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my yaoi story (part 2)Category: (general)
Monday, 15 October 2007
07:38:53 PM (GMT)
Naruto woke up from his sleep and rubbed his eyes tiredly. 

"It's time to train..." He mumbled to himself tiredly.

He walked down to the kitched but on his way there he sniffed around. Is someone
cooking??? Thought the blonde haired ninja as he ran into the kitchen where
indeed... someone was cooking. Sasuke was sitting on a stool making some ramen and
Naruto looked surprised at the raven ninja.

"Sasuke what the hell are you doing in my house????" Naruto asked as Sasuke poured
the ramen into a bowl and added some spices to the ramen increasing the flavor. 

Sasuke placed the bowl of ramen on the table and walked up to Naruto and grabbed him
by the collar and shoved him into the wall and pressed his lips onto Naruto's,
sliding his tounge in through Naruto's lips. Naruto freaked out and kicked Sasuke and
he stumbled back and smirked. 

"What I can't make my boyfriend some ramen and kiss him good morning?" Sasuke asked
with a smirk plastered on his pale skin.

"Go away you weirdo!" Naruto yelled and grabbed the bowl of ramen tasting it to see
if he could yell at Sasuke for making bad ramen... but it wasn't bad. "This.. is
really good.."

Naruto started digging into his ramen and Sasuke smirked and walked behind Naruto and
moved is pajama collar out of the way and wrapped his arms around Naruto's waist and
started to suck on Naruto's neck, nipping at his flesh. Naruto paused and stopped
eating. By accedent he let out a slight moan causing him to feel Sasuke's lips curve
into a smirk agenst Naruto's flesh. Sasuke began nibbiling on Naruto's neck and
Naruto shuddered and Sasuke smirked wider. Then, Kakashi bardged in unexpectedly. 

"You guys are la--" Kakashi said then looked at the boys. He paused everything, even
put down his book to gawk at the two 13 year olds. "What the hell are you doing?" 

Sasuke stopped nibbiling on Naruto's neck and Naruto's face was bright red. 

"Sasuke is determined to fuck me!!! It will   NEVER   happen!!"
Naruto yelled and Sasuke smirked as he hugged Naruto from behind. 

"Naruto is just shy.." Sasuke said and Naruto glared at him. "You know you liked what
I did a couple minutes ago."

"...I won't press things any farther this is to strange for me..." Kakashi said and
rubbed his temples lightly. "Just get to the training grounds."

Sasuke walked out of the house and Naruto put his head down in embarassment. This was
just the begining....

Naruto got dressed and notaiced the small marks Sasuke left on his shoulder and neck.
He hoped that his orange jacket would save the day and cover the hickeys. Thank god
it did.

Naruto walked to the training grounds with a beat red face thinking of what Kakashi
saw. He looked up at Sasuke who was sitting in a tree reading and Sakura who was
looking at Sasuke blushing. Kakashi was sitting on a tree stump and Naruto stopped
walking and everyone looked at him.

"Glad you could make it Naruto." Kakashi said and Naruto pouted and blushed. "Now, we
will be taking the chunin exams. Heres your entry cards."

With that Kakashi left and Sakura walked up to Sasuke who jumped out of the tree. 

"Sasuke-kun.. wanna.. train with me?" Sakura asked bashfully and Naruto glared at her
and Sasuke.

"No." Sasuke said simply and walked away with his hands dug deeply in his pockets.

Sakura looked hurt but Naruto didn't offer to train with Sakura, for some reason he
was mad at her.
Was it because she rejected him?
Or because she practically asked out Sasuke?

Naruto shook his head from the thoughts and walked home. He got to his door and
Sasuke was on the steps looking at the sky. Naruto walked over and tried to keep his
game face on.

"Sasuke what are you doing here??" Naruto growled and Sasuke looked at him then
pinned Naruto to his house and forcefully kissed him. 

Naruto struggled but he knew Sasuke was gonna overpower him. Sasuke wouldn't stop
until a firmillar voice was heard.

"Hot momma!" Kiba yelled while laughing uncontrolably. "Never would of thunk that
Naruto and Sasuke were a couple!"

"Shut up Kiba! We're not!! Sasuke is a freak!" Naruto yelled and started kicking

"Yes Kiba we are a couple. We love eachother very much." Sasuke said and ran his
fingers through Naruto's hair.

Kiba walked over to them and looked at them for a minute. 

"Never thought you guys were gay." Kiba said and put his finger on his chin in

"What your not?" Sasuke asked and continued stroaking Naruto's hair.

"Nope." Kiba said and leaned agenst the doorframe. "So is you or Naruto the female in
this equasion?"

"Its Naruto." Sasuke said and Naruto looked surprised.

"NO I'M NOT!" Naruto yelled and began struggling again.

"Would you prefer the male part?" Sasuke asked and Kiba chuckled.

"....grr.. SHUT UP SASUKE! I DON'T WANNA BE IN THIS RELATIO--" Naruto yelled but was
cut off by Kiba's lips.

Kiba pulled away leaving Naruto in a confused daze and Sasuke glared daggers at Kiba
and Kiba chuckled. 

"Opps...  my bad... did I say I wasn't gay?" Kiba asked and laughed.

"Be gay with Shino. Naruto's mine." Sasuke grumbled and Kiba laughed at Naruto's

"Sorry Sasuke.." Kiba said while chuckiling.

"Why is the whole world gay..." Naruto mumbled to himself while hitting his head on
the wall behind him.

Soon Sasuke let go of Naruto and he went inside his house. Naruto sat down on his
messy couch and looked at all the junk sprawled out on the floor. He then took off
his jacket and saw his arms were bruised where Sasuke grabbed him. He sighed and
layed down on the couch and his eyes slowly closed.

 Sasuke's not my idol anymore....

Naruto fell into a deep slumber but was awoken to a loud noise. His head shot up and
he looked around and saw that everything was picked up. Then he heard Sasuke yell
"SHIT!" Naruto stood up and saw that Sasuke had dropped a pan on his foot. He
bit his bottom lip trying not to laugh and Sasuke took a deep breath inward.

"...Grr.... *sigh* why do I bother... Naruto will win the bet... I should just give
up now." Sasuke mumbled to himself while rubbing his foot. "...... I love

Even though Sasuke whispered the last part extreamly quietly Naruto still heard it.
His features softened and he blushed a small bit and just thought for a second. He
shook his head wishing the thoughts away and he walked over to the raven haired boy.

"Hey Sasuke." Naruto mumbled and Sasuke looked at him and then turned his attention
back at his foot.

"Thats a first. Your not yelling at me." Sasuke grumbled and Naruto sighed. 

"I got used to it Sasuke." Naruto said and walked away.

Sasuke kicked himself in the ass and got up. He wasn't gonna let Naruto think that he
compleatly gave up all hope... even though he did. Sasuke ran over to Naruto and
pinned him to a wall and regained his smirk. He pressed his lips agenst Naruto's and
Naruto didn't even bother to stop him, nor kiss him back. Sasuke broke the kiss in

"Your not fighting back." Sasuke said and tilted his head to the side. "Why?"

"I don't care anymore Sasuke.." Naruto mumbled and Sasuke let go of the grip he had
on Naruto.

"Somethings wrong." Sasuke said and Naruto brushed him off and walked to his room. 

Sasuke clenched his teeth in anger.

 Stuborn fox....... 

Sasuke walked out of Naruto's house and heard something. He slowly walked over to the
alleyway and snuck into it. He hid behind a garbage can and looked passed it. He saw
two figures. 

 Shino and Kiba?... 

"Kiba, you weren't supposed to tell them your secret.." Shino sighed and rubbed his

"Sorry Shino, I couldn't help it." Kiba said with a chuckle and Shino grabbed Kiba by
the jacket and pinned him to a wall.

"I'm not happy about this Kiba." Shino hissed and Kiba's grin stayed the same.

"Calm down." Kiba said and grabbed Shino's collar and threw him into the wall besides
him and unipped the top of the jacket and crushed his lips on Shino's.

Sasuke was a bit surprised at this and tilted his head to the side. He notaiced that
Kiba reached into his kunai pocket and threw it at Sasuke, Sasuke easily caught it
and walked out of his hiding spot. 

"Nice one Kiba." Shino mumbled and Kiba smirked.

"You two are a couple?" Sasuke asked and Shino smacked Kiba.

"Thanks moron." Shino hissed and Kiba smiled sheepishly. 

"Sasuke is gay too.." Kiba said and Shino looked at Sasuke confused.

"You are?" He asked and Sasuke smirked. "Never would of guessed."

"Yes." Sasuke said simply.

"Him and Naruto." Kiba said and Shino smirked.

"Nice" Shino said and Sasuke nodded slowly.

"Naruto's indenial still." Sasuke said quickly and Kiba nodded. 

"Your keeping this secret Uchiha." Shino said and Sasuke looked up at him and nodded
slowly. "Good."

"...just keep me lovin Naruto a secret.." Sasuke said quietly and Kiba and Shino
paused and looked at him.

"You love Naruto? I thought you just liked Naruto." Kiba said and
Sasuke looked away and sighed.

"You were wrong." Sasuke said and jumped off.

"Someone needs to take a chill pill o_O" Kiba said and Shino nodded.

Sasuke sat on his roof and looked at the stars and sighed. He knew he had a long way
to go to turn Naruto straight.. or even bi.

 Damn that stubborn fox....

XxXFox_girlXxX says:   15 October 2007   442594  
Whoa that was aweasome!!!
‹ikaeros› says:   16 October 2007   821941  
Why is the whole world gay? 


I love that line XDDD
This excellent.
Can't wait ^^
TheAnnoyanceNinja says:   16 October 2007   913343  
lol thank you x3
Hawkeye15 says:   1 January 2008   684517  
Nooo! Not Shino-kun! *sobsob*Oh well, nice story though...
TheAnnoyanceNinja says :   1 January 2008   363629  
lol thank you

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