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Sunday, 3 February 2008
02:52:08 PM (GMT)
Vals classes went by pretty fast.None of her teachers aske dher to speak in front of
the class to tell them about herself.She had met a boy named Alex.He was kinda foned
of her.He had almost every class with her.Stephan was mainly in all her morning
classes.Next was Lunch then P.E. and then She got to go home.She walked to lunch
silently and sat at a table by herself,She looked at a table and seen Stephan.He had
a whole bunch of girls sitting with him and admiring him.She giggled at him and he
looked up at her.Val turned her head and he was right there sitting in front of
her."H-how did you do that?" She asked shocked."Im just really fast." 
"Why did you leave all you fangirls?You looked like you were enjoying that."
"I wouldent call them "Fangirls." I would call them Ubsessed freaks. I mean it they
are.I went here my first year of high scholl and then I trancefered to Chicago to be
home schooled and then I came back For my Sophmore year.They have been ubsessed with
me.Its so annoying!"
"Wow." She giggled and looked at the girls and they were glaring at her.She glared
back hapily and the  turned their heads and she smiled to herself and then turned
back to Stephan."So Val what class do you have next?" 
"Im sorry,I'm not trying to be mean or anything but why do you keep calming me Val
instead of Valorie?Only people who have knwn me since I was born called me Val.But
you havent known me since i was born."
"I had a feeling when I met you on the plane after you toled me your name I had a
feeling that you hated being called Valorie so I called you Val."
'' Wow its like you can read my mind."
"Oh you have no idea Val.You have no idea." Stephan thought to himself.
The bell rang and before Val could say bye to Stephan he was gone."How dose he do
She asked herself.She walked to P.E. They were playing Volleyball.The coach put her
on a team.That didnt go to well.She kept hitting her team with the ball or getting
hit with ball.She was happy when school was over and she got to go home.Val walked
out of the Gym and walked to sidewalk to go to her house.Stephan was waiting for her
by the fence."Hey"
They both walked in silence for a little while and then Val stopped."Val,why are you
"I feel dizzy." She said and held her head everythign started to spin even more.All
of a sudden she blacked out and Stephan cought her and brung her to his house right
next to hers.She woke up and looked around the room."W-where am I?" She asked."Your
in my room.You blacked out on your way home from school.I'll go get you some water."
He walked down stairs and his cellphone rung."Hello?" 
"Stephan,where are you?"
"Im in the house. Valorie passed out and i brung her here.."
".Try not to do anything stupid to lose our cover ok.Somethign we dont need is the
athoritys coming to investigate our house.I'll be home soon. Bye"
"Bye dad"
He got her some water and clossed the phone and put it in his pocket.He brung the
water to her and she drank it."How do you feel?"
"A little better."
"Thats good." He said and smiled at her and sat in a chair in the corner.

RAINBOWLOVER21 says:   3 February 2008   382521  
write more please!!! i want to no what happens next!!!!!!!!!
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   3 February 2008   524481  
hold up wut do they mean by blow our cover
dancing_swimming_princess says:   3 February 2008   238446  
Damn girl!!! This is really good!!
‹YourPersonalNightmare› says :   3 February 2008   399984  
thanks yall.@MizzKatee:Youll see.eventually 


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