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On Militant VegetarianismCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 7 May 2008
09:38:57 AM (GMT)
I'm generally pretty easy going with my vegetarianism. I don't have much trouble
dealing with seeing meat and people eating meat, since it's rather difficult to
disgust me, and I also have a rather dark sense of humour so I can generally deal
with whatever meat related joke you might come up with. I don't lecture people unless
provoked, and I try rather hard not to judge people based on their dietary choices.
Sadly enough, I generally avoid talking about vegetarianism around omnivores because
firstly a lot of people will stereotype me and secondly it's not worth the (rather
high) risk they come up with something that will cause me to dislike them rather

The last two sentences of that paragraph will seem odd only if you equate easy-going
with 'moderate'. Moderate I ain't. If you make the mistake of thinking that I am, you
are straying into very dangerous territory.

The guys who harass meat farmers, who write threatening letters, who dig up the
relatives of meat farmers and throw them around, I share with them my intensity of
feeling about killing animals being wrong. What does differ is what way of expressing
it I deem appropriate and for the best. Blowing up an empty slaughterhouse, I believe
that is completely morally justifiable.

The core of the matter, really, is how high you regard life. I regard animal life
above a certain degree of complexity to be just as valuable as human life*.

So no, I might not be the same as the people that blow things up or lecture you about
your dietary choices, and yes those people might sometimes be misguided, but if you
think I'm somehow separate from that cause, you're wrong. Think of it from their
point of view, imagine (not that you really need to) if there were some company that
had a factory for killing people. How would you feel about that company? How would
you feel about people supporting it by buying its products?

THAT is what a lot of vegetarians feel. THAT is why they are angry. If you belittle
them or their cause, don't be surprised if they hate.

* Before anyone asks me "lol so if i wud kil 2 shep or 1 human wud you chuse th
shep?", the answer is no. Life isn't some quantity that you can weigh up on scales of
morality. The question of whether the lives of two sheep or one human are more
valuable has no answer. If I were in that situation, I would default to emotional
decision making and thus choose the human.

saralyn247 says :   7 May 2008   638112  
I don't see how some people can think that any one life form is
superior to another. Just because we've made huge advancements in
basically everything and caused a bunch of damage to the planet in the
process (Yes, because I just had to say that...) doesn't give us any
right to put our lives any higher in value that that of an animal.


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