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Monday, 2 July 2007
05:49:17 PM (GMT)
Age:12 still not a teenager 
Hair colour: Atm, its auburn, but the real color is dark brown
Eye colour:Brown
style: wearing clothes is all I can say/...

Music:all X ept Classic
clothes: says it all
sweet: awesome(lmao)
people: ummm...Stef and Mom
Movie:Hide and seek
Band: so much!!!
singer: so much!!!
friends!:  *Sabby(we're in friend-love lmao)

*Seandraa(My first friend at olp)

*Stef(my eternity wife...weere not married, cuz im not lesbian, but thats wat i call

*Nadia(Ms skinnyperfectbodyrlyawesome friend)

*Claudia(super C!!!)

*Sandrine(my gr.1 BFF)

*Marianne(my kindergarten to gr.3 BFF)

*Chloe(sports friend lol)

*Vanessa(love her clothes lol)

*Mina(she's reallyy funnyy)

*Daddy(my dad...he mght be 30-something, but he acts like a teen so its awesome)

*Grandpa!(always acting silly aren't ya?)

* and last, but certainly not least...MWAH!!!(me) 

Flower and tree or dirt and weeds: Flowers and trees 
Brabie or bratz: barbues, i can rip there heads off way easily-er???
horror or fairy tale: HORROR! 
computer or tv: computer you can watch programmes on it as well 
Rat or mouse? Rat
simpsons or futurama: Simpsons,just have to add bender in there and its the perfect
have you or would you:  
jump off a building: wtf? why would i do that?
want to live in a chocolate factory: no  
Kill someone: killing is a very strong word...i like to make ppl suffer when there
mean but wtf? killing?NO!
bein to a concert: yes...DUH!
bein a brides maid: uh huh
blackmail someone:nope, but i could if i wanted to though... 
live in a house with more than 5 people: haha...were just 4 in my house...when my bff
isnt there(and shes at my house every wkd)
do you: 
believe in ghosts: don't we all?
smell alot: as in smell good??? i smell like strawberries and vanilla so, i guess so
like to  make peoeple laugh: I try, but i dont always succeed
like your self: who does?
fancy someone: nu uh!
Think ur boring:maybe...

that's all, folks!!!! says mickey mouse lmao

SithWedgie says:   2 July 2007   113497  
hmm It was actually porkey pig who said that line ^ ^
‹♪<♪<♪<♪Nimrod♪>♪>♪>♪› says:   2 July 2007   752637  
i know lmao, i like mickey mouse more though, and BTW,we've alreadt
met(dun duuun duuuuuun, the suspence is killingg u aint it?)
Camilleh says:   10 October 2007   871111  
Name: Camille
Hair colour: Auburn.
Eye colour:Gray.
Personality:Quiet, reserved, somewhat pessimistic.
style: My own.

colous:Black and white.
Music: Rock, screamo, metal, alternative, indie, all.....
clothes: I don't have a fave shirt but I love my dark blue skinny
sweet: Skittles.
people: Maybe my sister.
Band:My Chemical Romance.
singer: so much!!!
friends!:  None.

Flower and tree or dirt and weeds: Flowers and Trees.
Brabie or bratz: Bratz.
horror or fairy tale:Horror.
computer or tv: Computer.
Rat or mouse? Rat.
simpsons or futurama: Simpsons.
have you or would you:  
jump off a building: I dunno.
want to live in a chocolate factory: No.
Kill someone: No.
bein to a concert: No...I don't like crowds.
bein a brides maid:Sure...
blackmail someone:W/sister.
live in a house with more than 5 people:  Never.

do you: 
believe in ghosts:Yes.
smell alot: Not bad...
like to  make peoeple laugh: Not really.
like your self: No.
fancy someone: No.
Think ur boring:In a way.
Idk. I feel like taking yours.
Camilleh says :   10 October 2007   271112  
OMG SINGER I MEANT GERARD WAY! >< I could seriously hate myself for
leaving that out.


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