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Hollie's story for Emma about drunk gangsters 8DCategory: (general)
Friday, 11 January 2008
06:58:08 PM (GMT)
I have quite the story to tell you Emma :D
(I wrote this for Emma because she's not online and i can't see her this weekend
>_< )
After the concert (Capitol of culture, Liverpool is great, blah blah Ringo Star and a
girl kept touching my bum blah blah :3 More details in school XD) the 4 of us got on
the bus, but there were scally's (British gangsters basically) smoking WEED(!!!) on
the back of the bus and Megan was about to vomit so we got off.
And as we got off we saw Jenny McNally and she was panicking really badly. These 2
drunk strangers (girls in short skirts, heels, and... revealing shirts 0_e) suddenly
came up to the 5 of her family. (Mum, Jenny, sister, brother and auntie) And started
BEATING UP her auntie!! 

And Jenny's family were trying to get away but the girls followed, Megan and Amy ran
like hell! Louise and i stayed with Jenny though.
I turned around and...i'm ashamed to admit but...i was really scared... next thing i
know they stepped on the back of my shoes making me fall over, so i couldn't run away
and i twisted my ankle and...they grabbed the back of my head shaking me roughly and
ragging me like a doll and PUNCHING me. (Not going to mention what they were saying
to me though, too rude. -_-)
There was a car full of people who stopped and started shouting, and stupid naive me
i though they were trying to HELP US! Louise told me later they were drunk off their
heads and encouraging the fight. Drink Driving i might add. 

I...I cant really remember what happened but just Louise telling me to run. So the 7
of us ran for our lives until Megan and Amy came around the corner, and told us they
were trying to get help at a nearby garage but the guy wouldn't let them inside.
Jenny and her family went to the garage to try to get help for the auntie. (she had
makeup everywhere and a big bald patch in her hair)
I wanted to go with them to make sure Jenny was ok but Megan and Amy were panicking
and made us run like hell. I didn't really see a point and we all had to link and i
just wanted to be calm them all down.
There were lots of police and an ambulance and i got so worried but blehh i really
didn't see why they were all having a fit :
So we got to Amy's and i kinda just asked to us the bathroom while they figured out
how to tell her mum (Who was giving us a lift home) i just went to the bathroom and
cried -_- I WAS PATHETIC

Then Amy's mum checked we were all allright and drove us back to the garage i asked
if we could thank the guy who got helped us (Still fuzzy on those details all i know
is some random man helped us and got the girls off me) And everyone was gone...i am
terrified for Jenny and her family though.
Aren't you glad you didn't go pudding? XD
Last edited: 12 January 2008

SithWedgie says:   11 January 2008   547455  
T_T I'm so sorry Hollie.  I can't believe that happened.  *big hug*
>_< I wish I could have been there to help.
Aiden_Princess says:   12 January 2008   166344  
Hollie omg ='[
I wish I went now, but I'm glad I didn't. I wish I was there for yoo
='[ I can't believe yoo gotten beaten up. *big huge hugs*
I'm so glad you're okay, and that they didn't hurt yoo too much.
I watched it on the news and it looked really busy. I'm really sorry
that happened to you Hollie. And I hope Jenny is okay.

I'm so ticked off now. Our city is supposed to be Capital Of Culture,
now, if people came over from other countries and went to an event
like that, then witnessed something like that. I think they'd want to
change thier mind. Seriously, peoploe think bad about people from
Liverpool enough. I suppose it's the same in some places aswell.

And about those scallys, you guys should have told the bus driver that
they where smoking weed. It's illegal (obviously) but it's technically
in a public place. The bus driver would have done something.

Did yoo tell your parents what happened? Oh, I wish I was there to
help. I'm not much but I would have helped. Damn it sounded so good on
TV. I seriously hope your okay Hollie ='[
I'm really sorry that happened.
Aiden_Princess says:   12 January 2008   699643  

This is what I was telling you about, I hope it cheers yoo up ='[
momo09 says :   12 January 2008   161523  
I was singing along with Taya's singing XD Why do i know this song?!
..I should sing this to Kirsty o.o

I agree with you though Emma :| 
Thanks though ^ ^


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