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The Akatsuki's Revenge Part4Category: Missions
Wednesday, 20 August 2008
07:41:01 PM (GMT)
Me:Akira read the disclaimer
Akira:*nods* Rose does not own Naruto-sob-if she did we would be in it.

The Hazumi sisters were like daughters she never had. When there parents were on
long term
missions, she would take care of them even though they were strong enough. 

Recap Over-


"Akira-chan.'' Naruto said softly. He squeezed Akira's hand gently. "Dont die...'' he
whispered. The rest of the chuunins (excluding Sasuke you know why) surrounded
Akira's bed with solemn expressions on there faces. 'Naruto she'll live. it will take
more than bombs to bring down Akira.'' Rose said. 'At least I hope.' she added as an
after thought. Just then Tsunade burst in Akira's hospital room almost breaking the
door of it's hinges.  ''Everybody out NOW!!" she screamed. Her voice shaking the
windows. Instantly the room was bare except for Naruto who had caught one last
glimpse of Akira before Rose shooed him out. "I hope she'll make it out alive.''
Naruto said. "She will. Akira's tough. Too tough.'' Kiba said. He wrapped his arm
around Rose. "Yeah. I swear I will rip Deidara to shreds if I ever see him again.''
Rose said clenching her fists. Her eyes showed pure haterid. ''Calm down Rose-chan,
your in a hospital, you cant punch things here.'' Kiba said quickly. Rose nodded and
looked at the door to Akira's room. That's when pretty much every nurse, doctor
(including Sakura) rushed in. ''Whoa!" Rose said nearly falling down. 

-Inside Akira's Room-

"for the sake of her life nobody better screw up!" Tsunade yelled. "Sakura get me 10
blood packets!" Tsunade barked out orders left and right. Sakura rushed back in with
blood packet in her arms. "Here Tsunade-sama.'' Sakura said breathlessly. "Will
Akira-chan survive?'' she asked. 'Akira cant die.' Sakura thought tears falling from
her eyes. "We'll see Sakura.'' Tsunade said. 

-4 Hours Later-

Tsunade came out of Akira's room. A triumphant smile on her face. "Is she okay?!"
Everyone asked. "Akira will be just fine. Akira was hanging on for her life.''
Tsunade smiled wiping her sweaty brow. "Can I see her?" Naruto asked eagerly. "Yes
you can see her but dont annoy her to death!" Tsunade said. ''Thank-you
Tsunade-baa-chan!'' Naruto said. He rushed inside to see the purple beauty. ''That
kid.'' Tsunade growled a vein forming. Everyone else quickly slipped in feared of
Tsunade's rage. "Akira-chan!" Naruto said running to her. "Your okay!" he added then
hugged her. "Naruto...cant..breathe!" Akira coughed. TenTen and Rock-Lee had to pry
Naruto off Akira so she could breathe. "Thanks.'' she said. "How bad did my stomach
look?" she asked Rose. ''You dont want to know.'' Was her answer from her sister. 
Akira made a face. ''Must have been horrible!" Akira said. Then she was instantly
serious. ''Deidara! I need to go!'' Akira said. She bolted out of bed and almost
fell. "Whoa!" Naruto said as he caught her. "Guess I need to stretch my legs.'' Akira
said. "But where are my clothes? My ring? Vallery?" Akira asked. ''Akira! Tsunade
said you need to rest!'' Sakura scolded. "No training, no missions, just rest.''
Sakura added. Akira looked as if Sakura just said she cant be a ninja anymore. ''No
training?" she squeaked. Then she passed out. "Akira-chan!" Naruto yelled.

‹Ðark Fox› says:   21 August 2008   189286  
aw man >_< Akira-chan's going to mess all up T_T

Waiting for part 5 
‹XxMurderous_NinjaxX› says:   21 August 2008   259174  
Lol! your right!
Akira:Why me???
Okay I'll start on it! 
‹Ðark Fox› says:   21 August 2008   825916  
*to Akira-chan* cause you're going around while you're still hurt
‹XxMurderous_NinjaxX› says :   21 August 2008   426633  
Akira:oh! .__.XD


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