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the story of what i did for love pt. 35-36Category: (general)
Friday, 26 October 2007
12:33:09 AM (GMT)
the last two chapters hope u like them cuz they are real tearjerkers


Part 35 


Ji Won began to wake up. He looked around and realized he was in a hospital room.
Slowly his door began to open and the rest of SechsKies entered his room.
“Hyung?” asked Sung Hoon. “Are you okay?” Ji Won nodded his head weakly as he
pulled himself up. “I’m okay now.” 

Jae Jin walked over to his bedside. “We’re so sorry Matthew hyung. We didn’t
know what happened until this morning. We got revenge for you though when we wiped
out the entire Black Dragon hideout.” 

“It’s okay,” he told them softly as they all bowed down. 

Then a knock came to his door. The doctor came in. “Oh good, you’re awake,” he

Ji Won looked at him. “Thanks for saving me Doc.” 

“No need to thank me. Your girlfriend is the one who saved your life.” 

Ji Won began to panic. “What did she do?” 

“She could have gotten a chance to go to England to get a heart transplant but she
decided to stay to give you her kidney instead.” 

“The girl…where is she?” he asked frantically. 

The doctor looked around the room. “She was supposed to be in here—“ Ji Won got
out of bed and ran out of the room, leaving everyone staring after him. “Hyung!”
all the 5 Kies shouted but Ji Won had already left. He ran searching for Mina. He
knew where she went. 


Part 36 


June 17, 1999 

Please let Ji Won be okay, I prayed to myself silently. Hopefully my prayers will be
answered. So is this the end? My heart never changed because it was still the same
one I loved Ji Won with. I couldn’t bear the thought of trading it with someone
else. I was so confused. Had I finished what I had really come for? What will happen
to my love for Ji Won? I didn’t know these answers. 

I felt weaker and my pen fell from my fingers. I stopped my story right there. Truth
is, I didn’t know how to end it so I might as well leave it unfinished. I took off
my cap and clothes. I was wearing a long white flowing dress underneath. It was the
kind I always wanted to wear when I thought I was going to marry Ji Won. 

My hair had grew out a little bit. It grazed my chin. I started to put on some light
make up and combed my hair. I don’t know why I’m getting dressed up for but I
knew I wanted to die looking like Nam Mina, and not Ahn Min Sung. I looked at my
reflection again. At least I look like a girl now, I thought with a little laugh. 

When I was done, I leaned against the hard rock and wrapped my arms around it,
pretending it was Ji Won. Then I heard a voice yelling out my name. “Mina!” I
recognized the voice. Ji Won. I smiled, knowing at least he’ll be the last person
I’ll see before I go. 

Ji Won looked around the beach and saw a figure in a white dress. ‘Mina,’ he
thought as he ran towards her. It was Mina. He lifted her into his arms and onto his
lap as he sat down on the rocks. ‘Mina,’ he whispered to her and kissed her on
the neck and face. Tears began to fall down his face. 

All of my energy seemed to have been drained as I forced myself to open my eyes. My
face felt wet but it wasn’t from my tears and it wasn’t raining either. My vision
was kind of blurred and I couldn’t see Ji Won too well. I reached up to touch his
face. It was wet. “Ji Won,” I whispered to him. “Please don’t cry. You’re
scaring me. I’ve never seen you cry before.” 

Ji Won looked down at Mina, through his tear-filled eyes. “I’m so sorry Mina.”
“Don’t say you’re sorry,” she whispered back to him. “You’ve done nothing
wrong.” Ji Won shook his head. “I’m so sorry. You’ve done so much for me and
I haven’t even realized it. I haven’t done anything for you except put you
through a lot of pain.” 

I reached up wipe away Ji Won’s tears. “I didn’t expect anything back from you
oppa. But I want to know why did you leave me in Hawaii? I could have called the
wedding off if you didn’t want to marry me.” I felt Ji Won’s grip on me

“I didn’t mean to leave you Mina,” answered Ji Won, his voice shaking. “I
couldn’t take my dad anymore. My grandpa had given me his inheritance and I planned
on taking you and Sung Hoon with me. I didn’t tell you about it because I was
afraid you wouldn’t leave your family for me. When I came to your house to get you,
my uncle’s men were there waiting for me and chased me to the docks. I escaped but
I wanted to go back but couldn’t. I could have put your life in danger. This
isn’t the first time I’ve cried Mina. I cried when I knew I was going to be
separated from you.” 

Despite the pain, I managed to smile. Ji Won didn’t want to leave me, I thought.
“Look Ji Wonee, I’m wearing the dress I always wanted to wear if we had gotten
married.” Ji Won looked at me. “You’re beautiful Mina,” he said to me. “If
everything would have gone as planned, we could have been married here in Korea.” 

One thing was still bothering me. I think I managed to hold onto my life this long
because of this question. “Ji Wonee, do you love me? I mean romantically, and not
as your dongsang.” 

Ji Won looked down at Mina. She was beautiful. His heart ached when he saw how pale
she was. He realized she never did knew that he had loved her all along. “Yes,
Mina,” he told her. “I loved you since the first day we met. I loved you then and
I had never stopped loving you.” He bent down to kiss her. 

My heart was deepened to a warm bliss. Ji Won said he loved me, I told myself as I
felt him kiss me. Then a cold realization washed over me but I didn’t really care.
I always thought that I was hurt when I didn’t receive Ji Won’s love. Instead, I
found out my pain came from when I didn’t give Ji Won enough love. I haven’t told
Ji Won I loved him yet. 

“Ji Won,” I said to him as he looked down at me. “Thank you for making my dream
come true by saying that you love me. I know you’re lying and just saying it to
repay me but you didn’t have to. I did it all because I—I—“ 

I was losing my voice. Not now, please, I prayed as tears fell down my face. I need
to tell him before I go. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the white marble
stone Ji Won had given to me when I was Min Sung. I pointed towards the ocean to make
Ji Won look. I threw the stone with all my remaining strength. It skipped 3 times.
‘Perfect,’ I thought as I closed my eyes for the last time. 

As Ji Won listened to what Mina was saying, he was stunned still. He couldn’t
believe his ears. She thought he was saying he loved her as payment of what she had
done for him. More tears fell down his face as he shook his head. Then when Mina
pointed out to the ocean, Ji Won saw her throw the stone he had given her. It skipped
3 times. I love you. Ji Won smiled, knowing that Mina loved him too. He had known
that she had loved him all along but she never told it to him either. “Mina, you
don’t understand. I do love you!” he shouted. Then Ji Won looked down at her. She
had passed on. “Mina?” He shook her gently. Her body was still and completely
lifeless. “Mina!” he screamed in pain. He held onto her tightly, burying his face
into her neck. He was crying so loudly and painfully that both their bodies shook. 

Sung Hoon and the others finally made it to where Ji Won and Mina was. They circled
Ji Won, who was bent over holding someone they couldn’t see. “Hyung,” said Sung
Hoon as he put his hand on Ji Won’s shoulder. “Are you okay? Where’s Min
Sung?” Ji Won lifted his head up and Sung Hoon saw who Ji Won was holding. He fell
back into the sand shocked. “M…Mina?” he asked in disbelief. 

“Mina?” the others repeated. 

“Min Sung is Mina?” asked Ji Yong. 

Ji Won nodded his head. “She dressed up as a guy to join SechsKies to be with

“You’re right, Mickey. Mina did love Matthew hyung,” said Jae Duc quietly. 

Sung Hoon got up and hugged both Ji Won’s and Mina’s bodies tightly. “Why?”
he asked crying. Everyone remained silent. Ji Won shook his head. He moved away from
Sung Hoon and turned to face all of them. “SechsKies is my family. You guys are all
like my brothers. Please be my witness as I make this promise to Mina.” They nodded
their heads sadly and listened. 

“Mina,” Ji Won began. “When you were alive, I was never able to tell you that I
loved you. Now that you’re gone, you don’t believe I love you. Even though I
never showed you the kind of love you wanted me to, it doesn’t mean I didn’t love
you with all I have.” Ji Won paused and yanked off the ring around his necklace.
“With SechsKies here as my witnesses, I, Eun Ji Won, take Nam Mina as my wife
‘til eternity. I have nothing to give you Mina except my heart, which belonged to
you from the first day we met.” 

He kissed her lips as he slipped on the ring. The others watched him in silence. They
were surprised when because of all the time Ji Won had been their leader, he had
never used his real name Ji Won before. They knew he was serious. When it was over,
Ji Won lifted Mina up into his arms as he stood up. “As your leader, I have a final
announcement to make. I am quitting SechsKies.” 

“What?” they all asked in disbelief. 

“Hyung,” said Su Won. “Please reconsider.” 

Ji Won shook his head. “This is the second time Mina left me. I really can’t go
on as your leader. The person I loved the most is taken away from me too soon and she
died not knowing that I truly do love her.” 

The others understood what Ji Won meant. Jae Jin walked up to Ji Won. “What do you
plan to do then Matthew?” 

“I don’t know,” he answered. I’ll be somewhere where I’ll always be with
Mina and constantly remind her that I love her. And as for SechsKies, with all the
money and businesses we have, I don’t see any reason why we have to commit any more
crimes. We each have enough money to spend for the rest of our lives already.” 

They all nodded. 

Ji Won placed a hand on Sung Hoon’s shoulder. “Sung Hoon,” said Ji Won. 

“Yes hyung?” asked Sung Hoon. “If you do love Kyung Hee, tell her before it’s
too late.” 

Sung Hoon nodded. “I will.” 

Ji Won looked at his 5 brothers for the last time. “This final meeting of SechsKies
is now adjourned. I wish you all the best and hope you do find your true love because
I have. Good bye.” 

Ji Won picked up Mina’s book and scribbled something into it. When he was done, he
placed it down back on the rock. Then Ji Won lifted Mina’s body up into his arms as
he walked away. 

“Hyung!” shouted Sung Hoon. “Where are you going?” 

Ji Won continued walking and didn’t answer him. The 5 Kies watched their leader
walk towards the sunset carrying his bride and disappeared. They picked up the book
to see what Ji Won had written. The last entry of Mina’s story was, 

“True love never has an ending.”
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azngrlxanime says :   27 October 2007   593637  
im finally done!
hope u like it


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