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Spell-part 7Category: Jaz's Diary
Sunday, 28 January 2007
04:35:32 AM (GMT)
Jaz hesitated. Flash backs appeared in her head. Of her as a kid, she was 9 Riley
was 11, Catrina was 8 and Lea was 13. They was playing with Sharn and Robyn, both
aged 12. Thats when she recived the news. " Gran's died." Her mother explained. That
sentence rang through her head a dozen a mile. "Gran's died." "Gran's died" That was
sharpest memory in her head, many was blurred, like her first kiss with Michael
"Jaz!" Riley burst into the room.
"Kay, i'll go." Sorena mumbled and left.
"Jaz this is important."
"Kay, sit down god!" Jaz groaned.
"I can't tell mum. But i'm late!" Riley cried.
"So, i'm always late... Oh."
"I think i'm pregnant!"
"Didn't you take Home ed?"
"Yes! But Bradley didn't have con-"
"Bradley, as in Bradely Daniels?"
"Yes, he doesn't know how to use condoms!" Jaz burst out laughing as Riley said the
word. She wouldn't stop, Riley frowned.
"Yes well, keep it a secret?"
"You'll grow if you are, ya know."
"Lol seriously though."
"Ok, ok i'll keep it." Jaz was still giggling.

"Hey, Jaz, what's up?" Lea asked, his blonde hair shimmered in the sunlight, Lea and
Jaz was taking a walk on the school beach. "Kirea!" He yelled at the toy poodle
sitting on the beach.
"Nothin'" Jaz moaned, pushing her brown hair out of her blue eyes. And stared into
"Yes ok, and i'm Superman, what's wrong." He bent over and tickled  Jaz like hell.
"It's summing to do with Rie."
"Um hm."
"But i promised to keep it a secret." Lea held out his hand to Jaz, she took it and
she landed into her older brother's arms and hugged him.
"I'll always be here Jaz."
"I know." And Lea let go.
"LEA!" Jessica Howard yelled up the beach. She was jogging. Jessica is Lea's
girlfriend. She came up to him and gave him a kiss. Jaz pulled a face.
"What's up?" Lea asked.
"It's Cat!" Jaz knew imeidently she ment Catrina.
"What's happened?" Jaz asked before Lea could get a word in.
"She's been stabbed!"

They all ran over to Catrina who was stuggling to breathe. She was holding out her
arm for somethign to grab. Jaz tipped her head over.
"She looks a bit like Edmund off Narnia." She said to Lea.
"You're so right, who knows Lucy?" Lea joked and Jaz punched him. "Ow."
"Cat?" Jaz asked.
"Stand back." Said an year 8 and waved his fingers, a purple liquid poured into Cat's
wounded spot. Jaz kneeled next to Cat. Who stopped breathing.
"Cat?" Jaz whispered meekly, as a tear fell down her face as did Riley's and Lea's.
"Is she ok?" Susan came bursting onto the scene with Ashton behind her.
"I don't know." Jasmine said to her mother. Everyone fell silent as Catrina stuggled
to live...

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