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Catch Me, Cowboy ~Chapter 2, part 2~Category: Stories
Thursday, 6 December 2007
06:56:53 PM (GMT)
We walk for what feels like miles to my already exhausted legs before we finally
come to a stop in front of a deep blue ford. The two guys toss my suitcases into the
back and Ryder walks around to the drivers side and gets in.

   "You get to sit in the middle, darlin'." Jesse says with a smirk as he opens the
door on our side of the truck and ushers me in. 

   "What a thrill." I reply dryly, rolling my eyes and climbing into the struck to
sit beside Ryder. Jesse gets in beside me and shuts the door behind him. Ryder stares
at me intently for a couple moments before reaching a hand underneath me. I gasp at
the sudden contact, although I'll admit it's not a completely unpleasant one. I glare
at him as he continues to move his large hand around under my bottom. 

   "A-ha!" He exclaims triumphantly after a couple more moments of searching
underneath me. He removes his hand and hands me my seatbelt.

   "You know, you could've just told me I was sitting on it." I tell him indignantly
as I secure the seatbelt around my middle. 

   "I know, but where's the fun in that?" He replies, smirk once again present on his
face. I sigh and turn to Jesse, only to find him grinning. I groan, and finally
giving up on trying to talk to them, lean forward and flip on the radio. 

   "Ah, c'mon, sweets. Talk to us for awhile." Jesse says as he flips my music off
once again. 

   "Alright. How far away is the ranch from any type of civilization?" I ask,
completely giving up on getting any type of peace.

   "Well, forty-five minutes away from San Antonio and fifteen from our neighbors."
Ryder enlightens me. I sigh. This is just great. The only human contact  I'll have
with people is these two idiots.

   "Don't worry, darlin'. Hannah and I stay with friends in San Antonio during the
week for school." Jesse, as if reading my mind, replies quickly. I let out a sigh of
relief. But what about-

   "Lucky for you, I stay at the ranch." Ryder says with a grin. 

   "Aren't you supposed to be in college or something?" I ask curiously.

   "I am, but I only take classes over the internet whenever I get any spare time.
Maintaining a ranch takes up quite a bit of time." Ryder explains patiently. 

   "Okay. Do you EVER leave the ranch?" I ask, hoping that he has other things to do
besides pester me. 

   "He already has a girlfriend, darlin'. If that's what you're askin'." Jesse
replies with a wink. The look Ryder shot him would make any sensible person tremble
in fear, but apparently Jesse was used to getting them. He just sat there grinning. 

   "Oh really?" I ask, turning my attention away from Jesse's grin and back to Ryder.

   "No, not really. No way in hell would I waste my time on a-" He stops as Jesse
starts laughing uncontrolably. Ryder makes a sound low in his throat, almost a growl,
and Jesse shuts up almost instantly. 

   "Someone explain, please." I say, suddenly very interesting in learning more about
this situation. 

   "Kelly, the girl that's practically in love with Ryder here is a bit. .
.stuck-up." Jesse explains, an amused grin still on his face.

   "Aw. . .Ryder's got an admirer." I tease, pinching his cheeks like someones
grandma would, before I can stop myself. He scowls and turns his attention back to
the road, completely ignoring us as we both break into another laughing fit as his
expense. I finally calm myself down enough to apologize. Ryder just nods in response,
obviously still pissed. 

   "So. . .how about you, Jesse? You got an admirer too?" I ask, turning my attention
back to the more talkative of the two brothers.

   "Nah. I actually have a girl." Jesse answers, a smile etching his features. "She's
supposed to be joining us for supper tonight. I think you two'll like each other." He
continues, obviously pleased that he was getting to see her tonight. 

   "Sounds fun. Guess I'll get stuck with Ryder then." I say as I poke the guy in

   "Uh yea. Sure." He replies and flips the radio back on. The rest of the drive was
spent arguing over radio stations. What fun.

HsingChu says:   6 December 2007   866294  
kattany2 says:   6 December 2007   361614  
lol i love it thats funny tho
‹♥ Simply Susan ♥› says:   6 December 2007   752382  
HsingChu says:   7 December 2007   432364  
that's fuuny lol i love it!!! ^_^
aartee_sharma says:   7 December 2007   285921  
......................That's awesome/funny/cool!
‹Supercalafragalisticespialadocious.› says :   9 December 2007   768516  
i like it i thought it was funny will you chesk out my diary's please?


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