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BandAid on my broken heart (Bored Severus Snape storah <33333 :D ) #3!Category: (general)
Monday, 31 March 2008
01:04:39 PM (GMT)
The morning broke and Cecelia was the first to wake up. She got up around 6 and took
a shower. No one was really up yet. She got dressed and ready as she sat on her bed
and began to draw a picture, not really sure of how it was going to come out. Cyan
got up groggily and dragged herself to the bathroom so she could take a shower. She
came back hyper like always and jumped onto Cecelia’s bed and saw the picture.

“Why are you drawing Professor Snape?” She asked and Cecelia blushed. She turned
to Cyan with a grin and said.

“Why wouldn’t I? He’s the sexy potions teacher that should be a model because
he’s soo amazing.” Cecelia said, feeling thankful to herself that she remembered
that. Cyan laughed, obviously falling for it.

“Nice! Speaking of, auditions for it is like.. Next month..” Cyan said and
Cecelia nodded. 

“This should be fun. When does the voting for the teacher start?” Cecelia asked
and Cyan smirked.

“In a week.” She told her and Cecelia’s eyes widened.

“We have to spread this out so people chose Snape!” Cecelia exclaimed and Cyan

“Leave it to me my dear.” She assured as she walked out of the room.

“HEY!” She screamed and all of the Slytherin house turned to her. “FOR THE
howled with laughter.

“Great Idea!” Someone from the crowed yelled.

“Wasn’t my idea.” She said and walked back into the room with Cecelia.

“Well, Knowing Fred and George the whole Gryffindor house is voting for Snape.”
Cyan said and smirked as she remembered how easily it was to get people on the
Hufflepuff team to do something.

“Well darling, lets go we have to go to Potions with your hubby.” She said with a
wink twirling around so her blonde hair flipped.

“Oh, don’t leave without me. I can’t stand not seeing my Snapie-poo.” Cecelia
added with a smirk and Cyan started cracking up.

“Amazing nickname!” She cried out and they went to the bottom of the stairs.
Draco waved at Cecelia and Cecelia kindly waved back as they headed off to the
dungeons for their potions class.

“Hey, Cecelia. I totally dare you to sing a song, or recite a line from a song to
Snape.” Cyan giggled and Cecelia grinned.

“Sure.” She agreed and they walked into the classroom. “Professor Snape!”
Cecelia called out and Cyan covered her mouth.

“Yes what is it Ms. Rose?” Snape asked while looking at a bunch of the students
walk into the classroom.

“Did you ever know that you’re my hero? Because, you.. You are the wind beneath
my wings.” She told him and Cyan started cracking up hysterically.

“Do you have a knack for hitting on me Ms. Rose?” Snape asked and Cyan was now
slamming her fist on the table with tears.

“Your just so amazing.” She told him with a grin and Cyan was now pounding on the

“Maybe you could sing to me in detention.” He threatened and Cecelia put her arms
out and her mouth was dropped.

“So that’s how your gonna treat your number one fan?” She asked and his lips
curved upwards into a slight smirk. “I love your haircut.” She told him and he
raised his eyebrows.

“I haven’t gotten a haircut in a while now.” He told her and ran his fingers
through his greasy hair.

“Well still, the last one you got was so amazing I didn’t even know.” Cecelia
told him and he pointed to her seat.

“Sit down Ms. Rose” He told her and she pouted and Cyan was turning red from

“Did you know you’re my favorite teacher in the world?” She asked him as she
sat down and he rolled his eyes.

“Your lying, I’m no ones favorite. Who’s ever I am is on something.” He told
her and she smiled at him.

“You’re my favorite. Your so amazing, and you NEVER give us homework, and your
just so nice you let us sit and talk.” She listed and he nodded rolling his eyes.

“Well now I know who daydreams in my classroom.” He told her and she looked

“I would never. Then I couldn’t witness your amazing abilities as a potions
teacher! Look at the great progress I’m making!” She told him and he looked at
her blankly.

“Whatever you made last time almost ate my finger.” He told her and she slammed
her hand on the desk.

“Ya see! I TOLD you it moved.” She said and crossed her arms and looked around
the classroom then looked down to see Cyan struggling to breath.

Fred and George entered the room and looked at Cyan oddly. They sat on opposite ends
of the girls. Fred near Cyan and George near Cecelia.

“So why is Cyan about to die?” George asked Cecelia and Cecelia just turned to
George innocently.

“All I did was admit my love towards Professor Snape in a song.” Cecelia said and

“And we MISSED it!?” Fred and George asked in unison.

“It wasn’t all that great.” Snape said, overhearing on the conversation.

“That’s not nice. Because my eyes adored you Snape. No I never laid a hand on you
but my eyes.. You see my eyes? They adored you.” Cecelia said and Cyan restarted
her fit of laughter while clutching her sides. Fred and George began laughing too.

“I thought you were joking.” Professor Snape said with a blank expression.

“You know how to let people joke!?” Some random person said in the classroom.

“Detention, tonight 8.” Snape called out and Cecelia looked at the kid that had a
pout on and decided to help them.

“But Professor Snape.. I have detention with you that time! I was gonna sing to
you! And the kid over there is amazing, I guess I’ll have to sing to him too!”
Cecelia said with a smile and Snape ripped up the detention slip.

“You don’t have detention anymore.” He called out to the person and Cecelia

****At 8 o’clock****

“Hey Cecelia.” George called out to Cecelia as he ran up to her. “On your way
to detention too?” He asked and Cecelia nodded. “Man this seriously stinks!” 

“Got that right.” With that they walked into the classroom.

Snape sat at his desk and sighed deeply. He pointed to two desks that had everything
set up already and both students began working. George finished his first and put it
on Snape’s desk and sat down.

“No you may go, your detention from the other teacher is scheduled for tomorrow.”
He informed and George nodded and left the room. Cecelia was done and placed hers
slowly on her Potions Professor’s desk.

“Excuse me Professor, um, is my detention today?” She asked and he looked on his
detention list and nodded.

“Afraid so Ms. Rose.” He told her and she nodded and sat down. She looked around
the room and then looked up at him.

“Professor.” She called out and he looked at her jadedly. 

“What is it Ms. Rose?” He asked and she shook her head.

“N-never mind.” She said and looked at the calendar and her eyes began to water.
August 2nd. She put her head down as more tears came and she hid her face so Snape
wouldn’t see she was crying.

“No sleeping in detention.” He told her and she shook her head.

“I’m n-not sleeping Professor.” She told him and she heard him stand.

“Why are you crying?” He asked in a monotone.

“I-I’m not.” She said as the tears hit her robe.

“Yes you are.” He said and made her left up her head. Her cheeks were tearstained
and he looked at her.

“What’s wrong?” He questioned in his natural voice. Careless and deep.

“It’s the Anniversary.” She said and his eyebrow raised.

“Of what?” He asked curiously and she shook her head.

“Professor can I go to the bathroom to wash my face?” She asked and he looked at
her sternly.

“Not until you tell me why your sad.” He said and she frowned and shook her head.
“I may have to do drastic measures.” He told her and she looked at him with a
daring expression.

“I’m not telling.” She said and put her finger to her lips in a ‘shh’ way.

“Fine then, I guess I’ll simply have to do this. Occlemency.” He said pointing
the wand at your head and your eyes widened as he entered your mind.

~*.:In your mind:.*~

GOOD TIME THE FUCKING WHORE!” Cecelia’s mom yelled in a fit of anger.

“She is 7 years old.” Her dad told her and Cecelia watched this as her eyes


“Hey sweetie, how are ya?” Her dad asked as he stumbled into the room and sat on
her bed.

“I’m good daddy, are you gonna read me a bedtime story?” A 7 year old Cecelia
asked and he shook his head with a smirk.

“Much better than that.” He told her and got on top of her.

“Daddy, what are you doing?” Cecelia asked and he put his finger to her lips.

“Shh. Don’t tell anyone.” He told her and she nodded.

“Good girl.” He told her with a smirk as he began undressing her.


“Daddy please sto--” A hard smack across the face. 

“Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch and just go with it!” Her father hissed as he
held her small fragile body for the 2nd time. Tears ran down her pale face as she
sobbed under her father’s weight and he smacked her. “Stop crying!” He hissed
and proceeded with what he was doing.

“M-mom.”  A 13 year old Cecelia called shaking with her diary in her hands.

“What the fuck is it Cecelia, can’t you see that I’m busy?” Her mom hissed as
she made out with a strange man on the couch.

“Yeah go back to your room sweetheart.” The man said and tears ran down
Cecelia’s face.

She walked into her room and opened her diary and began writing.

“Dear Diary..” She wrote aloud. “Its been happening every night since I was 7.
Why is he doing this to me? What did I do to him.. Why can’t he love me like a
father loves his daughter. I just want a friend can’t anyone see that?” She
started wailing as she wrote it and there was a knock at the door.

“Hey sweetie.” The man that her mom was snogging said as he walked into her

“Please leave.” Cecelia said and a few more tears ran down her face.

“No babe, party is just getting started.” He told her with a smirk and walked
closer to her.


She walked into school with her books held closely to her chest. Some kid tripped her
and her books went everywhere.

“Watch where your goin loser.” He said with a smirk and she looked at him and
just picked up all of her books and continued walking.

“Did you GAIN weight?” A girl with curly blonde hair said in a really snobby
voice said.

“No it looks like she lost weight.” A girl with pin straight red hair said and
Cecelia smiled only the slightest.

“Your right, the whore is probably  anorexic.” The blonde said and walked away. 


“God do you know how much money I spend on you!?” Cecelia’s mom shrieked as she
slammed Cecelia into a wall, then backhanded her followed by a knee in the stomach.

~*.:Back in Reality:.*~

“You weren’t supposed to see that.” Cecelia said while sobbing. Professor Snape
just stared at her in amazement and fell against his desk. Tears cascaded down her
face and Snape finally got over his shock and walked over to console the crying

“Its ok Ms. Rose.” He told her as he rubbed her back. She buried her face into
his chest and breathed in his sent. Vanilla with a hint of peppermint. 

“Professor..” Cecelia called out after 15 minutes of him rubbing her back and her
crying diminished. 

“What is it?” He asked in a low voice.

“Please don’t call me Ms. Rose. Your making me feel like I’m my mum. Call me
Lia please.” She told him as tears rolled down her face and he nodded and wiped
away the remaining tears.

“I’m sorry Lia.” He told her and placed down his wand. “It was wrong of me to
invade your mind without you telling me to do so.” He told her and she looked deep
into his onyx eyes.

“Well its sort of a good thing huh?” She asked and he raised his eyebrow.

“How?” He questioned her as her black hair covered her face.

“Now I know I can talk to you because you know about it already.” She told him
and he looked down at her shiny black hair.

“There is one thing I must ask you before you leave.” Snape told her and she
looked at him.

“Yes Professor what is it?” She asked and he raised his eyebrow.

“Why do you seem so happy in class?” He asked and she smiled at him and got up.

“Every sixty seconds you waste upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get
back.” She told him and got up. “And plus.. It only takes one smile to cover up a
million tears.” She said then smiled at him.

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