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Thursday, 27 December 2007
04:06:06 PM (GMT)
If you are reading this it is very important. It is about a very bad person on
kupika. His name is upgrayedd. Me and him were friends, until a girl that disabled
her account because of him alerted most of the girls my age on his list. He was
trying to have sex with this girl. upgrayedd is 18. This girl was 11. He specifically
told me that he liked dating girls my age. That means around 10-14. I don't think it
is right for someone his age to be having sex with 11 year olds. 11 year olds
shouldn't be cybering with 18 year olds. Specifically not at all! So please if
upgrayedd trys to have sex with you blacklist. I'm not writing this over hate but for
the girls that might be getting close to upgrayedd. If you ask to see the messages I
might let you. What made me even more mad was that she started having sex with him.
She quit because she couldn't stand kupika anymore because she was so upset with the
upgrayedd situation!

So Please Join my club and don't get close to upgrayedd

From a concirened 11 year old.

To join the club you need to go to the bottom of my profile around the questions part
and I have only joined one club and that is it. It shAgainst Stalkers/People who
cyber with 9-14  

Please Join. This Diary has really made it through. I didn't think it would make it
very far but I am so happy so many people can be concerned about this and thanks so
much of supporting about what I believe in. I have just started kupika and I have
already found a new part of myself and that is that I really care about strong things
like this and I really hope you join my club because Me and jfe152 have great plans
to get upgrayedd off kupika. 

Thanks so much 

If upgrayedd says anything to you just tell me and I will take care of it. 

Isn't it amazing how you can't even know who you are helping but it feels so great
and I am getting really personal with it. I have never opened up so much. Thank you
kupika and everyone in it. (Except crazy stalkers and people like upgrayedd)

Here is a very good song to go with this

Never Le<object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" 
value=""></param><param name="wmode" 
value="transparent"></param></object>t This Go by Paramore (my fav band) This song goes with
all the good things kupika brought me
Last edited: 29 December 2007

Lilrockin2 says:   27 December 2007   818169  
He tried to be my friend but i'm just like, "You're too old, bye!" 
and blacklisted him.
SuperSparkle says:   27 December 2007   294817  
OMG OMG! thank you! for the warning! thank you! thank you! thank you!
timelord07 says:   27 December 2007   271823  
ill pass the message on
Kittenluver73 says:   27 December 2007   169718  
Thanks for the warning, I'll pass it on too.

Can i see the messages?
mikimill says:   27 December 2007   935712  
Ill tell Mikia10 that shes unsafe cause shes ten and him and her are
destiny101 says:   27 December 2007   929223  
OMG!!! He is on my friendlist im gonna blacklisted that n-word. Thank
god for u and thnx for the warning
mizz_bre12 says:   27 December 2007   167888  
He sent me a message this is what it said:do you cyber? i was like
no. he siad he thought the girlz 10-14 were hot and sext. so thanx for
the warning. cause he is gettin blacklisted rite now. whats the name
of yo club
jfe152 says:   27 December 2007   489147  
me and my friend hannah (also has a kupika acount) found a way to
trick him  so please  put me in your club.
jfe152 says:   27 December 2007   147474  
my friends username is puppygirl2007.
jfe152 says:   27 December 2007   382386  
Also I'm nine and he did it to me
‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   28 December 2007   853782  
I'll join! :D
‹Pâtisserie› says:   28 December 2007   634334  
OMG! I was talking to upgrayedd, how COULD HE??? Omg, this is
horrible, I can't believe this, I thought he was my friend!!!! First
browneye and now THIS! How many f-ing perverts are on this site! Okay,
I'm so going to join your club!
gabby91 says:   28 December 2007   747358  
what kind of 11 year old are you intelligent beauty i didnt know
little kid cussed so much a days or even talked to boys online here's
a hint don't its not safe and no cussing for you its not polite
fashiongirl205 says:   28 December 2007   281527  
o my god i will pass this message on.but how could he have sex
online?that frikin guy!i talked to him before and he called me shit
ball and almost had sex with me!
fashiongirl205 says:   28 December 2007   313211  
im joining
fashiongirl205 says:   28 December 2007   914698  
‹JustSayYess..› says:   28 December 2007   932363  
jfe152 was over at my house (I know her in real life) and he was
trying to do it to her! Then he tried to do it to me but I said no but
he kept asking! It got really annoying and really disgusting!!
fashiongirl205 says:   28 December 2007   997628  
u guys someone rumored it!its not real upgrayyed told me in person
‹♥Stevie;;HereSheGoesAGAIN♥› says:   28 December 2007   957978  
thank you for warning me blacklist SatanStalker too he will try to
track down your house by where your computer is and kill you
happy5 says:   28 December 2007   889154  
what is wrong with that
Lewis01 says:   28 December 2007   183656  
im passing on the message too!
sylina97 says:   28 December 2007   424753  
omg im so close 2 him he isint like dat wit meeh
angelfreak10 says:   28 December 2007   265847  
OMG that scary and bad and disgusting!!
Believe says:   29 December 2007   735725  
I haven't made a club yet but I am. I will post up the name so check
Lilrockin2:Good Job
SuperSparkle:Your Welcome
timelord07: Thanks
Kittenluver73: Thanks for passing it, the messages might not show up.
Haven't been showing up for me just tell me if they don't
mikimill: I will
distiny101: No problem just I don't want people getting close to him
then he trys to cyber with them
mizz_bre12: (Also for everyone) If he asks one time instantly
blacklist him
jfe152:It is good that you tricked him but you still want to blacklist
him just incase
ashley14567: Good!
IntelligentBeauty: Ya you can think you know someone so well but it
turns out you don't know them very well
Gabby91:We know it isn't polite but it just pisses use off so much
fasiongirl205:It isn't a rumor I have evidence and you said he tryed
cybering with you. Stop changing your story
puppygirl2007:Ya like I said he will do it to anyone 9-14
pinkglitter5:Thanks for the warning
happy5:Everything is wrong with that!
Lewis01: Thanks
sylina97:I don't know but just to be safe you should stay away
angelfreak10:I know

Everyone: So if anyone asks and you aren't in a good age then say no.
If it on kupika blacklist the person imediatley. Thank you for reading
this diary I find it very important.
Believe says:   29 December 2007   243289  
I'm going to postup the club name in about 5 minutes
dressed10 says:   29 December 2007   616964  
i want to join!!!!!!!!
Believe says:   29 December 2007   686634  
Okay I am posting the name of the club onto the diary page
crystal10 says:   29 December 2007   155696  
tailsfromsonic tried to cyber me, his real name is jesse, look at
what kickyoursunday caught him doing!!!!
Believe says:   29 December 2007   634956  
Okay I will put his name
MewMewBerii says:   9 January 2008   941267  
That girl that told you was me ..
I made that diary entry that you read on my other account
he has been disabled :D

Heres some proof:

‹TheRulerofNightmares› says:   3 April 2008   599985  
He asked me a gross question! So I blacklisted him! And I told him
that my big brother is going to kill him for asking me that!
Believe says :   5 May 2008   488518  
Nice move.

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