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100 Truths (stolen from jadenyuki-chan!)Category: (general)
Saturday, 9 February 2008
10:00:54 AM (GMT)
001. Full name? Hilary Duff..nahh I'm kidding..I don't like her...XC 
002. Nickname? Hil, Hi L, RoSeS(I don't get this on...), I-A, or H
003. Single or taken?  single 
004. Zodiac sign?  Gemini
005. Male or female?  Female
006. Elementary? PS53
007. Middle?  IS24
008. High?  Staten Island Tech
009. Eye color?  Light-green
010. Hair color?  Black
011. Long or short hair?  long
012. Shoe size?  5 1/2 
013. Asthma? no..my friend has it tho..poor Livvie...
014. Health freak?  heck no...
015. Height?  5' 2" 
016. Do you have a crush on someone? yes..but he's a jerk...so I'm trying to get over
017. Do you like yourself? in a normal way....
018. Have piercings? yep...I have a tongue piercing, 4 ear piercings...2 on each ear
019. Tattoos?  no...
020. Righty or lefty?  righty...
021. Sexual orientation?  straight....
022. School clique?  I dunno...maybe the skater group...?maybe...

023. First piercing? ears...
024. First best friend?  A guy...lol...
025. First movie? i don't remember...
026. First sport you joined? does skate boarding count as a sport?
027. First pet?  my doggy ^-^
028. First concert? Linkin Park...^-^
029. First crush?  Joe Nicklson...
030. First kiss? at the age of 11 ^-^
031. First love? Joe's Brother Grant...^-^
032. First broken heart?  Joe...and then his brother..meanies!
033. First stitches? right over my left hand knuckles
034. First broken bone?  my ankle....ouch...
035. First grade teacher?  she was a bitch...
036. First car?  a few years back, it was a sports car...^-^
037. First cell phone? a phone, at 11...^-^

Right Now: 
038. Im eating?  cereals 
039. Im drinking? oj
040. Im listening to?  Kryptonite, Three Doors Down
041. Im working on?  A fanfic with my cousin!
042. Im waiting on? My friend to call...he said we would go boarding today >C
043. Im wearing? A red tank-top, pink capris, and my RED nike shoes
044. Im worried about?  falling while skating
045. Im loving? this song...XD
046. Im missing? my A7x CD's
047. Im anticipating? to go bowling..x3 There are a lot of definitions...

First thing that comes to mind: 
048. Kids? they are cute! XD
049. Marriage? not yet!
050. Career?  maybe a writer, artist..dunno...
051. Pickle? Cucumber
052. Penny?  Nickle
053. Stop?  Go!
054. Donut?  Chocolate with Sprinkles!
055. QuizPox.com?  Quizilla.com 
056. Myspace.com?  is dangerous...
057. Debt? All paid..I think...
058. College? Going to it!
059. Cupid? Is a sweetheart!
060. 777?  222!

061. Lips or eyes? Eyes
062. Hugs or kisses? kisses
063. Shorter or taller? Taller
064. Romantic or spontaneous? Both XD
065. Stomach or arms?  arms
066. Sensitive or loud?  sensitive
067. Hook-up or relationship? relationship
068. Older or younger?  Older(or the same age!)
069. Richer or Poorer?  Well, everyone is richer then I am, I only have like...16
dollars right now...^^;
070. Smart or witty? Both
071. Shy or outgoing?  Either/Or
072. High maintenance or plain? plain...
073. Glasses or contacts? I don't care, they're both fine
074. Taurus or Gemini?  Gemini, because there may be problems with Taurus..
075. Lots of friends or no friends? Lots of Friends!

076. Kissed a stranger? he kissed me..I swear! lol...but not really..
077. Lost your glasses or contacts? yeah..I've lost my contacts before...
078. Lost your cell phone? yeah..but it turns out my best guy friend had taken
079. Broken any bones? yep, arm, leg, foot, ankles(both), other leg, fingers, other
arm, tail bone..joking about the last one...
080. Broken someones heart?  I think so...but not on purpose...
081. Been arrested?  yeah..at a party...
082. Seen a hooker?  o.e i-it was HORRIBLE!!
083. Been to a funeral? yeah I have...
084. Been to Las Vegas?  yeah I have...
085. Bought off Ebay?  yeah...
086. Cheated?  oh god no! but someone tried to cheat with me..
087. Picked your nose and ate it? EWWW, no way!
088. God?  Yes
089. Yourself?  Yes
090. Miracles?  Yes
091. Love at first sight?  Yes
092. Heaven?  Yes
093. Santa?  <>> No
094. Fairies? No
095. Kissing on the first date? Yes
096. Angels? Yes

097. Is there someone you want to be with right now?  Yes
098. Is Superman really better than Batman? Yes! Superman is SO much better!
099. Have you dated more than 1 person at the same time? No...
100. Do you believe in God? again? Yes I do!

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