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SERIAL KILLER ON THE LOOSE!!Category: (general)
Tuesday, 10 July 2007
02:21:03 PM (GMT)
Sorry, I had to get some attention.. well guys.. erm yeah. 

I know!! How about a

Survey!!!!!!!! Yippee.. here we go..

First Letter of your name: S
Last letter of your last name: T
Age: 13
Favourite Colour out of these..

Baby Blue,
Electric Blue, <<< Well this and the pale green and the fluro yellow.
Flouresent Yellow, <<<
Bright Yellow,
Blood Red,
Grass Green,
Pale Green. <<<

Favourite meal of the day: Dinner.
The country you would least like to go to: Iraq or Pakistan or Saudi Arabia.. no
offence to anyone there.
Junk food or Healthy Food: Healthy all the way.. Salads rule!! Burgers drool!
Least favourite sport: Hurling.. Shotput and the hammer throwing thing.
Happiest when? Being with friends..
Unhappiest when? At school without friends.
If you could fight any celebrity who would it be? Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton,
Britney Spears.. or the queen. =]
Do you believe in ghosts? Yes..
Have you ever seen anything struck by lightening? Nope.. 
Have you ever been in a hurricane, tornado, tsunami or earthquake? Yes, No, No, No.
Your best feature? Eyes..
How tall is ye? 5'6 and a bit.
What do you want to be when you grow up? Model or something in fashion.
What DID you want to be? Vet.. lol..
Whats the worst thing you've ever eaten? Mouldy bread, but I didn't know it was
Where would you like to live when your older? London, Australia.
What car would you least like to have? A wheelie bin if that counts as a car.
Have you ever been spotted naked by any passers by? Yes.. it was so embarassing.
Broken an arm or leg? Nope touch wood.
Fallen out of a window? Nope touch wood.
What is your secret wish?

My secret wish is that everyone will look at my profile, comment my diary, oekaki's
and other random shiz. Well that would be nice, but my REAL secret wish is that I
could be a unique fashion model.. and that world peace was iminent, no wars, and that
the world was made of candy. That would be nice.


Thanks for doing the shizzle survey, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you are feeling
pleased with yourselves and I hope your glad you did this survey and your glad I
thanked you for doing the survey because no-one ever thanks people, like I do.. 


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