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Dark Angel Kaida{1}Category: Story, Angel Of Darkness
Wednesday, 15 August 2007
03:29:31 AM (GMT)
WARNING:Mis-spelled stuff and grammer and Rated T for use of language.

Demon World:
"Get Away from Me!" I yelled. Sark and Ark were chasing me. And its hard to run with
a un-consuis 9 year old kid on my back. AND with black hair and running in a skirt.
"No! Get over here if you want too Live!" Ark yelled back. BANG! First shot
fired. But too bad for them. They missed. Ha.
"U missed smart@$$" I turned a corner. But ran into something. "Ow." I looked up and
saw a wall. Dead end. 'Cr@p'.
"The jig is up missy!" Sark told me.
"Is not!" I put my hands out in front of me. "Save me black wings of raven!" 'I
Sprouted wings.I'm so smart'
"Wha-What the hell?" Sark said as he and ark fell back. 
"Well sorry fellas. Chatcha later!" i said flying toward the sky. "I am BIG trouble
for this." i whispered to myself.

At The Elders Base(aka The Great Room):
"Kaida! Is Yuki alrite?" The youngest elder,Sasura, asked.
"Yeah...she is alright."
"She better be Kaida." Guth said with his big scary,tough voice.
"Chill Guth. I'm sure." I replied. 'I think'
"You think?" Emiko said. 'Dame forgot she's a mind reader.' "Yes you did forget
"I dont know why we trust this...this...dark angel! Outragous!" The eldest
elder,"Elf", we called him.
"Chillax Elf. I can be trusted."
"No u cant! Look at the child!" And with that, eevryone turned there attantion to the
"Nothing's wrong with-" I said as i turned around. The kid wuz disinagrating.
"What did you do kaida!?" Guth screamed at me. Now i felt small,weak.
"I didn't do sh!t!" I yelled at him.
"Destory her!" Elf,Guth, And the silent one yelled. 'The silent one? Talked? Omfg'
"Oh cr@p." I darted out the big doors and heard sirins everywhere. "That's REALLY
uncalled for!" i shouted at no one. i remember now! Magic!. Yeah im also slow. I
know. "Teleport Earth!" I ran into the white walls and was on earth.

"No that wuz fast."
"Huh?" You were tackled by a hug. More like a glomp attack. "You scared me Haru!"
"A dark angel can get scared? I didnt know that." He said.
"Shut up and get offa me! People are staring."
"Its not because were hugging. U still have your wings."
"!" You turned around and he was right: Pure black wings. "Why didnt you tell me
"Well..." He said getting off of me and helping me up. then he turned around and made
me and him face the people starting to crowd around us. "My friend is going to a
halloween party people! Dont mind her!" Then people starting leaving us.
"-_-U Idiot pedistrians."
"Now come on!What did you do?"
"I was framed in killing one of the keys."
"Oh. Then come with me! You need a change of clothes! And you don't look good in a
pink skirt,red tank top, and black wings. I havesome clothes 4 you at my house."
He praticly draged me to he's house.

emo4EveR says:   15 August 2007   546839  
thats coolll!!
ADarkAngel says :   15 August 2007   749621  
thank you.


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