyes? :	Eyes.
Blonde or Brunette? : Brunette, usually.
Long or Short? : Long hair, definetly!
Tall or Short? : Taller than me, but not too tall!
Hook-up or Relationship? : Relationship.
Love or Lust? :	Love, def.
Sensitive or Loud? : Usually sensitive, but can be loud.
Funny or Serious? : Both when needed!
Smart or Dumb? : Smart, defs.
Dimples? : Erm, not usually, sry.
Ears pierced or Not? : Yeah, sure.
What about Tongue? : Erm, it's okay, but it'd be a little weird!

In your Room
Television: I'd never live without it!
Your own phone: Yeahs.
VCR: None, yet, maybe...
DVD Player: PS2!
Radio: A really bad one!
Computer: IWISH!!!
Posters: Two; Johnny Depp and Bleach ^.^
Pictures: From the play, yeah.

Cd in your stereo: WICKED; I had to get pumped up to go see the play!
First song on your MP3 player: Any Dream Will Do, from Joseph and the Amazing
Technicolor Dreamcoat
DVD in your DVD player: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Volume One
Perfume your wearing: None, SRY!
What you Wearing: Blue Jeans and a T-Shirt that says "I only date musicians"
Mood: Mellow as Mello.
Commercial on Television: Not watching it, sorry!

Current Relationship
His/Her name: Ryan
How long have you two been together? : Almost eleven months.
What is your anniversary date? : Octobah 25th
Have you cheated on him/her? : NEVAH.
What's his/her favorite meal? : Probably...anything very basic. Or Pocky.
What's his/her favorite band? : LINKIN PARK. HE'S OBSESSED.
Is it love? : I'm never sure about these kind of things....I hope...

Answer the Questions
O.J. Simpson Guilty or not? : NO IDEA.
How do you feel about abortion? : Only if the baby would cause the mother to die. If
not, then no way.
5 of your best CD�s: Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack, RENT, My Chemical Romance, Wicked,
and my own mix CD.
How many phones are in your house? : Five!
How many computers are in your house? : Just one, although I wish I had more!
How much money is in your wallet? :  No Idea...
How do you feel about the movie �Snakes on a Plane?� : Erm...snakes on a plane?
(...Saix on a Plane?)
Hostel? : What's that?
Saw III? : E-u-r-g-h.
Mean Girls? : HECKYEAH!
What movie are you going to buy next? : Death Note Live Action, of course!
What song are you listening to right now? : "Brave," by the superhuman Idina Menzel.
How do you feel about the choking game? : Huh?
If a guy cheated on you, what would happen? : Death. In an instant ^.^ Naw, I would
just tell him to get lost.
Do you know what a red-knobbed starfish looks like? : Erm...there's such a thing?
Do you think the government and identification chips? : What?
Cena beating K-Fed�s backside? : Erm, naw.
Nicknames please: Katilix, Kat.
If you were a crayon what color would you be? : That silvery color that's all
If a guy could do something to make your day what would it be? : Grab my hand after
lunch, take me outside, and slow dance to no music right outside the lunchroom...
If a friend..? : Let me VENT on them! Haha...Jk. Just tell me that ya love meh!
How many Televisions do you have in your house? : Five, just like the phones!
When you were a kid, were you a Lego Builder? :	Kind of. I liked Tinker Toys more.
What about a Gega Pet? : Nopes.
How is the single life for you? : Pretty depressing. Which is why I'm not single ^.^
What color is your keyboard? : Dark black with white letters.
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? : 28264!
Can you sing the alphabet backwards? :	 I wish!
What's your stand on hunting? : Well, people have been hunting for years and years,
and I don't believe it's totally wrong. Hunting for food is OK; hunting just for fun
isn't really okay!
What are you allergic to? : Tomatoes, Penicillan, and BEES.
Is McDonald�s disgusting? : Nowai! It's so good!
What song makes everything okay every time you hear it? : "Nemo" by Evanescence.
Do you know HTML? : A little, yeah.
Java Script? : NOWAI.
Your parents should have named you...:	Katilix. Hey, but if not, then Jessica.
If you wrote a book about your life, would it be interesting at all? : Most def.
What would you do if you found out you had only 4 days to live? : I'd try to spend
them how I've always wanted to live life.
If you had a super power, what would it be? : The ability to jump into any book,
movie, TV show, etc. and be able to go to and from each world as I pleased.
Velvet Revolver? : Not my thing, pshyeah.
Britney Spears? : ...*SECRETFETISH*
Metallica? : Awe to the some!
Jay-Z? : N.O.W.A.I.
Aaliyah? : ???
Slipknot? : Sure.
Korn? :	Double sure.
Kurt Cobain? : No thanks, plz.
What�s your worst habit? : Crackin' mah knuckles.
Where you neglected as a kid? : Not really.
Will we destroy our own planet? : No, not we...I.
How? : Lunch Cards and Tater Tots, bub.
Caused a Car Accident? : Nowais, please!
How do you like your make-up (if you�re a female)? : Basics, like black eyeliner
and dark eyeshadow.
Your Myspace Url? :
Do you own a digital camera? : Yeah, but it really sucks ^.^

Word Association
Animal:	Jungle
Bed:	Sleep
People:	Talking
Homeless People: Sleeping on the streets...
Green:	Trees
Hurt:	Emotional pains
Guys:	Beautiful men!
Love:       Dark red
Perfect:    couple
Computer: Internet
French:	Oui oui
Light:	Yagami
Drink:	Liquid
Shoes:	Heels
Mirror:	See myself
Anorexic: French Fries
Bugs: Crawlies
Skin: Peachy
I Am: Myself
Thought: Thinking...
need:	Love
Want:	Moolah
Love:	Life
Hate:	Life also
Wish I was: With him
Always have: junk

Finish the Sentence
Let�s walk on the�  sidewalk
Let�s look at the�  manga 
That�s a nice�  backside
Why can�t we� breathe?
I wish� I could be on stage right now.
Everyone has a � smart side to them.
I am�  Amazin'.
I always feel� wanted.
I want to�  be talking to someone.
You are� a person
You make me�  sigh
When I see you, I feel� normal, I guess.
I want you too... HUG ME!
I can't wait to... See him yet again.
I wish you would... TaLK tO mEH!

~*~3 Things~*~
Video Games:
1. Kingdom Hearts
2. Final Fantasy VII
3. Phoenix Wright
Things you wish you could do:
1. Perform on stage right now
2. Be with my friends and boyfriend
3. Fly
Movies you want to see:
1. Death Note Movie
2. Ouran High School Host Club, in ENGLISH!
3. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Songs you love:
1. Hare Hare Yukai, by Aya Hirano
2. Nemo, by Nightwish
3. Dil Laga Na, from Dhoom 2

10 People who mean a lot to you [in no order]
10. Lauren
9. Ryan
8. Kacie
7. Rachel
6. Organization XIII (all of 'em!)
5. Chris E
4. Cindy
3. Aunt Jessie
2. Ashley N
1. Ashley W

9 things you can�t live without
9. My imagination
8. People
7. Music
6. Naruto
5. Computer / Internet
4. Love
3. Organization XIII
2. A stage
1. Something to do

8 things you love
8. My family and friends
7. My boyfriend
6. Myself
5. Organization XIII ^.^
4. Being onstage
3. Anime
2. Love
1. Aya Hirano!

7 things you hate
7. Racism
5. Sexism
4. Homophobiacs
3. Dictatorship
2. Opression
1. Hannah Montana

6 things you can live without
5. Pop
4. Stupid people.
3. Popularity
2. Boredom
1. Hannah Montana

5 things you are wearing right now
5. White tank top
4. Blue Jeans
3. Glasses
2. Green and blue diamond undies
1. A facial expression

4 things you�d rather be doing
4. Performing
3. Hugging Johnny Depp
2. Watching anime
1. Kissing someone

3 of your favorite stores
3. Hot Topic
2. f.y.e.
1. Borders

2 things you love the most
2. My family and friends.
1. Myself

1 person you miss right now
1. Zexion

Did you..
Lie on any question? : I don't think, noes!
Like this survey? : Yepperoonis!
Get mad at any time during this survey? : A couple times...
Are you sure? : Yes
i think your lying! : Your face.

You Are almost Done...
Would you take this survey again? : Maybe some other time, when I'm older.
now is the time to tell you there are a little more then 500 questions? : FURDUR.
Does that make you mad? : Not really.
if so i'm sorry! : Yeah right.

Last Ones and You Are Done
Time it is: Seven Fifty Two PM.
How long did it take you? : and a half weeks.
Did you think it w
Last edited: 16 September 2008

popsciclexdino says:   20 September 2008   139991  
you have NO life
Katilix says:   20 September 2008   219223  
More like TOO MUCH TIME.
gothprincess says:   20 September 2008   148727  
wow k...scary again! nice to kno ur undies :D
is THAT GIRL FROM SCHOOL the one who i want to attack with duct tape
to get her month to close? like seriously, its gonna be wrapped from
the top of her head to under her chin and around l until im outta
tape. but i digress
aeropostale isnt that bad, i have a sweater from there that actually
looks kinda emo...hmmmm
but i agree with the st.joes part **nods head**
gothprincess says:   20 September 2008   333642  
cant u tell im like totally hyper and bored :D i abuse your diary
gothprincess says:   20 September 2008   467747  
haha! spam! straight out of the can!
Katilix says :   20 September 2008   323845  
...*sticks bumper sticker with the words "TOTALLY HYPER AND BORED"
onto your forehead*


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