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Google Scavenger Hunt!Category: (general)
Thursday, 28 August 2008
08:19:48 PM (GMT)
The rules are simple, you just enter the question in your google search bar or page
and put the first entry! i got it off someones profile on and it
looked fun! here goes :D i starrred out my name cause im paranoid, sue me


Q: Type in "[your name] needs" in the Google search:
A: "How many bikinis ****** needs"
-.................... ummm zero? not a good one...

Q: Type in "[your name] looks like" in Google search:
A: "****** looks like she was born with that hat on and a cigar in her hand"
-.....................:D dude? what?!? what does that mean? 

Q: Type in "[your name] says" in Google search:
A: "rachel says so"
-............. ok...that wasnt the first one but i am not</> putting that

Q: Type in "[your name] wants" in Google search:
A: "She wants something sporty, but her dad wants her to think of something more like
a family-styled sedan."
-.......... lame, i want a vw beetle daddy! *whaah!*

Q: Type in "[your name] does" in Google search:
A: "Rachel does her taxes."

Q: Type in "[your name] hates" in Google search:
A:"MySpace profile for ****** (hates dogfighters)"
-O.K...... lame again

Q: Type in "[your name] asks" in Google search:
A: "Voices Scene - ****** Asks a Favor on Vimeo"
-Again................. my name and voices in the same sentence, im not surprised

Q: Type in "[your name] goes" in Google search:
A: "The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work."
- lame again!

Q: Type in "[your name] likes" in Google search:
A: "Valerie brought a bunch of presents for the dog and ****** acts like she is
- wtfig?

Q: Type in "[your name] eats" in Google s
A: "****** eats balut"
- nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! not a ducky!!!!!!!!! :'( *whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!*

Q: Type in "[your name] wears" in Google search:
A: the ****** wears prada
- the me does not do designers

Q: Type in "[your name] was arrested for" in Google Search:
A: "was arrested for allegedly attacking a Cincinnati police officer"
- crap! how did that get out? i mean that wasnt me! i - i mean- ummmmmmmmm *looks
around suspiciously*


ok! you've been tagged! your turn!

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