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Murder In Dark Manor... [Chapter Two]Category: Story
Monday, 16 June 2008
12:52:26 PM (GMT)
We stood there, shivering on the doorstep of the mouldy old place. A couple of
spiders scuttled across the rotting floorboards. I shook a few cobwebs off my
shoulder, that had obviously fell onto me as we waited there. Suddenly, making me
jump, the old door creaked open, revealing the inside of Dark Manor. It was pitch
black, except for a faint light in the background and a white figure which reminded
me of a ghost came to the door. I figured out, after a few seconds, it was a very
pale man. He had grey hair and was wearing a very dusty ripped suit. There was a big
red patch on it. It looked a bit like blood, but I didn't take too much notice. He'd
probably just cut himself or something... His voice was no more than a grunt.
"Can I 'elp you?"
Mum breezed forward, ignoring the fact that there were cobwebs and spiders
everywhere. "Yes, we're here for the holiday...?"
The man looked confused. "What 'oliday?"
"This one," said Mum, pulling out a letter from her pocket and showing it to him.
"Have we got the right place?"
"Ohh!" the man said. "Sure, sure. Come in."
Reluctantly, Katy and I stepped inside. The man was holding a dim lantern, which made
the hallway slightly more visible. The wallpaper was dark and ripped. The carpet was
torn and full of red stains. Blood? I thought. No, it couldn't be. Katy seemed to be
having the same thoughts, as I looked over and saw her peering nervously at the
carpet stains and all around the dusty hallway.
"Your room's up there," said the man. "First door on the left." He indicated up a set
of very rickety steps. I glanced at Mum. The smile on her face wasn't quite as big
now. Mind you, I understood.
We all made our way (slowly and carefully as we were scared that the stairs were
going to give way at any moment and send us crashing through the floor or something)
up the stairs. Mum, being the brave one, touched the gold knob on the door, twisted
it and pushed the door open. I froze as a loud scream came from downstairs.
Katy froze too. Mum did for a few seconds, but then shook her head. "It's just the
"I've never heard the wind scream before," I said.
"Hush, Becca!" Mum snapped. "It's not as if anyone would be screaming, so just wipe
the idea out of your head right now!"
I stepped inside the dark room as Mum fumbled around for the light switch. She found
it, but the light wasn't very bright and all I could make out was a bed in one corner
and another in the middle of the room. Gingerly, I stepped closer into the room.
The light flickered and an owl hooted outside. I froze, hardly daring to breathe.
Then the light completely went out and I heard someone entering the room.
"Mum?" I screamed, as I heard someone fumbling around. I felt something brush my back
and I screamed.
The light suddenly came back on and I looked around the room. Mum was pushed back
against the wall, looking very pale. She was breathing heavy and trembling. I looked
around the room for Katy...but she wasn't there! I heard the scream again from
downstairs but this time it sounded more familiar...

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