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Amy Rose StoryCategory: Sonic
Sunday, 16 September 2007
08:53:23 PM (GMT)
Amy stepped inside the cream-colored door.It was a bright September day on
Mobius.She walked in the mud room and set down her backpack and took off her Ugh
Boots.Her hammer was leaned against the washing machine.She carefully picked it up
and walked into the kitchen."Amy,you got a phone call from Cream" said her
mom."Kay,I'll call her back in a minute." Amy said.She ran upstairs and quickly
opened her door ,set down her hammer,and went to her red laptop.She checked her email
but had none.Then she flopped on her pink and red bed.She picked up her phone and
dialed Cream 's number.Cream was her best friend and the only person whom she found
after the Mobius battle.Amy thought about it.Three years ago she had more than just
Cream as her friend.They were Sonic the Hedgehog,Miles (Tails as her friends called
her) Prower,and Knucles the Echidna.Sonic was a blue hedgehog whom Amy met when she
was six.She was always seen following him because when she was younger she had a
crush on him.Tails was a small fox that was the same age as Amy.She had been one of
Amy's other good friend and was gifted with two tails that enabled her to
fly.Knuckles was a red hothead echidna who was always being fooled.He was not one of
Amy's good friends,but a good teammate nonetheless.And then there was there
enemy,Eggman.Eggman was an evil genius who had been torturing people in order to
rule.When Amy was little Eggman kidnaped her.Sonic saved her and ever since she loved
him.When she lived on Mobius long ago Eggman made everyone robots.Once saving Mobius
Sonic left for a short time to Earth which was colliding into Mobius with
Knuckles,Tails,Cream,and herself with a few others to save the colliding planets.Of
course Eggman followed and tried to take over Earth many times.Once destroying
Eggman,they all returned to a now peaceful Mobius.But lots of his robots were
left.They all did everything to stop them with only one left.The robot ended up
putting out a bomb that Sonic threw into a deserted forest.But the blast was so
powerful it threw them all far away.Luckily,Amy found Cream and they both found their
way home.Ever since they've been searching for a way to find them."Hello?" said a
sweet voice from across the phone."Cream,hi!" said Amy."You called?" "Oh,Amy!" said
Cream."I have some great news!" Amy's heart skipped a beat.Had Cream found
Sonic?Tails had a computer that always tracked where they all were.After the
explosion Cream and Amy found the computer in Tails 's workshop but when they used it
it couldn't find them.So ever since they went to the workshop and checked to see if
anything came up."Amy,come over my house and I'll explain." said Cream."Okay!" said
Amy quickly before hanging up the phone.She quickly picked up her hammer and ran out
of her room.She never left home without her hammer.When the explosion occurred,her
hammer was blown away.It was her most prized possession and she was devastated when
she lost it.But then Cream got her a new one.It was even bigger than her old one but
it looked like a real hammer.It was the best gift she ever got."Bye,Mom going to
Cream 's!" said Amy."Ok,be back before dinner!" said Amy's mom."Oh,wait Amy.Take
these berries with you as a snack.""Thanks,Mom."said Amy while she stuffed the
berries in her pocket, rushed out the front door and raced up her block.Cream lived
up her street with her mother,Vanilla.Amy ran up their walkway and gently yet quickly
knocked on the door."Oh,Amy!What a pleasant surprise!" said Vanilla."Please,come
in!Cream 's in her room."Their house smelled strongly of lit vanilla scented
candles.Cream 's house was always very neat and organized.Amy rushed down their
hallway and busted into Cream 's room."Oops,sorry Cream." Amy said."Oh,don't worry
about it." Cream said.Cream was sitting at her desk in her yellow tutu dress and
matching yellow Ugh Boots looking at her computer."Amy,I need to tell you something
important." Cream said.This was the news Amy was dying to hear.Cream looked up at
her."I found someone." she said."WHO?" Amy shouted.There was a pause."I found
Rouge.You remember,Rouge the Bat?" Amy's heart stopped beating fast.Rouge?Not that
she disliked her but.......what about Sonic?Rouge was a sassy older bat whom Amy was
in acquaintance with.She was once working for Eggman and was usually good,but she
also disappeared." Really?" Amy said,trying to sound enthused."Yeah,look!" she
said,pointing to her computer screen.Sure enough,there was a purple dot moving around
on the screen.Two weeks ago,Amy and Cream had found a way to hook up their computers
to Tails 's."She's located in the underground mines of Mobius.""We need to find
her.Maybe she knows where the others went."Yeah!" said Amy with her newfound
excitement."How far away is it?" Amy asked."It's located under the forest behind
Tails 's workshop which is five miles away.As for where she is in there,that's a
mystery." Cream said."Let's go!" Amy said while grabbing her hammer."Well,first we
have to ask our parents,Amy."Cream said,thinking logically."Ok." said Amy.Amy and
Cream ran out Cream 's door and explained to her mom."You found her?Oh,how
wonderful!You girls really know what your doing." The girls smiled at each other."But
it's not up to me Amy.You have to call your mother." Amy's smile faded."Uh,ok." she
said.She picked up the phone and called her mom."Mom,I've got some great news!We
found Rouge!""Rouge?Amy this is wonderful!"said her mom."But mom,we need to go rescue
her.She's in an underground mine in back of Tails's house oh,can I go please?"Amy
said."Um,well,ok.But don't stay out too long and come home before nine.Cream
can,too.""Oh,thank you mom!"said Amy."Don't stay out too late,ok?""Ok,I love you
mom.Bye.""Come on Cream!We gotta get some shovels!"said Amy."Ok!"said Cream and they
both ran out into Cream's shed."I love you,dear.Please be good!"said
Vanilla."Ok,mom!"said Cream.Amy and Cream gathered up all the shovels and pick axes
they could find and headed out.As soon as they were in the forest it was about
four."Ok,lets dig!" said Amy.Just then she saw something out of the corner of her
eye.Cream had already started digging."Ahhh!"Amy shouted."What?!What is it?"Cream
said."Look,it's Rouge's hole!"said Amy.Both girls ran over."Wow,I wonder how deep it
is."said Cream."I don't know,but there's only one way to find out." said Amy.And with
that she grabbed her hammer in one hand and Cream's hand in the other and jumped down
into the hole.It was deeper than Amy thought."AHHHHH!!!" they both screamed.Just as
they were about to hit the ground Cream flapped her ears as fast as they would go and
soon they were floating.Amy had her eyes closed as Cream lowered them to the
ground."Amy!Amy!"Cream said.Amy opened her eyes and looked around."We're...we're
alive?"Amy said."Yes Amy!Because I saved us!We could have been killed!"Cream said,a
slight anger in her tone."Please promise me you'll be more careful next time.""I'm
sorry,Cream.You're right.I'll be more careful next time."said Amy."Ok,now we have to
look for Rouge."said Cream.Amy nodded her head in agreement and their search
began."Oh,wait Amy.We should leave something on the floor so we know where we've
been!"said Cream."Good idea,Cream.And I have the perfect thing."said Amy,pulling out
the berries her mom gave her.And as they walked she dropped them, one at a time.
After an hour of searching,Amy was getting tired."My feet hurt soo bad.Cream,why
don't we take a break?"Amy said."That sounds great."said Cream,rubbing her feet.Just
then,some small crumpling wall pieces fell on Amy's head."Hey what the heck was
that?" said Amy as she looked up.Above her was a pick  axe stuck in the wall with
some cloth stuck to it.As Amy and Cream looked at it,they noticed something shiny to
their right.As they looked they saw a line of gems leading somewhere."Those have got
to be Rouge's gems." Amy said."Let's follow them!"said Cream.And with that the two
girls sprinted off,only to run into an incredibly large and beautiful gem.Rouge was
standing beside it,in awe of it's beauty."Rouge!" Cream ran up to her to hug her but
Rouge,still looking at the gem,kicked her back."Ohhh!" Cream yelled as she fell to
the ground.Amy was enraged."Hey,what's your deal?" Amy shouted,getting close to
Rouge.But Rouge,now facing Amy,started spinning around and then she flew up and
dive-bombed Amy while still spinning."Uhhgg!!!"Amy yelled as crashed into the
floor."Rouge,please stop!" cried Cream,running in front of Amy.As Rouge stepped into
the light Amy and Cream could clearly see her.Her teal blue eye shadow glittered in
the light.She had on a green tank-top with brown pants with a yellow tie tied around
the waist along with a cloth bag.She had gloves that looked like Amy's and bright
pink lipstick on.But something was different about her.The gem seemed to be releasing
energy on Rouge and her eyes glowed green and her face was blank.She leapt up in the
air and once again came spinning down on Amy,who was still on the ground.Just as she
was about to be hit,Cream shielded her and was blown backwards.Amy then got up with
her hammer in hand and looked at Cream."Cream.....oh,YOU ARE GONNA GET IT!!!!" Amy
yelled,her hammer in the air and running at Rouge.Just as she was running,she glowed
white.She started flying in the air,aimed at Rouge,and hit her with her hammer.Rouge
fell backwards and crashed into the gem."Amy......h-helpp."Rouge said as her eyes
turned teal."Rouge...what's wrong?" Amy said.Her eyes turned green again.Cream got up
again and Amy looked back."Cream,please leave this to me." Amy said
"Amy...wha...?"Cream said,staring at Amy."I don't know Cream,just stay there."Cream
nodded her head and Amy took off."Hrm..." Amy thought."Rouge knocking into the
crystal freed her.."Amy's eyes lit up."It's the crystal!" she thought."I've gotta
destroy it!"said Amy rushing toward the gem.She raised her hammer to smash it,but
Rouge stepped in front of her as she was about to hit it and was blown back into the
gem.Her eyes turned back."Amy...don't hold back." Rouge said in a raspy voice before
reverting back.Amy nodded her head and attempted to smash it again,but once again was
blocked by Rouge.Amy raised her hammer in the air and prepared to hit Rouge,but her
hammer was grabbed by her.Amy gasped as Rouge lifted her into the air and started
spinning her.But Amy was quicker.She let go of her hammer and sent Rouge flying into
the back of the cave.Amy flew over to get her hammer.But when she grabbed it it it
glowed and dragged Amy to the crystal."Amy!"Cream called out."It's part of your super
form!Super.....Hammer maybe?But you have to use it Amy!"Amy nodded and raised her
hammer in the air only to have it stolen by Rouge." hammer!"Amy cried as Rouge
lifted the hammer and hit Amy into the ground."Amy!Amy,I'm sorry but I have to
help!Ok?"Cream said." hammer..I..can'""Amy,you have
to!"Cream cried as Rouge was about to hit them."Cream picked up Amy and flew up.Rouge
aimed at them again but Cream dodged her."Amy...please!"Creamed begged,but as she
said that,Rouge hit Cream hard."Yaaaaaaa!"Cream cried as she fell to the
ground."Cream....I-I will!"said Amy looking at her fallen friend.Amy flew up in the
air and started running sideways on the cave walls with Rouge in the middle.Amy was
running so fast it made a tornado that captured Rouge.As soon as Rouge was released
Amy jumped off the cave wall and aimed her foot at Rouge.She successfully hit her and
Rouge was sent back into the cave wall.Amy once again quickly retrieved her hammer
and went over to the gem.She raised it in the air and smashed the gem into millions
of pieces.Then as Amy landed on the ground,she turned pink again and rushed over to
Rouge."Rouge!Rouge!Are you ok?!Rouge!"Amy now grabbed her friend's shoulders and
shook her.Then she remembered Cream.She picked up Rouge and walked as fast as she
could toward Cream.She set down Rouge next to Cream."What...what do I do?"she said as
she cried to herself."A-Amy?"said Rouge picking herself up a little with her
arms."Rouge!Oh my gosh I'm so glad you're ok!"said Amy."Seriously,you thought you
could really hurt me?"she said with a half smile before falling back down.Amy smiled
a half smile sat down.Until they woke up,she couldn't get up that hole.She decided to
sleep.Her mom would probably worry about her,but she would explain tomorrow.     
Part 2

Amy woke up to the crackling of a fire."Well look who decided to join us."said
Rouge."You guys are ok!"said Amy."Yeah,we're just peachy."said Rouge."Rouge,what
happened to you?"asked Cream."That's what I was gonna ask."said Amy."And where have
you been?""Well,here's the story."Rouge started."After the bomb exploded,I was blown
into this forest.While I was finding my way out,I noticed a glow coming from the
ground.So I marked the place with a hole and then found an opening and flew out.I
went into town and bought a pick ax and shovel and went back.The strange thing was
that there were already millions of tunnels down here.So I searched and found
hundreds of jewels.But one day I was getting this gem out with my pick axe when I saw
a green glow coming from the right as I was about to get the gem out.So I stuck my
axe to the wall but accidentally caught my waist bag full of gems without knowing.I
started walking and it ripped off,making all my jewels fall.But I kept walking toward
it.when I got there I was amazed.I went up to it.That's when my mind went blank.I was
forced to take gems from the forest and bring them to it,which it absorbed.And every
time it absorbed them it grew bigger.It got me to get one of the Chaos Emeralds,which
is why you might have turned super."she said."It kept me in a trance for a year until
you guys came.So...I guess I owe you a thanks.So...thanks."she finished.Amy suddenly
jumped up." you mean an emerald is in here?"she said."Oh,right."Rouge walked
over to the shattered crystal and picked it up."Here it is."she said."Uh,thanks."Amy
said,holding the emerald."Now,we have to get out of here!"said Cream."Our moms are
probably worried sick about us!""Our......moms?"Rouge said."I-I haven't seen my mom
in a long time!"she said,tears welling in her eyes."Oh,!"Cream
said,tears in her eyes too."Where do you live?"asked Amy."5543 Night Sonar Lane."she
said."That's where we live!"Cream said."Well,what are we waiting for?"said Amy."Lets
go home."An hour later Amy,Cream,and Rouge walked in Amy's front door,badly beaten
and bruised."Mom!"Amy called out."She heard footsteps running over."Amy!Oh,Amy!Where
have you been?!"she said,crying."You girls!What happened to-"she
stopped."Rouge....Rouge,you've been gone for so long!"Amy's mom cried and wrapped her
arms around Rouge."Yeah,mom.We get it.Rouge is back but...we have to take her to her
mom.We'll explain later!"Amy's mom nodded her head and let them out.They ran out the
front door and up the street.Rouge started flying up in the air faster than either of
them could run.She landed in front of a purple door and carefully knocked on the
door.By the time Amy and Cream caught up,an older beautiful bat came to the door.She
looked just like Rouge except had longer hair,an orange tummy-top and black
sweatpants."Rouge..."her eyes welled with tears."Mo-m-mom."Rouge whispered.They both
broke out into tears."Oh,mom!I-I missed you so much!""You too!"her mom said,hugging
her.Rouge's mom looked up."You-you found her."she said."You two girls are....are
so....I can't put it into words."she ran over and hugged them."Please....I would be
honored if you two would stay over tonight."she said."First we have to go talk to our
parents about where we've been."Amy said."I'll cover any trouble you get in."said
Rouge's mom."Amy and Cream smiled as all four of them went to Amy's house.
"So that's what happened."Amy finished."You girls are so brave!"said Cream's mom,who
had come over earlier."So we aren't in trouble?"said Amy."Far from it!"said her
mom."I think they deserve a reward!"said Rouge's mom."Now you girls go in Amy's room
while we talk it over."said Vanilla.The girls walked into Amy's room and sat down on
her bed."Nice room."said Rouge,looking around."Almost as good as mine."she added with
a wink.Amy made a face."Rouge,I have a question."Cream said."Yeah?"Rouge
replied."Uh, you know where Sonic and the others are?"she
finished."Oh,I forgot to tell you about that."she said."Yeah...well,as we were about
to be blown away Shadow and I grabbed  hands-"she was broken short  by little giggles
from Amy."Oh,shut up!Like I don't know that you like Sonic!"she said.Amy folded her
hands and looked away."-Anyway,we held hand and he told me that no matter where he
landed he would find Dr.Eggman's lab,destroy it, then find me."she said."So that's
where Shadow is!"said Cream."But where is Eggman's lab?"Amy
questioned."Oh,please.I've been there so many times it's not even funny."said
Rouge."But what I can't understand is why Rouge suddenly came onto the screen."said
Amy,looking puzzled."Dunno,don't care."said Rouge."So,you'll take us there?"said
Cream."Sure,why not?"said Rouge.just as she said that,all their moms came in and sat
on Amy's bed."Girls,"started Amy's mom."There's something we need to tell
you.""What?"said Amy.Amy's mom nodded to Rouge's mom."Well,see,you girls were very
brave today."Rouge's mom said."And it reminded us all of when we were young."Amy
stared at Rouge and Cream,who both shrugged in reply."When we were young,we were a
fighting team."she said.Amy gasped at Rouge and Cream who had their mouths wide
open."We were called Team In Ya Face.When Dr.Robotnik first stated to rule,people got
in teams to fight him.Like the original Freedom Fighters.But we made our own.Just us
three."she paused and nodded to Cream's mom."Our moms protested against it,but we did
it anyway.We won many awards and were recognized everywhere."she finished."But if you
were a team,why did ya break up?"Rouge asked."We where all older and wanted to go
separate ways."said Amy's mom."Why didn't you tell us this earlier?"Cream
questioned."Because,"said Rouge's mom "We thought if we told you too early that you
would all want to make a team yourself.""But the real reason we told you this,"said
Vanilla."is because we wanted to give you these."she gestured towards Amy's mom.She
had a smile on her face as she pulled out three wristwatches."Uh,what are these?"Amy
asked,glancing at the watch she had just accepted."Glad you asked."said Rouge's mom
with a cocky smile.She grabbed Rouge's watch and pressed a red button that projected
a hologram of blue boots.She quickly pressed the red button again fourteen times
reveling multiple gizmos and gadgets.The girls all gaped at it."See,when we were
young we invented all kinds of things."Amy's mom giggled."Like this.It is called
Wrister.It has over twenty gadgets ranging from a pair of super-speed boots to hover
boards.""Seriously?!"said Amy.She jumped up,pressed the red button five times and the
hologram reveled a ray gun.She materialized it."What's this?"she asked."That,"began
her mom."that is a Mind Switcher.Be VERY careful with it.If it falls into the wrong
hands,it could be very dangerous."Amy smiled slyly and pointed and fired it at
Rouge.Everything went blank.Her eyes closed and she fell back.When she got up again
she was looking at herself.she lo

choconut8889 says:   17 September 2007   378156  
Hey please comment!
love_swimming_girl says:   22 September 2007   658518  
nice just rly rly long
hottcocoa12 says:   3 October 2007   712858  
not reading it its too long
shadamy22 says:   9 October 2007   337815  
the story roooooooooocks amy!
hottcocoa12 says:   13 October 2007   768599  
its  retarded god....
choconut8889 says :   3 November 2007   357981  
hey thanx shadamy!


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