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Stick To Your Own Language. Rant on Japanglish & Franglish.Category: -->Rants]
Thursday, 28 August 2008
12:22:36 PM (GMT)
PMS-y Paris is ranting. This is her opinion, feel free to agree or disagree in the comments. Cursing. Kupika is a site with lots of different members from different places, societies and races. I understand that. Still, I don't understand why some members find it mandatory to throw words from a whole different language they don't speak into their writing. Take people who add random Japanese words into their typing. Yeah, Japanglish or whatever you like to call it. It gets very annoying, trust me. I don't give a shit if my drawing is 'kawaii'. If you want add Japanese words into your vocabulary, learn fucking Japanese. Don't just rip off a few words and fake it. I've also seen quite a bit of Franglish from different members around the site. French is my second tongue, I've been speaking it since I was four, I don't feel the need to add 'oui' or 'merde' or anything like that into every other sentence I type. For God's sake, in school they tell us not to do that. If you're learning French, it's a bit different, but use only French or only English. Don't mix the words together in a fucking sentence, you're making it frustrating for everyone. I admit, I'll use random French words to be stupid, or the very few German words I know, like good bye fuckhead, to be funny. If you're purposely being silly, and whoever you're talking to knows that too, it's fine. But if you're going to act all French or Japanese and all you know is English, please, shut up. I've seen this since I first joined, and I'm really getting sick of it. Anyways, this is just my opinion. You want to yell and disagree with me? Go ahead. You can go on speaking Franglish or Japanglish or whatever else, it's your right of speech, I guess. I really don't give two shits. I just wanted to give my opinion, to see how it will be taken. - Paris.
Last edited: 28 August 2008

Fail_Cake says:   28 August 2008   587195  
That is so true~
I find that really annoying, especially wapanese.. "That's such a 
KAWAII NEKO, ne?", for example, it's just stupid. Then they say they
love Japan, even though they've just butchered their language. It's
just really sad.
‹DasAtem› says:   28 August 2008   823859  
Yes, I agree with you.
Especially when they don't even know 
what the word means. I asked this 11
year old or sometthing like last year
if she even know what "Kawaii" means.
She was like "No, but it's a really cool word"
I only use words I know from a language.
The "Good-bye fuckhead" is a joke that
I had told you and that I have on my profile.
It doesn't mean we're using Germanglish (I just kinda..made that up

So yea, I agree with you 100%
It is very annoying.
‹DasAtem› says:   28 August 2008   355223  
*if she even knew what
Sorry..that typo was bothering me.
I also spelt the word "something" wrong.
Sorry for the double post.
Sandwich says:   28 August 2008   264199  
"kawaii desuuuuuuu ~~~~~ nekuuu desuuu!!"
fuck, that drives me insane. .__.
xExotic says:   28 August 2008   281497  

Roflrofl. I'm kidding o_o
I hart you and agree with this.
I hate when I get messages from completely
random people who say, "Ohh! Kawaii Profile!
NekuNeku!" I messaged them back and said
"Do you even know what Neku means? >_>"
And they said it means "Yay" =_= Srsly.
Sandwich says:   28 August 2008   858725  
Neko = Cat
ParisBANGBANG says:   28 August 2008   565885  
Thank god some people agree with me. :D
If you want to speak the language, learn it, don't take the easy way
Seacat says:   29 August 2008   644614  
I agree. it's completely stupid.
Ravenblade says:   30 August 2008   914819  
I see what you mean, but it is somthing you have to deal with.
saralyn247 says:   30 August 2008   766566  
THANK YOU. I agree totally. sometimes I actually delete comments on
my oekakis that say it's kawaii. xD
ParisBANGBANG says:   30 August 2008   684494  
Seacat & Saralyn: BUT IT IZ SO KAWAII, DESU, NE? DX
Ravenblade: Which is why I stated that it's just my opinion.
ToriAndDean says:   30 August 2008   218937  
What does kawii mean, like happy or something? I will ask my
Japanise( how do spell that) friend and tell you guys...
ParisBANGBANG says:   30 August 2008   583369  
It means cute.
‹ShutUpOrIllEatYou› says:   6 September 2008   455879  
I speak only English, Katterish and the odd Oui :D
Bootheghost says :   6 September 2008   613174  
I agree with you all the way. u_u I haven't seen any people doing
this with French, but if I do, I'll eat their heads. (For I've been
speaking French for 8 years too. :])

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