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Oc Quiz!~Category: (general)
Thursday, 31 July 2008
10:17:05 PM (GMT)
Stolen from Zoe-chan!~ (StrawberrySHOCK) - - - - - - - Rules: 1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most. 2. Make them answer the following questions. 3. Then tag three people. 4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!! ------------------------- The OCs: - Aria - Seikira - Liana The Q&A: 1. How old are you? Aria: Um..Sixteen.. Seikira: Twenty-One..Funny how a lot of surveys have this question. Liana: Nineteen, and I gotta agree with you, Seiki. 2. What's your height? Aria: 5"5..Or something else. I usually confuse my height. Seikira: 5"8. Liana: 5"6... 3. Are you a virgin? Aria: Yes. Come on, what did you expect from a sixteen year old? Seikira: Duh. I'm only twnty-one for goodness sake, and yes, that's young. Liana: Uh, YES. Er- Nineteen + sex= Wrong for me. Although, some people are a tad overdoing it.. 4. Who's your mate/spouse? Aria: I've got no one. And, doesn't plan to until I'm thirty! Seikira: No one..Jeez. .o. Liana:....No one. 5. Do you have any kids? Aria: I just answered the virgin question. Am I suppose to have kids when I'm still a virgin? Seikira: Look up question three, I don't wanna say anything. Liana: -points upward- Please read question three, and do the math there. :D 6. What's your favourite food? Aria: Salad! It's yummy!..Yes, I'm a vegetarian. D< Seikira: Pizza, I guess. With cheese only, I don't like toppings on it. Liana: Pasta. -nods- I'm a noodle-lover. 7. What's your favourite ice cream flavor? Aria: Cookies 'n Cream! It's total yumminess! :3 Seikira: Strawberry..because it taste nice. Liana: Plain Vanilla, coz it's plain. .o. 8. Have you killed anyone? Aria: Nope! Although, if I get angry I would. Seikira: Nah. Can't, actually, or shall I say, I don't wanna go to jail? =) Liana: I wouldn't want to kill anyone, so, I actually haven't! But, I'm getting a feeling that I will. Soon, at the very least. 9. Do you hate anyone? Aria: Yes. But, I'm not saying anything more. Seikira: Bound to, although I'm not saying names. Liana: I guess...I'd prefer saying "dislike", but yeah, I do hate someone. 10. Have any secrets? Aria: -nods- Ain't saying it though. >o< Seikira: Yes, but I'm not crossing the lines right there. Liana: Yup! 11. What is your job? Aria: I work at a restaurant, one that my mum owns. Seikira: I work at the library, the only way I can hear no noise, and get to read books. Liana: I work at an animal center. I really like animals, so I wanted to help out. 12. What do you do to relax? Aria: Go online, and just lay down on my bed, doing nothing. I'm bound to be asleep when I do that. :D Seikira: Read books in the library or at home. At least go to a quiet place. Liana: Watch movies (not scary ones) while eating popcorn. 13. Where would you rather be lost- in a deserted village in the middle of a haunted forest surrounded by undead cults, or in a desert dotted with ruins filled with gold but no available water source? Aria: Um..Can you make it simpler, please? Seikira: I'd rather stay home, so my answer would be..Somewhere in the middle. Liana: In a desert dotted with ruins filled with gold, without a water source, if you allow me to bring a million buckets of water. If you won't, then make it a bit more simpler. 14. How do you smell? Aria: Nice, I guess. I mean, I play sports but I always clean myself after. Seikira: Good, I think. I don't do any sport activities, so I don't exactly do anything. Liana: Um..Fine. I smell a bit dirty sometimes (everyone's bound to be), but I always shower the weird smell off. 15. Where's your favourite place to be? Aria: The park, with some people. Seikira: The library or the garden center. Liana: At home, where I can be comfortable always.

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