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Bardo and StolkyCategory: Stories
Wednesday, 19 December 2007
03:25:00 PM (GMT)
Early autumn in the south can be spectacular. As the north wind started blowing a
dark figure stood in front of a southern manor house. The old house hasn’t been
lived in for years, its shutters broken and barely stayed on the window silts. The
old tree in front of the house bared its branches like fingers stretching out toward
the house. Memories flood his mind like a dam bursting opening, overwhelming his
emotions. As he watched the tattered end of a rope from the tree plays with the
passing wind, phantoms of his mind appeared and played their part. A young tomboyish
red headed girl stood there beside a young boy in a tire swing. “Don’t worry
about Jack Candless, he’s just a bully but he ain’t got any fight to him. By the
way I’m Becky Jean Barlow.” She extended her hand. The young boy looked up into
Becky’s blueish green eyes, “I’m Ethan Thomas Stolky,” he said as he shook
her hand. This memory brought a smile to the man’s face.  The phantoms disappeared
as he walked back to the rear of the house. The tattered and torn screen to the back
porch made the house seem more ghostly and empty. As he look pass the screen into the
kitchen more phantoms push their way out of his memories to act out their scene. It
was late summer and his mother was in the kitchen as his father was out side cooking
up hot dogs and hamburgers. The two kids came running into the kitchen. “Mom! Look
what we caught down at the pond.” Ethan said as he pulled out the biggest frog his
little hand could hold. “Rib bit, Rib bit,” crooked the frog. Ethan’s mom
screamed at the top of her lungs. She backed up against the sink, and suddenly the
frog jump from Ethan’s hand onto the floor. As his father come running to the back
door. He stood there watching and then laughing at the sight of his wife standing on
the chair and Ethan and Becky chasing the frog around the kitchen. Yelling at her
husband, “Martin, don’t just stand there!” All he could do is laugh at the
sight. After a few minutes he told the kid caught the frog, “You two need to take
that back to the pond.” Martin said with a chuckle in his breath.  The two kids
left out side as Martin helped his wife down off the chair.  The kids took the frog
back to the pond and let it go back to the water. “I guess your mom never play with
frogs when she was younger.” Beck said to Ethan as they walked back to the house.
“I guess not,” he responded. Suddenly they stood there as watching Ethan’s
parents kissing. Ethan mom looked over toward the door, “You two! I want you to
change your cloths and wash up before you come down for dinner.” The two kids ran
off up stair to wash their hands and to Ethan’s room. Becky and Ethan were about
the same size and she always borrowing his cloths. While changing their cloths,
“that strange to see your mom and dad kissing,” Becky said. Ethan stuck his head
through his shirt, “they are always doing that.” Becky stood there for a second,
“Do you know what its like?” Ethan looked at her, “I only know that my mom kiss
me sometime and my grandmother. But kissing a girl? No.” “Want to try?” She
asked him. Ethan looked at her with his brown eyes, “Don’t you have to be married
to kiss someone?” The two kind of looked at each other with questionable looks.
“I guess.” Becky said. Ethan then went through his sock dore were he pull out a
small box. He opened it up and there was a ring that his grand mother gave to him
when he was younger. “My grandmother gave this to me. I like the way it looked, so
she gave it to me.” Ethan said. Becky looked at the round sliver ring. Ethan placed
it on her finger but it was too big for her little finger. “So this means we are
married.” Becky said. For a few minutes they stood there looking at each other.
Then slowly they started moving toward each other, until their lips touched. It was
only a few seconds but it seemed like an eternity. Suddenly a voice broke their
innocent kiss. “Dinner is getting cold!” Ethan’s mom yelled.  Both Becky and
Ethan’s face blush as the looked at each other. “Wait.” Ethan said as he ran
out of the room. A few moments later he came back with a blue ribbon that he had
gotten from his mom’s sewing kit. Becky placed the ribbon through the ring and
placed the ribbon around her neck and hid both the ribbon and ring under the shirt. 
As the cold wind slam the screen door shut the phantoms disappeared back into the
man’s mind. The dark figure walked down toward the pond, where he stood on the old
dock. The gray cold day became a lazy late summer day, were more phantom memories
came rushing out. The two kids stood at the end of the dock. Becky in her overalls,
and Ethan in his jeans, “so you want to try that kiss again?” Becky asked Ethan.
Tossing a rock into the pond, “it was kind of strange kissing you.”  Before he
could look over to her, Becky pushed Ethan into the water. “Hey! What you do that
for?” She just looked at him, “You are Stupid!” She went storming off. As he
got out of the water onto the wooden dock, out of no where Becky charged him again
and this time they both ended up in the water, splashing each other and laughing. As
the man walked out to the end of the old dock, he stood there. The picture changed
again for the worst day of his young life. The ghost of his pass came back, it was
late autumn and the two phantoms stood there. Young Ethan was dress in black and
Becky stood behind him in a black dress. This memory he didn’t want to remember, he
tried to push it back but it played out in front of him. “I…I don’t know what
to say,” Becky said as she played with her dress. Ethan placed his hand on one of
the dock post, as tears came down his face. Becky came up and hugged him from behind.
The man closed his eyes and opened them again, only one phantom stood in front of
him. As the young ghost of Becky stood in front of the man, “So you came back? You
pretty much left with out saying anything.” She said as she played with the ribbon
around her neck. “It was a time in my life that I just didn’t want to feel
anything. My mom just passed away and you started to become more in my life. I feel
kind of guilty because I started having feelings for you and grief for my mom. It was
confusing, couldn’t talk to you. My dad didn’t want to live here anymore and we
just moved back to Chicago.” The man said as he looked into the water, looking up
from the water the man realized that ghost was gone. “All this time I thought it
was me. So are you going to give you wife a kiss? A voice said from behind the dark
figure. The man turned around, a young woman with a baseball cap on and red hair that
came down past her shoulders stood in front of him. Her finger tugging on a blue
ribbon with a ring attach to it. He smiled at her, “Well you can’t hold me to
that; we were just kids.” Look up from under her cap, “Ethan Thomas Stolky!
Don’t make me push you into that water, because it really dirty and I know you will
catch a cold.” He smiled and pull off her baseball cap, “If I kiss you I have to
seriously marry you.” As they came closer and just before their lips touched,
“You better marry me.” Becky said as their lips press together. At the end of the
dock two phantoms appeared. “I knew they would get together.” The ghostly Becky
said. “Oh man, I kiss you again?” The ghostly Ethan said. With a smile on her
face Becky push the young Ethan in to the pond. Sound of ghostly children laugh
echoed over the surrounding woods as Ethan and Becky started walking off the dock.

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