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Remebering KupikaCategory: A Thank You^^
Sunday, 20 July 2008
10:12:03 PM (GMT)
Music To Listen To As You Read:

Reason For Putting That Music:
We've Probably Met Someon On Kupika
We Fell In Love With, Or One Who's
Taught Us A Lot...
And I Belive That Everyone On Kupika 
Is My Family. Even If They dont Want To 
Be. We Are All On A Journy Of Life, And 
In This Journy We Stay Close To Those
We've Met Here, And We Fight Those 
Who Treat Them And Our Selves.
It's A Happy Tune I Must Admit,
But We All Have A Beggining,
That Leads To An Ending....
But Once A Story Ends A 
New One Always begins

Main Text: Okay So I Just Got Back From Like A Week Vacation From Kupika, And All Of A Sudden Theres All This Great Art Work... Not To Say It Wasnt Great Last Time I Checked, No It's Been Realy Awsome This Past Year(s). But Theese Are Even Better! You Guys Have Improved Greatly! Even Those Of You Who Arn't Famouse Art Masters! I Can't Wait To See What Next Years Art Will Look Like! So Great Job, And Congrats To EVERY Artist On Kupika. Seond Thing I'd Like To Say Is That I'm Realy Contiplating On Weather Or Not I Should Leave Kupika, I Probably Wont Just Because Kupika Is Like A Home To Me (Thank You Hina) ,But Just To Let Everyone Know That May Happen...Next Thing On My Agenda Is Kupikaians Everywhere I LOVE YOU! You Guys Keep This Site Alive And Kicking, And I Think Thats Just Awsome. Kupika Has Been Great. Sub Text: Kupika Is One Of My Best And Most favored Sites. If It Had Food,Water, A Bathroom And A Place I Could Run Around With My Friends. I'd Never Leave. Heh That Would Be Cool To Have A Kupika-Center Near My Town Where You Could Do Everything You Do Here In Real Life....Too bad v.v! But Kupika Is Realy Close To My Heart, Just Like Everyone Who Is Active On This Place Is. Thank You Guys For Keeping It Alive :D And Thank You Hina For Giving Us THe Oportunity To Meet Other People. Which Reminds Me Up Untill I Got A Kupika I Never Realized Other People Exsisted... Up Untill Then It Was My World And everything Outside Of My World. I Knew There Were Countries/States, And People Lived In Them, But I Mean Untill I made Conections With Them, I Never Realy Paid Attention Or Even Cared. I Dont Just See Kupika As A Place To Meet People Anymore. Now It Is A Place To Learn About People, And Make Best Friends...Like I Have With So Many Others. Thank You Once More Hina For Giving Me The Oportunity.^^ Purpose For Putting This: Like I Stated, When I Got Back From Kupika Vacation I Saw This Great Stream Of Art Work, And So I Thought I Should Just Give A Congrats To Those Who Work So Hard Finale Statments: Thank You To Every Artist on Kupika,Without You Kupika Would Be Pretty Boring And For Those Of You Who Think I'm Just Talking About Oekakis... I'm Not Just Using Them As An Exsample There's Art In Everything We Do. Including Our Language So Thank You Also To The People Who Message Others On Here, You've Probably All By Now Have Gotten A Best Friend From Kupika, And You've All Probably Helped Each Other Out Greatly So Thank You All Members Of Kupika You've Done Great Things For People, And I Hope You Continue Doing So For The Rest Of Your Lives. ~Love & Lux You All,~ Raven Random Lyrics To Enjoy ^.~: I am the firebird! I am his daughter! I am the firebird's child! I am a firebird! I am his daughter! And like the flame, I am wild wild wild wild WILD! I am the firebird! I am his daughter! I am the firebird's child! I am a firebird, the boldest song you've ever heard Join in the dance, and make it wild, wild, wild! Join in the dance and make it wild! To see a maiden dance around a fire is not so strange but fire dances round the limbs of this uncommon maid! Be brave enough to burn and you'll be brave enough to fly! Join your sister Solace as she lights the morning sky! I am the firebird... Wonders of the water air and earth are all the same you'll never know a wonder like the wonders of the flame! Freely fly as what you are and never walk in shame! You must not fear to blister if you'd live a life in flame! I am girl and firebird and solace is my name! I am the firebird... If you're brave enough to dance then you are brave enough to fly! Forget what's right and proper! You won't know until you try! If you're brave enough to fly, then you are brave enough to burn! Take my hand and join me in the Carnival of Dawn! I am the firebird... Sister will you follow me? Sister will you follow me? Sister will you follow me? Sister sorrow walk with me! (Solace, Sorrow, round and round Sisters burn the morning down Solace, Sorrow, round and round, Sister, burn your Sorrow down!) Like a flame you must be wild/I am a firebird! I am the firebird... You must not fear to blister if you'd live a life in flame! Freely fly as what you are, keep dancing just the same! You'll never know a wonder like the wonders of the flame! I am girl and firebird and Solace is my name! Theese Next Videos Are Just To Let You Rember What You Have Been Through As A Member Of Kupika So Let Your Mind Wounder And Tell Me Some Of Your Most Fond Memories Just Because Its Nice To See A Brighter Side Of Things Around Here... In The Begining Time Of Your Life Someday October Broken The Bleeding To The Following People: Sasuke_ Inuyasha Orochimaru Kankuro _Naruto_ Foxgirl331 (who did not leave I just miss her) XaeganBlight Deathclock We Miss You Guys Dearly... The Last Three Songs Are Dedicated To Them Please Tell Me If There Are Any People You Would Like Me To Add To This List...It Can Be Someone You Miss,Someone Whos Died,Left Or SOmeone You Want To Just Honor (However If You Just Want To Honor Them Please Specify Why Thank You ^^) Thank You For Reading ^^ ~Raven~

foxgirl331 says:   21 July 2008   447495  
thats beaudiful leah it almost made meh cry v_v lolz ^^
‹XxXThe_RavenXxX› says :   21 July 2008   666915  
^^ XD i just read it and im all woah O_e 
i think its the layout that made it pretteh XD


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