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Wednesday, 25 July 2007
06:42:25 PM (GMT)
It might taka a while but please read the discription
The BEST 'What do the Harry Potter Characters think of you' (and love story! WOW) Quiz! Seriously. You will be amazed by its AWE

Name: Well, obviously, I don't know this..House: HufflepuffYear: Year older than Harry's age/year/whateverPersonality/whatnot: You are one of the coolest people at Hogwarts! Almost everyone knows and loves you. You're extremely popular, and you don't mind it at all. You're also a very good quidditch player which surprises a lot of people because 1) you're a girl and 2) you're in Hufflepuff. But you sure are reinventing the way people think of Hufflepuff!Reputation: The cool, popular girl that is a beast at Quidditch~What Characters Think (I pretty much only did main ones...or not, I dunno, sorry if you're upset that I didn't include someone)~Ron: Is your boyfriend! Yay! He's actually still in shock that you're dating him. Why? Because you're just so damn cool, that's why! He cares about you TONS and TONS and never wants to let you go.Harry: Is jealous that you're actually better than him at quidditch. He's also surprised that Hufflepuff could kick Gryffindor's ass on the field. He does like you though...just not when you guys are competing against each other.Hermione: Well, you don't really know her, but she doesn't really like you because you're dating Ron. Oh well. Everyone else does so, so what?Fred: Is a good friend! You guys hang out a lot and he loves the fact that you're dating Ron, even though he's still a little perplexed by it...George: Is a good friend also! Pretty much the same as Fred so there's not much else to say. Neville: Is slightly intimidated by you because you're so popular but considers you to be a friend even though you don't really talk. Go figure. Ginny: Knows you because you're dating her brother and likes you a lot. She loves how sporty you are and how you can make everyone around you smile.Cho: Is friendly towards you but at the same time, she doesn't like how you more liked than she is. You're pretty much everything she is except you're just better at it. Cedric: Has a crush on you. Can you blame him? You're totally hot! He thinks it's weird you're dating Ron because you're so popular and cool while Ron is slightly awkward. He thinks you two should go out..Draco: Gets so mad at you when you beat Slytherin in quidditch. He's one of the very few who doesn't like you.Pansy: Doesn't like you. Finds you annoying and arrogant. (even though you are neither of those characteristics. Oh, well).Tonks: Loves talking to you! You guys have a lot of fun together!Lupin: Doesn't really have an opinion of you. Sirius: Thinks of you as a younger, female version of James, except you're a lot less arrogant and stuck up.Dumbledore: Is amazed that all the attention and popularity hasn't gone to your head. McGonagall: Thinks you do well in Transfiguration, but other than that, no opinion because you're not in her House. When Hufflepuff is about to go against Gryffindor in quidditch though, she seems to have a cold shoulder to you. ~How You and Ron Met~You sort of knew Ron through his twin brothers who you were good friends with, but you never really noticed him until he joined the Gryffindor quidditch team. At first, while watching the games, you thought he was a terrible keeper but you also thought he was cute in a goofy sort of way. Most of the guys that liked you were the strong, popular type and you were attracted to Ron because he was pretty much the opposite being the awkward, cute kid. Since you're amazing at quidditch, you decided your goal would be to help Ron and get to know him a bit more. So one day, you teamed up with Fred and George (who both knew you kinda liked Ron) and the twins invited their younger brother to practice with them. Once Ron showed up however, they 'casually' left the scene leaving you two alone to erm, practice. ~How He Asked You Out~Okay, so think back to the fifth book, when Gryffindor is playing um, I think Slytherin and Hermione and Harry went to go see Grawp and such and ANYWAYS. Because you've been helping Ron practice, Gryffindor actually WON (also with the help of Ginny as seeker). Ron was so excited and he knew he had to give you credit for the win so after people rushed the field, he ran up to you and nervously asked you out. And you said yes ^_^~And After~You and Ron dated during school but it was on and off. After all, you were older than him and sometimes you thought he was being just a tad bit immature, so you broke it off...and then he dated Lavender. However, once they broke up, you realized how much you missed his goofiness which is what attracted you to him in the first place. As soon as you heard he and Lavender broke up, you broke up with the guy you were dating and then you and Ron got back together...only to break up again because you were leaving Hogwarts. On the bright side, you two still keep in touch and you still think he was one of your best boyfriends ever. After a year or so you two end up getting married and your life is a fairytale.
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Last edited: 26 July 2007

angelbabe1145 says:   25 July 2007   219628  
author_2B says:   11 September 2007   221232  
i got cedric!!! eep!!! XD
DemonNeko says:   11 September 2007   986439  
I got ron's brothers *shivers*
lezcyber says:   11 September 2007   132921  
He is soooo hot
ilikeydepoopey says :   15 September 2007   337612  
wats wrong with fred and george? hawt,... XD

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