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Yesterday and todayCategory: school!
Wednesday, 3 September 2008
05:58:50 PM (GMT)

New father :O *gasps* Father something :/ his english is a bit rocky. Aya us girls
don't go in the mirror and put makeup on. It's against the rule so blah. So hmm we
didn't have the song pamplet so we had to get the books. Gah and when we were praying
the Our Father [we have to hold hands] PJ freaking squeezed mine it hurt!! And when
we gave peace he squeezed it again. It amuses him gah!

We were reading about personal narritives whoop-de-doo. 

Er we were learning about variables and expressions. A review. :/ Soo man we can't
use the x for multiplication anymore dang it! 

D: Wtf? We have to take a class on typing now. So what does WAM mean? Well 43+ gets
you an A+ Pish I don't type fast. I still have to look at the keyboard [sometimes]
Cassie pointed to me when Mrs. A talked about typing fast and blah blah blah. 

>.< AYA! Damn Chrissy and her hearing. Ok so story *thinks* Mikey said I like Sam. No
I DON'T Gosh. I use too just a smidge but not anymore. So PJ, Mike, and Mikey were
trying to figure out who I like. I told Chrissy and her being fucking deaf couldn't
here me so I told her. PJ heard and gosh got to the whole class during recess. GAH!!!
oh and PJ had some of my food. :/ without asking me. 

Uh what I do yesterday. OH yeah! We just outlined some more and she gave us homework
[again] I swear she's been giving us homework since day one! 

Social Studies
OMFG! We have a quiz to take already. Hooray *rolls eyes*

Speed ball is fucking hard! So confusing. D; I can'g be goalie I suck at it. 

AHA! After PE Viki told [insert name here] that I don't like him I like Johnny. he
replied again? I'm going to tell him.
Then I was talking with him. Pish he hates me [nice huh?] but he really nice to me.
oh well whatever.


I know how to count in spanish. geez. We have a test on Mon. grrr Mr. J he was better
off as our SS teacher. I'm not going to get a freaking 3 ring binder! takes to much
space in my locker dang it. PJ flicked erasers at me. >> one hit my eye. He kept
flicking them back and stuff and Mr. J didn't see. XD I was flicking them back. Hehe
it was fun

We read a story. Had Review and assess. It was for homework finished it at school

We're doing properties I HATE properties. I always always always get them mixed up!

Uh more on personal narritive. I have to write about myself for homework. :/ 

nothing special Cassie was being lazy and couldn't walk so she made me sort of carry

we did a project-ish thing and yeah we have a quiz on Mon. pictures dued Mon. but I
finished the pictures :D 

We read. She reminded us of the quiz.

Uh we read? yeah and got worksheets. Another test heading our way. No date yet. 
summary of yesterday
OK my friends don't get it! I said I might like like him BUT I said I might like him
more of a best friend

‹Duckie♥› says:   3 September 2008   357194  
OMFG i wen to church today TOooo SQUEEEEE!!!!!! we had a subsitute
priest ehh i had to be a server and carry in a big freakin heavy cross
‹Duckie♥› says :   3 September 2008   125363  
im still in gradeschool (cuz like its like a school and a middle
school) but we dont lern spanish till sometime so they teach us SIGN
AND SAY U R A MENTLE RETARD he he it so fun!!

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