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Friday, 18 July 2008
03:26:02 AM (GMT)
~~~~About You?~~~~

Do you have a name? Hannah (aka, Mrs. Cullen xD) 

How old are you? 12.

what is your IQ? idk

What country/State do you live in? Oregon, USA

Do you have pets? 3 cats. :P

Whats your zodiac sign? Aries

Whats your astrology sign? idk

Was is/was your last bf/gf? i have never had a boyfriend...... 

have you ever eaten pet food? ERLACK!!!!! NO!!!!!!

Where do you like to shop? Old Navy, Target, idk!!!!!!!

Have you ever been on a blind date? Nope

Where do you want to go on vacation to? Paris, France!! ^^

Have you ever tried to cook an eeg in the micorwave? No. ;~; poor egg 

Are you good at singing? idk......lets try to sing............*la la la la
laaaaa*....*breaks window*.........nope!!

Do you have an email? who doesnt????

Do you like anime? a little....

Are you good at taking pictures? idk!
Do you label yourself? huh????

Do you think your hot? not really

Do you like to sleep with stuffed animals? Yes, as a matter of faaaact! its a pink
poodle frum Build a Bear!! her name is Lindsay! =] (no joke!!!)

Scariest dream you've had? a terrorist was on my bus and threw the bus off a bridge.
i didnt know how to swim and died. ;~; im still freaked!! O__O

Best dream ever? i kissed Edward Cullen x)


Favorite music? idk, my bff jill

band? i like lotsa bands, they change a lot......

artist? me???? lol, jk. ummm.......my sister or mom probleh

food? Italian 

drink? Mint Chocolate Frappucinno from Starbucks!! :D

Animals? does Edward Cullen count??? >< LOL!!!

show? Regis and Kelly ^^

Movie? Twilight (i know, it comes out in December, but it WILL be my fav

Thing to wear? black flip flops, red+black tank with my black ruffle mini


Do you have a crush? Yes. =]

if so Who? Edward Cullen  (in real life: John and Ragen)

Do you have a bf/gf? no. 

Are you married? im 12!!!! :O

Do you want to get Married? Yep!

Do you want kids? 1 or 2. 

How old do you want to be when you get married? between 21-25 yrs old

If you could date any person alive or dead who would it be? Edward Cullen!!!!!!!!!

Are you a virgin? please hang up and try again  (OF COURSE NOT, U IMBECILE!!)

Do you still like your ex? i have NEVER had a bf!!!!!!  STOP BRINING IT

what do you like most about love? idk

what do you hate the most about love? HEARTBREAK!!!!!!!

Does your crush know you like them? Probably x]

Are you brave enough to ask someone out? of course i aaaaaa----------no im not.

Person you want to do it with? EDWARD CULLEN xDDDDDD

Person you Never want to do it with? -Pulls out long piece of paper- hmmm.....the
possibilities.....Zac Efron, Jacob Black (yeah, he's fictional), Bob Saget, the
PowerPuff girls, miley cyrus, etc.

Person you love to death? EDWARD CULLEN!!!


Best friend/s? Holley, Kira, Clare, Jordan, Ellen, Sierra!!! :DDDD

Friend you've known longest? Ellen

Friend you dont totally want to be friends with? Jordan -_-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Friend you've known shortest? Jordan xP

Friend you'd die for? no1. >:D

friend that would die for you? idk, probly clare or holley.

Friend you trust the most? meh hommy C (Clare) 

Do you have a true best friend? Clare and Holleyyyyyyyyy

Are most of your friends guys or girls? @ home its all guys, at skwl ALL my friends
(but Jonah, he's just special) are girls!!!!

Smartest friend? Holley

Craziest friend?  Clare!!!!!

Dumbest friend? Clare or Ellen xDDD

Do you secretly like one of your friends? idk, Jonah. xDDDDDDDD

Prettiest/Hottest friend? Holley. or me -strikes a pose-

Friend you talk to the most? Clare

Friend you live closest too? Clare or Kira

Friend you know best? Holley


First thing you think when you wake up? UGGGGGGGGGG IM SOOOOO TIRED!!!!!! fuck,
phoebe get OFF my HEAD!!!

Do you take a shower everyday? Yup.

Do you have a bedtime? not really

Got Milk? YEAH!!!! -opens fridge- HERE YA GO!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

What do you think of ducks? WTF?!?!?!

Have you ever almost been killed? No.

Have you ever been killed? ............????..................

Do you want to be famous? who doesnt?????????

Name someone that hates you? Rachel >:O or Laura!

Name someone that loves you? idk.....no1???

Craziest thing you'd ever do? run naked down the street singing. 

Funniest person you know? Clare

Why do we dream? idk

Are you afraid of death? yes!!!!! O_____________O

Darlingkiller says:   18 July 2008   769858  
soo, ur 12?
And u never had a bf? And u have lost ur virginity? hmmm...
Seems like a dogs buried here
‹kaylee<3› says :   3 August 2008   717733  
Lol. I had a dream where I kissed Edward. Then he changed meh into a
vampire and we lived happily ever after! =P (no joke)
Heeehee! I bet we'd be great friends....other than the fact that we
both love Edward Cullen and we'd probably fight over him! =P

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