The Ultimate Quiz of
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The Ultimate Quiz of
Category: (general)
Saturday, 1 September 2007
09:48:47 PM (GMT)
[n]What kind of person are you??

If you won the lottery and hot $1,000,000,000,000, what would you do?

B. Save up 50% for college and 50% for bbad times
C. Donate 25% to charity, save 25% for college, spend 25%, save 25%

WORST CASE SCENARIO: You'r fave celebrity is doing a book signing on the same day as
your BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF's b-day party. What do you do?

A. Book signing, deffinetly! I'd rather meet __(celebrity of choice)__ then go to the
B. Go to you'r friends party and then go to the book signing after. Those usualy last
late, right?
C. Deffinitly the party. I'd never blow off my bffs party. Besides, I'd be waiting
untill all hours of the night just to get a book signed.

While you are on on a huge shoping spree in Saks Fifth Ave, you get a phone call. Its
your friend's mom, saying your friend just had to go to the hosipital! You...

A. Say you feel so bad that he/she was hurt and keep shoping as if your friend was
perfectly fine and nothing happened
B. You check out and rush to the hospital and run into your friends room
C. Drop your bag and go to the hospital a.s.a.p.

When you date, its for...

A. Cash. Its all about the Benjamans, baby! He also has to be at least a 8.5 on the
hotness rating
B. The looks, the cash, and the cool. Gotta be the tripple threat.
C. Who cares about how money and the looks? What if your guy/girl is hot? I'd rather
have a nice guy/girl, not someone who isn't a jerk or a snob.

A friend uses your fave jacket for a party and gets katsup all over the sleve! What
do you do?

A. Say no hard feelings, as long as they get you a new one. Then, ask if you can
borrow his/her jacket and poor mustard on the sleve.
B. Just say forget it and dont realy forgive them. Its not worth loosing a friendship
C. Say its fine. Theres such thing as bleach, right?

Now that your done, put your results to the test!

As: Face it. Your a snob. You should start focusing more on your relationships with
friends and your attitude than your looks and wardrobe.
Bs: Sometimes your a little snooty, but you mean well.
Cs: You are an all around good person. You are friendly and selfless, but you can
usualy care less about material posessions.[/n]

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