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The Majority Of My Diary Entries Go Into This CategoryCategory: Doctor Who/Torchwood
Monday, 7 April 2008
12:27:55 PM (GMT)
I want to write a long, rambling diary entry because I think I haven't written one
for long enough. So, I'm going to write a long, rambling diary entry. I shall put in
titles though, because otherwise there shall be a big sprawling mess of text and not
even I will be able to read it properly. 


I can't believe I haven't ranted about the Torchwood season finale yet. And it had
Captain John in it, so I'm even more ashamed of myself then normal. And that takes a
lot. Anyway, I was hyper at the beginning (I tended to squee whenever Captain John
was on screen) and crying by the end of it. It was a good job that QI was on straight
after Torchwood Declassified because it lifted my spirits a bit, although I did burst
into tears the next day while trying to talk about it.

Why kill Tosh? I mean, I can understand the death of Owen. There wasn't that much
they could do with his character now, because he couldn't get injured or anything. So
really the only prospect they could have for not killing Owen would be to bring him
back completely, and after he died once I don't think that that would have made him a
particularly believeable character. And Torchwood needs believeable characters to
balance out Captain Jack. So you could pretty much see the death of Owen from the
beginning. Or, at least, I could. 

Cameron won't be very happy though. Cameron is the only other person at my school who
watches Doctor Who and Torchwood, and he told me straight away after Owen was shot
that he wouldn't watch it if Owen was dead. Back to the conversations with my
imaginary friends, then!

Tosh happened to be my favourite character. That was why I was crying. My Grandma
told me that it was just a television series so I shouldn't be so upset about
someone's death.

"It's not just a television series. It's Torchwood!"

Anyway, enought Torchwoodness for today.

Doctor Who

I want a pet Adipose. Indeed I do. I need one very much. 

They're like little fluffy marshmallows made out of human fat, and they're just so
adorable! I squee-ed the first time I ever saw them and then continued to rant on how
much I wanted one for an hour or two. I saw them before Partners In Crime,

Everyone in my household were talking about how RTD is trying to ruin Doctor Who etc.
by bringing in crud companions like Donna etc. . . But, although I did take part in
this conversation for the first week after that news was confirmed (We're all Classic
Who fans here. Even if my father does insist that Tom Baker was better then Sylvester
McCoy, even though we all know that Sylvester McCoy is the best. . .) I found myself
sticking up for her after a while. And she was better then I expected! Yay. 

I and Thomas were talking over the phone for ages quoting that episode. 

My father is nagging rather a lot so I don't have much time. Just some random
opinions on Doctor Who and Torchwood then. . .

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