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Jesus is a black man!Category: What white people fear to hear
Thursday, 14 August 2008
12:55:07 AM (GMT)
Yes it's true whiteys...Jesus is indeed a Black Man. I know you all are
disappointed, but do some research and you will un-leash the truth. Warning- racist
people may cry plus have a heart attack, while white Paris Hiltons will have a blonde
moment, and the white people that thought they were smart will be struck
dumb-founded. Lets be prepared people and I am here to prepare you all. I will add my
research here later and quotes from the bible for proof. Racist be have
been warned. 

The truth was never pretty…it’s just what it is.

This is more news that will be updated by: The Educated Black Sister. Stay tuned,

Don’t cry dry your eyes with a tissue.

pinkypink shouts:   15 August 2008   232679  
I know that's the bible haters!
blackice says:   15 August 2008   984696  
Haters are going to hate... but the truth has never looked so good!
kia12345 says:   19 August 2008   961558  
I love this diary's so important for racist who say they
believe in  jesus to know the truth. Many white people trash talk
Blacks educated/not educated, but they don't even realize the creator
is a black man. That's why we struggle, jesus wants mostly his people
to make it to heaven. So he is getting us ready. Jesus said most rich
men won't making to heaven. I believe it too. Most rich men if you
look around are white men...mostly because they got a head start. Look
how whites are treating Obama - he went to good schools. White people
still trash talk him. Like as if Bush was smart. Thank God Jesus is
comming back on a faithful day. Whites will be bummed. Kia signing
chris1234 says:   19 August 2008   679383  
Yes he is a Black man. A kia I see you beat me to it. Peace one love!
blackice cries:   19 August 2008   384556  
Thankyou everyone ...Amen.
kelcylane says:   23 August 2008   537816  
not really.i believe He has no race and even if He does,its a mix of
all the races
blackice says:   23 August 2008   643337  
No that's God...Jesus father God is all colors. Jesus himself is a
black man. God's son.
‹♪♫♥♥♥Jennaboo♥♥♥♥♫♪› says:   3 November 2008   314874  
I agree.
But on your other diary page.....
I may not be gay,bi, or a lesbian.But I have friends who are and you
should just stop dissing ppl who are.Its okay to be gay,bi, or a
sugartastic says:   19 November 2008   621767  
LOL. XDDDD Oh man! You are TOO funny, seriously. I actually laugh at
loud at the stuff you say. "Paris Hiltons will have a blonde moment",
LOL. That's a good one.

Actually, I don't think it matters what race Jesus is, anyway. I was
never concerned with His race. It doesn't matter. What does matter is
what He teaches -- and He teaches good things, and things against
racism. You should do some studying on THAT instead of being focused
on His race.
blackice writes:   20 November 2008   853111  
Having a blonde moment, sugar?
randevoo says:   20 November 2008   522523  
he wouldnt be black but her would be darker then what he is portrayed
as in religious painting etc.
Zovesta says:   1 December 2008   267766  
Uh, ok, he might be black. Hell, I don't know, I never read the damn
bible. I just know that he's Jewish.

So... what?

Why is he even Human, anyway? Why does he take the Human form? I
saralyn247 says:   1 December 2008   431336  

xD You are SO FUNNY! Omigawd, liek, I'm agains racism and I hate black
Jazliene15 says:   1 December 2008   819552  
Dont be stupid Jesus is Asian!!!! Gosh, so dumb......
‹☠☻♡えみり エルリック〜!♡☻☠› says:   1 December 2008   858916  
No, Jesus was Turkish!  :D
blackice wonders:   1 December 2008   199588  
Hey, do you all ever wonder why?...I do!
Hawaii says:   6 June 2009   823149  
god is all colors but jesus is COLORED (notice i didnt say black)
Hawaii says:   5 August 2009   539971  
he was not black or white.
blackice says:   12 August 2009   957837  
Check your stat youngen
Hawaii says :   11 December 2009   341544  
i kno u not talkin to me. cuzz i cant be rascist against black people
cuzz i am black first of all ( and ps if u were not talking to me then
forget this). also jesus did not come from africa, he is jewish. 


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