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Skitzo # 1 grrCategory: Skitzo
Thursday, 12 June 2008
02:09:50 PM (GMT)

damo--wats wrong?

everyone (kat, satako, rin, rika)--*gasp* you talk???

damo--ya, so?

rin--you never talked before!!

damo--well maybe i wanna talk now!! is it so wrong that a person wishes not to stay
fucking silent anymore?? that maybe they want to voice their opinion or their
concern?!?!?!!?!? i was under the impression that the general public doesn't have a
problem with this.

rika--we don't!!!

satako--really, honest!!

rin--we just....

kat--what we mean is that we weren't used to it, and were not expecting it
we didn't mean to offend you, really.

hey, i'm all for opinions and stuff

damo--i know.

duh, how could i not??

kat--oh ya, i forgot XD

damo--you never answered my question, whats wrong??

kat--well thats easy

satako--like all of the people she talks to

rika--they never have anything to say

kat--and like i've told so many people, my parents are bein gay >.

they tell me that we're leaving today, right??

rin--hell no!! we can't leave today

rika--how could we leave today??

satako--mom and dad aren't packed yet!!

kat--will you stop finishing my sentences?!?!?!?!

damo--seriously, its getting on my nerves DX


damo--then why don't you do something, like, i dunno, make them??

rika--have you ever tried to make them do anything???
ok, maybe dad will work on it

satako--when he's done working

damo--when does he finish working??

kat--thats a really good question, would you ask him for me??


rin--mom, she's a different story


rin--yes really. she can't get off the damn computer, or put down whatever book she's
reading, or turn off the tv.

rika--or shes too busy sleeping, because she stays up all night

satako--so she can't do a damn thing all day.

and she complains about arthritus, but if she would get off her ass and lose just a
little bit of weight, all of her damn problems are gone!!!

damo--what about her anti-depressants, aren't they supposed to help a little bit??

kat--oh, sure, they help a bit. before whatever she's on right now, she wouldn't even

damo--oh..well, what can you do, right??

kat--absolutely nothing.

and its their damn faut i have depression myself
isn't that great???

all--wonderful >_>*

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