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Day Number One, All.Category: (general)
Friday, 14 September 2007
12:32:35 AM (GMT)
Well, my first day on kupika... On the account, that is. You know, they could use
some better graphics for the avatars... Ehh, whatever. At least there's anything at
all, right?

I just feel like complaining. -__-;;

School... I hate that place. My mom's considering moving because my entire family
just hates it here. Well , it was kinda cool because my school went on a lockdown
today, which was funny.

Sorta. xDD But I also got in trouble for wearing a belt that wasn't in the belt loop.
How ridiculous is that. In fact, mother-dear wants to see if that's actually even a
rule, because she agrees that it is amazingly stupid.

So I drew this:

Well, I actually drew an entire series of them. They are my goth girl hates school
series. :D

And if you can't read my handwriting, she's saying: 
"Let's face it. Trying to survive in this place a frivolous idea, however it is
mentally impossible."

I have another one in which she says something along these lines:
"I have come to the inevitable conclusion that going to this school is basically the
equivelant of suicide."
So yeah. :D

Oh, and also, for those of you who are going to flame me for my name, or for being a
poser or whatever...
I laugh at you. I'm really not very emo whatsoever. I'm just in a crappy mood, and I
thought it was funny just how many "emo" people there are on this site, so I decided
I would be "emo."

Please notice the quotation marks and grow a sense of humour. Thank you. :]

Frick. I have school tomorrow. Damn.

Off to the gallows.


P.S. For those of you who do not understand, gallows=school.

P.S.S. That was a joke.

gummie_bear says:   14 September 2007   378937  
thats cool. i have a friend who went emo cuz we were kidding around
over the summer saying emo guys were hot and then we come to school
and BAM! there she is all dark makeup and sticking safety pins in
herself. i think she went to far. but now my best friend(at least i
thought she was) is hanging out with her more than me and my friends
because of the emo thing. it sucks.
that_little_emo_girl says :   14 September 2007   672447  
Haha, yeah. I just dress kinda darkly and ya know, wear eyeliner and
stuff. Not to mention the number of safety pins that are basically
holding my jeans together. :D


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