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Insiders Info: Lizzie EditionCategory: Hogwarts
Saturday, 16 August 2008
11:52:37 PM (GMT)
Character Name: Elizabeth Anne Langer
Character Nickname/s: Lizzie, Liz, El, Beth, Mud-Blood, Ditz, Damsel in
Age: 13
Gender: Female

*Father-Randy Langer [[muggle]]
*Mother-Diana Langer [[muggle]]
*Brother-Heath [[muggle]]
*Sister-Kathy [[muggle]]
*Uncle-Hagrid [[Half breed]] [[[Didn’t see that comin’, didja? xD]]
Relationships: Maybe. LOL
Heritage: American
Religion: Christian; weird to be a witch, huh?

House: Hufflepuff [[Hugglepoof, as she calls it]]
Reputation: Prankster girl who tags along the Devilish Twins. Almost devoted
to Quidditch as Wood… ALMOST. Beautiful girl who just can’t get a break from
School: 1st year: Ballhetzar [[American School]]; 2nd and 3rd year: Hogwarts,
special transfer student.
Quidditch Postion [[If applicable]]: Beater

Example Of Typical Outfit: 
*Uniform: White, button-up Hufflepuff blouse, buttoned in middle; yellow and black
striped tee underneath; black pants; black dress shoes; no tie; for winter, wears
robe and house scarf.
*Free dress: Layers shirts; jeans or plaid shorts; converses.
Hair Description: Long blond hair with brown streaked front; in ponytail or
half up with weird accessories
Eye Description: Black
Height: 5’8’’
Weight: 109lbs.
Tattoos/Piercings: Fred and George once offered to give her a tattoo, but she
declined. No Piercings.
Other: Birthmark on left eyelid; shape of an open eye; reading glasses

Personality: A pig when it comes to junk food. Lost in love; they’re always
either cheating, or they just have her as a trophy. Loves a good joke. Easily
angered; grumpy after a fight, only Lilly can calm her. Not good at keeping a grudge.
Loves animals. Too trusting.
Hobbies/Interests: Pranks, Quidditch, Magical Creatures, Piano
Likes: Hippogriffs, Pranks, Jokesters, Boys, Quidditch, A Challenge, Care of
Magical Creatures
Dislikes: Snape, Detention, Syltherins

History: After finding out she was a witch, Lizzie’s family was scared of
her. They were a strong Christian family, and wanted nothing to do with witchcraft.
Then she opened their eyes, showing them she could use her powers for good, if she
could just channel them correctly. To see if she could prove them right, they allowed
her to attend Ballhetzar, the American Wizard’s School.
	Dumbledore made special arrangements for her to transfer to Hogwarts for Lizzie’s
second year, finding out she had special powers. He needed her for a top secret
mission, hoping to have trained under his watch for the rest of her school years.
Reasons are still unknown.

Anything Else?: She’s a psychic, telling the near future, from a week to a
full year. The visions trigger themselves by over excitement, extreme anger, or
depression. Sometimes blurred visions come in her dreams.
She also has some weird expertise in fire.
She’s the proud owner of a Hippogriff, Bananas. One just happened to follow her
home once she moved to England, so she asked Uncle Rubeus to watch her. [[Hagrid kept
her deep in the forest.]]
She is terrified of great heights, which is weird for a Quidditch Lover…
Last edited: 6 September 2008

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