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Plans for the kidnapping of MustangCategory: (general)
Saturday, 10 November 2007
03:14:50 AM (GMT)
Leader: Eve

Assistants: Sarah, Ella

Subject: Invasion

Our speaker for this meeting of FMA fangirls: Eve

Audience: FMA fangirls, duh. Ella showed up too.

Target: Mustang (aka flame boy)


	I have now officially decided that the new target shall be Flame boy.

Mustang fangirls: *squees* Yay!

	You have all heard the plan from Sarah. We should stick to that plan unless we think
of an EASIER way. I shall refresh your memory by giving you a rerun on
the steps and your assignments (not the kind you get from school). 

Step 1: 

	On a rainy day we will send him a letter that will look like this:

Dear Mustang,

	I need to speak with you privately. Please go to the park ALONE and
WITHOUT an umbrella since I will have one with me. Tomorrow at 10:00 am.
	If your curious about me I will tell you a little about myself. I'm a preppie.
Meaning I actually like wearing short miniskirts and stuff. I'm a very big fan of
your's and I promise that what I will tell you is worthwhile. 

A Big Fan of Your's

Step 2:

	Ella, Sarah and I will get some mutant kitties from the pit of doom of Mustang then
put the kitties in the meeting place.

Step 3:

	All of us (including the kitties) will attack him with all our might. 

Step 4:

	While we're attacking him he'll try to attack us using his fire alchemy. But then
once he holds out his hand with gloves it's wet. So while he's in surprise Ella and
Sarah will take advantage of the situation and rid Mustang of his gloves while he's
still recovering from the shock.

Step 5:

	When he's had enough (until he's practically half-dead or is unconscious) I will tie
him using the invincible rope. Then we'll put him in his invincible cell. His gloves
will become my property.

Attack: Everyone shall attack
Glove takers: Ella and Sarah
The person who will tie him and keep his gloves: Eve

	So that ends our meeting. Everyone is dismissed!!!!!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~After the meeting~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Eve: -furious- Where the hell was Sarah??!!!!
Ella: I don't know. She didn't tell me she was going to be absent for the meeting. I
didn't see her in her fangirl dorm room.
Eve: Trashcan could have seen her. Let's go there!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Infront of Al's cell~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ella: Al, have you seen Sarah?
Eve: No use asking them nicely. Al!! Where's Sarah???!!!
Al: I s-s-saw her go out just before the meeting. She was carrying a bouqet of
flowers. I think she was going to the cemetary.
Eve: You better be telling the truth or else... Come on Ella, let's go!

~~~~~~~~~~~~At the cemetary~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Ella: There she is!! *points to a neko girl with her head bowed down*
Eve: Sarah! Why were you ab-- *notices what was written on the gravestone*
Ella: You near-- *also notices*
Sarah: Let us be quiet and offer our prayers.
Eve, Sarah and Ella: *quietly prays*

Bet you're curious on what was written on the gravestone. Well here it is:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Made it myself on MS Paint.

~~~~~~~~~~~~After praying~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ella: I will never forget what happened on our chatroom meeting on Eve's chatroom.
Sarah: I can't remember since I wasn't myself! Literally!!!!!
Eve: That was a random meeting wasn't it? Saber, Aikawa, Riyuki. Even the clamp
school detectives turned up! Suoh even told me to do my paperwork. And Nokoru
appeared and I clung to his leg. Hey! If we were the clamp school detectives I would
probably be Nokoru. I hate paperwork.
Sarah: I'd probably be Suoh since I always pressure you to sign your papers.
Ella: I'd probably be Akira since I don't really care about what's happening. I side
with Sarah when it's time to sign paperwork but I side with Eve when it's time to
have fun. 
Ella: Oh, yeah I forgot to ask. Where are the pieces of Greed's dead body? I have
Envy alive in a cell that I asked from Eve.
Sarah: Someone turned them into ash, I think. It was either my curse, Pride, or the
Angel of Death. But the Angel of Death most probably. 
Eve: What's this private hell the death angel was talking about?
Ella: Yeah, what is this private hell she was talking about?
Sarah: Maybe I should just show you. We won't enter it, of course. But we shall see
the entrance and and a little bit of the inside.

~~~~~~~~~In Sarah's house~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sarah: *leads them to a trap door* There you go! 
Eve and Ella: It's a nightmare come true. Is that where Greed went?
Sarah: Yup, that's where Greed went. *closes the nightmare but screaming can still be
Eve: *spots something on the floor* Is that a  shrimp? With automail?!
Sarah: It's Ed!
Ella: I made an anti-tranformation potion. This should cure him.
Ed: *turns into a naked boy, without his hair in a braid* Wahhh!!!!
Ella: *gives Ed a highschool uniform of her sister's* It better than not wearing
Ed: *puts on clothes* I hate you girls..
Sarah: *unties her blindfold* Who's she? Wait is you, Ed?! You look like such a
Eve: *removes blindfold and starts taking pictures* This will sell for millions!!!!
Ed: Good-bye cruel place!! *jumps into the trapdoor*
Sarah: No!!!!! Don't go in there!
Eve: Too late...
Sarah, Eve and Ella: *hears the screams of pain and agony of Ed*

~~~~~~~~~~ The End~~~~~~~~~~~

Eve: Something smells fishy.
Ella: It's the backround.
Sarah: Bye now!

‹ravieve› says:   10 November 2007   932381  
YAY! first comment!
Ed's dead again!
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   10 November 2007   127383  
Here we go again!!
‹ikaeros› says:   10 November 2007   218142  
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says :   10 November 2007   481613  
yay! I'm going to push Mustang in later there.

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