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Oh Woes Me...Category: Religion
Wednesday, 22 August 2007
03:50:08 PM (GMT)
Dear Diary,
      I just cant believe my granpa! He said that anyone who dosent belive in
God goes to hell! I dont belive that. I belive that everyone with a good heart goes
to heaven. This all started when I told my grandfather about my atheist friend and
how I respect her in showing her religion. He then flipped out and started rambiling
on about how she is gonna go to hell, and all that other stuff! Since we were at a
restraunt with a buffet, I made an excuse that I wanted to get dessert, even though
the sight of food at the time would have made me puke. I stayed there untill my
cousin came to get me. I was so mad after that!!

maggiepeanut says:   22 August 2007   543221  
You know what, that is completely wrong of your grandpa to say that.
I really hope I didn't offend you by saying that. But it's good you
didn't start screeming back at him or something and just walked away.
MingnaMahalo shouts:   22 August 2007   281672  
Thank you Lii chan for not sreaming back at him! I'am a christian but
I think it was wrong of your grampa to say the things he did the way
he did. I hope he did not offend you. I hope your okay. Laugh or
somthing it will make you feel better! trust me. Please forgive your
grandpa for the way he said the things he did. he just cares about you
and your friend so much that he lost it but everybody does when it
comes to the people that are imprtant yo you, on my own opinoin. But
props on the wat you dealed with your anger!
Lii_Chan says:   23 August 2007   544112  
thanks ^-^; He is a STRONG christian and thinks people who dont
belive in god are bad people, I guess he has to step out of the box.
MingnaMahalo shouts:   24 August 2007   852231  
Step out of the box? What do you mean?
Lii_Chan says :   24 August 2007   562954  
Like realize that there are nice people outside of church, outside of
our religion.


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