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The Cinderella Factor: PrologueCategory: Stories
Saturday, 2 February 2008
11:34:11 PM (GMT)
Well, this little story came to me one day in the midsts of my tonsillectomy
recovery, just as I was about to succumb to my wonderful pain medication. As far as I
can tell, it'll be a cross between Cinderella and Bluebeard, if that helps any. I'll
be able to add more later. It's still very rough.

The Cinderella Factor [Prologue]:
     I always wondered, what had made Charming pick me? Was it, as he had proclaimed
to me time and time again, that he had known us to be soulmates that night of the
masquerade ball? That he had somehow picked me out of the the crowd of attendees,
flitting about like the addlepated geese we were? Somehow that had never seemed to
ring quite true with me, though because of my obvious adoration for him I'd been able
to accept it as more than a pretty lie from an even prettier face. 
     Or perhaps it was true what was whispered throughout the palace, from the court
ladies who gossiped in hushed tones behind their silken fans to the young palace
maids who'd been assigned to wait on me. The popular rumor seemed to be that he had
chosen me from afar merely because my masked beauty seemed to match his own. Even the
prospect of being only a trophy hadn't bothered me when I considered it. Vain,
foolish thing that I was, I'd even rather liked the idea of being valued solely for
my physical aspects. Then again, perhaps it was not merely vanity in itself. I'd
labored in dirt and grime for so long that it was wonderful for anyone to even notice
me in that respect. 
     Even the more unsettling rumors, that he had chosen me as a reasonably suitable
partner with which to procreate, failed to bother me much. If only for that, could he
have not chosen a daughter of nearby royalty and increased his kingdom's assets,
instead of a mere peasant playing dress-up? And even if the marriage was only for
that most indelicate of reasons, perhaps later, once heirs that been produced, a sort
of love might blossom between us, the shared love of proud parents. It was a love I
had seen radiated from many couples in my village, and I had hoped for it as a last
resort, if all else failed. And at the very least, I had thought with a maidenly
blush, the very act itself would be pleasurable, what with his good looks. However
many ideas I entertained during those long hours in my dressing room, though, I never
once guessed the terrible reality. And that, I suppose, was my eventual downfall.

I tried to capture the essence both of the early, naive protagonist and my version
of the end Cinderella, a rueful and jaded woman. If you do like it, could you please
let me know somehow? I'd like feedback, to see if I should change it or even abandon
it completely. 
Last edited: 5 February 2008

Fabby says :   3 February 2008   936489  
Oooh! I do like it.
A plot that interests me? On Kupika? That is astounding.
Write more. :D


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