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Death note Fanfic part1Category: (general)
Thursday, 27 December 2007
12:49:47 AM (GMT)
Life note:The Other Note

Basically you shouldn't read this if you know nothing about the show.(death note)
This is teh main character

                           Life Note:
Several years after the deaths of Misa,Light and L

Yoshiko looked up into the summer sky,the day was beautiful but she was bored out of
her mind."Isn't there more to life?!"she sadly yelled out. As she said this,she
looked at two 
falling objects in the sky,they were two notebooks.One white and One black.They hit
the ground with a tiny flop!. Suprised,she walked over to them,"What the heck
these?"she said as she picked them up,"Life Note....Death Note....? Whats insi-
AHHH!" she screamed dropping them to the ground,She saw a monster like creature that
was black 
and kind of looked like a scarecrow,"Wh-Who or What are you?!"She asked. The
"Monster" replied,"Well,I'm a shinigami and my names Ryuk.That black book you have is
a death 
Note,Read the rules inside." "O-okay Ryuk."she said nervously,She read through the
rules until she was completley finished,"Wow,Thats a lot of rules...But I think I'll
Its horrifing what this can do,and obviously,you're real Ryuk. But,what about the
white one?" "Well,I guess-" He was cut off by an angelic voice saying hello,"Hello,my
name is Amalia

and That Life note is now yours." Amalia looked like this:
Angel Anime Girl

Suprised again Yoshiko asked,"Life...Note,Is that the oppisite of a Death Note?''
"Yes,yes it is,But there are many-" Amalia didn't finish because she saw Yoshiko
Writing in the Life 
Note already. "Im gonna bring back to life my cousin! apparently he got hit by a
car..." Ryuk flinched as he saw her writing down "Light Yagami" on the life note.
"Uh,Hey girl,um,did 
know that Light Yagami was the owner of that death note before you". She stopped
immediatly,",My names Yoshiko, And, MY BORING COUSIN WAS KIRA!?!?!?!" "hey,"Ryuk
"how did you know that kira used a death note?" "Well,"she replied,I heard the police
talking about it in the hotel that I was staying five years ago...." Well,anyone
else" Amalia 
finally repiled. "Well,I'm near a graveyard,I can find some people who died young."
"Yes" Amalia replied," Also,The person who died will appear in front of where they
were set to die
and will also have no memory of the events that led to their death,but remember the
people there and also,they might remember there death if it involved greusome
matter." "Okay!'' Yoshiko happily replied. She set both note books in two buckle like

straps on her belt. They all walked over to the grave yard,she looked around and saw
a big grave."This one pleases me.He died at 25." she wrote down "L Lawliet","Oh 
yes,um,Amalia,Will they still come to life even if a only wrote that much of a name?"
"Yes they will,but you need to think of them in your head clearly."She replied. "Only
more seconds." Yoshiko said with slight delight,"This is really for real!!!" 


With a bright white flash, A young man appeared sitting in an odd manner on his grave
appeared.He looked like this:
"Wh-where am I...?" He asked in confusion,"Wasn't I dead....?" Yoshiko looked at
him,thinking"He doesn't look like someone whoes 25...."Then she spoke up,"Im Yoshiko,
I brought 
you back to life with this."she showed him the Life Note."Life...Note..?Well thats
interesting....So this really brought me to life,And I died too?" He touched the
book. "Hey,whos 
that...? She looks like an angel.....
Last edited: 22 January 2008

Momo16 says:   27 January 2008   699977  
ish getting good xD
right more
Yoshiko_Saruwatari says:   28 January 2008   321824  
I am!^-^
deathnoterocks says :   21 May 2009   377735  
are u ever gonna write more? this is awsome, just for the fact that
Ls alive!


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