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girl I JUST LOVE UCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 30 May 2007
10:38:26 AM (GMT)
Girl I Wanna Hold You, 
Never Would Replace You,
Even Wann Kiss You, 
Yeah I Wanna Taste You, 
Your Everything I've Prayed For,
Dreamed, And I Wait For,
Cuz You My Everything,
And My Everything Is You.

See I Met You On Monday,
One Day After Sunday,
I Saw You In The Hood,
And I Knew Dat It Was One Thing,
That I Had To Get You,
That I Had To Have You,
In My Possession I Just Wanted To Grab You,
Take You To Some Places That You Ain't Ever Been Girl,
On A Camon Island Where We Could Do Our Thing Girl,
Sex On The Beach Love,
Deeper Than A Anchor,
Girl I Wanna Have Ya Screamin Mornin Like A Sailor,
Baby Take My Hand, While Were Walkin Through The Sand,
I'm In A Situation Where I Finally Understand,
I'm On The Rite Path, I'm Goin The Right Angle,
And If Ya Keep It Up, Girl You Can Be My Main Boat.

[Chorus: x2]
Girl I Wanna Hold You, 
Never Would Replace You,
Even Wann Kiss You, 
Yeah I Wanna Taste You, 
Your Everything I've Prayed For,
Dreamed, And I Wait For,
Cuz You My Everything,
And My Everything Is You.

Now Da Day Is Tuesday,
I Made You My Boo Babe,
Your Always On My Mind,
I Jus Gotta Call You Too Babe,
I Do Whateva You Say,
Due To U Baby,
I Wanna Kiss You Everywhere,
I Wanna Drive You Crazy,
Bring You To The Mall, Take You On A Shopping Spree,
Spendin Limit Zero You Can Buy Everything,
Any Trickin If U Gotta It,
Baby U Can Get Bread,
Breakin Bread For My Princess,
U No A Nigga Wit Dat, So I Took My Fit Cap All The Way On Left Side,
Tell That She Loves Me, 
Look My Up In My Eyes, 
My Heart For You Is Big Girl,
Blowin Up By Size,
I Really Wanna Take It Slow But It Was Love At First Site.

[Chorus: x2]
Girl I Wanna Hold You, 
Never Would Replace You,
Even Wann Kiss You, 
Yeah I Wanna Taste You, 
Your Everything I've Prayed For,
Dreamed, And I Wait For,
Cuz You My Everything,
And My Everything Is You.

Meetin On A Wednesday,
Hop Up In My Benz Babe,
Its The Third Day, So I Call It Da Romance Day,
Kiss & Huggin Wubbin Baby Girl I'm Romantic,
A Flower In Ya Mouth, Rose Pedals Everywhere,
Candle Light Dinna, And Some Berries That We Share,
I Wanna Grip Ya Hips And I Wanna Kiss Ya Lips,
Dance Wit You Baby,
Make You Walk With A Dip,
I Wanna Do It Slowely Girl Im An Og,
Come On Top Da Kid,
Baby Girl Put It On Me,
I'm Real In Da Sheets, Dis Nigga Neva Phony,
When I Give It To U Girl, 
You Juss Wanna Call Me Daddy,
Cut The Bullshit, Girl Lets Get Married.

[Chorus x4]

babegurl says:   30 May 2007   481821  
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so kute baby boy  who u givin to ur?
therealG says:   30 May 2007   958839  
therealG says:   30 May 2007   986242  
ashley123 says:   30 May 2007   413217  
luv the song Poem thng
therealG says:   30 May 2007   235851  
thanx i can't find a video 4 it
Shaysta7 says:   30 May 2007   315643  
..who is it for jarode?!?!?!?
Shaysta7 says:   30 May 2007   335677  
and i like it!
therealG says:   30 May 2007   189135  
thak u
babegurl says:   30 May 2007   251671  
i kno who it is 4 it for his g.f
therealG says:   30 May 2007   469132  
lilashantiboo96 says:   30 May 2007   358328  
that is so  nice.but who's it 4.well i know its 4 some1 special!

LafyTafy101 says:   30 May 2007   316811  
awwwwwww that is soooo sweet. who is it for?
JustLetMeBeMe164 wonders:   30 May 2007   182365  

He problaly doesn't wanna tell guys..
babygurl4lyfe says:   30 May 2007   162914  
awww so sweet
shortieshortie says:   30 May 2007   182955  
awwwwwwwwwwww is dat 4 nyyah????????? te me its for her!!!!thats
sweet brotha
queenb1234 says:   30 May 2007   343921 sweet i really like it
Blair says:   30 May 2007   247292  
its for nyyah !!!!!
but thats realli cute song !
‹♥Star_Dust♥› says:   30 May 2007   454683  
gibve it .............. gibve? give it to i won't say she probally
doesn't want me to say
candygurl says:   30 May 2007   337746  
aww thats so sweet
therealG says:   30 May 2007   933857  
stop with da awwwwwwwww
‹ItsBrittniBxtch :)› says:   30 May 2007   699147  
it so sweet hoo is it for.
therealG says:   31 May 2007   976845  
how is it sweet
‹ItsBrittniBxtch :)› says:   31 May 2007   482396  
cuz its romantic hoo is it for
badgirl789 says:   31 May 2007   295468  
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Thats so nice is it for nyyah
Cutieforever31 says:   31 May 2007   358675  
that is so sweet
therealG says:   31 May 2007   941147  
it's 4 to people
‹<3Shesaidwhat<3› shouts:   31 May 2007   411272  
sup homeskillet
‹<3Shesaidwhat<3› says:   31 May 2007   734893  
it's tight
abdoulaye says:   31 May 2007   285168  
crimson_wings says:   31 May 2007   937425  
xoFallenAngelzxo says:   31 May 2007   398648  
cool song 
holyangel writes:   1 June 2007   449363  
that a nice song peom something aaawww it so nice
therealG says:   1 June 2007   875941  
thanx people
SPORTYGURL14 says:   1 June 2007   978357  
whos ur gf
therealG says:   1 June 2007   911128  
Blair says:   1 June 2007   215661  
yeaaaaaaaaaa 2 people.........tehe
therealG says:   1 June 2007   845231  
Tatiana says:   4 June 2007   915258  
I heard that you go with my little sister Nyyah huh you better be
treating her right lol syke naw that is cute is it for her? you know
it is
Divamisme says:   4 June 2007   279817  
Tatiana you need to learn when to shut the hell up
puppydog11 says:   9 August 2007   279432  
COOL POEM, i like it.
kiki95 says:   9 August 2007   434979  
its romantic hoo is it for ??? is it 4 nyyah ??? or sum1 else
princesslaylay19 says:   9 August 2007   857336  
thats sooo sweet
lilalani says:   14 August 2007   345237  
thats sweet
bubaloo11 says:   14 August 2007   674958  
thats cute
therealG says:   29 August 2007   578118  
yea ok.............
SparklePixie says:   29 August 2007   215517  
That's the gayest thing i have ever heard.
Sorry, Im very straight forward.
‹ItsBrittniBxtch :)› says:   29 August 2007   379345  
fuget u its sweet rode
Carmen_Awasaki says:   31 August 2007   676133  
its really romantic if u ask me beautiful
Jay_Boo101 says:   31 August 2007   781728  
I like it alot very cute and very romantic i wish u
phreak says:   10 November 2007   663699  
i'ts pretty cool but a little to grown 4 ya age i mean sex wow-wow
but who cares you look like a monkey anyway so i guess its 2 monkeys
in the tree no afense divamisme
‹ItsBrittniBxtch :)› says :   9 March 2008   524557  
bitch shut da fuck up...yo ass look like a damn gorilla


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