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Tuesday, 23 January 2007
09:10:23 AM (GMT)
Main Cast:
                   Lexis Clark- A tall Blondie with big bright blue eyes
                   Madison Clark- A short tan cutie with red hair and green eyes (she
is Lexis sister.)
                    Isabella Smith- A Short tan girl with brown hair and green eyes
(she is Madison’s best friend.)
                    Nicole Smith- A tall very tan red head with blue eyes (Lexis best
friend and also Isabella’s sister.)
                     Bellona Kent- A tall very tan Blondie with green eyes (she is
Lexis other best friend.)
                     Carmel Dean-A short girl with blond hair and blue eyes (she is
Madison’s best friend)
                     Blake Hinder-A tall guy with black hair and his lip pierced he
meets lexis at a coffee shop.
                       Jesse Hinder- A short blond with very tan skin that Madison
meets. (Also he is Blake’s younger brother)
                         Matt Star- A short guy with Brown hair and tan skin.
(Isabella falls for him)
                          Robbie Star- A tall guy with Short brown hair and very tan
skin he falls for Nicole.
                           Chris Ling- Short red hair and not tan Falls for Bellona.
                            Jake Baker- A tall tan guy with pink hair and blue eyes
he falls for Carmel.
                             Sammie Deana- The biggest prep in the school (she has
blond hair and very tan skin)
                             Ana Mick- Sammie’s best friend (also a blond and with
tan skin)
                               Melody Mick- Sammie’s best friend and Ana’s sister
(a red head)
                               Randy Jean- NO ONE SPICAL

Setting-A hot summer night in a small town in Mayland Indiana.
  6 girls were sitting in a big house. The next day they will be going to

Chapter One
In My Room

Lexis- So girls what do you think Is going to happen tomorrow?
Madison- Well sis I know one thing I am going to be board on the plane ride to L.A.
But I know something is going to be fun is when we go to the hotel and relax and then
the next day we will shop.
Isabella- Yah and then we get to pick out our dorms.
Nicole-Yah I hope we get big enough so that we can all live in the same one if u know
what I mean.
Bellona- Yah it’s going to be loco!
Carmel- Bellona yes it might be loco you never know.
Lexis- Guys I am going to miss dean he is amazing.
Carmel- Awe your in love.
Lexis-Shut up Carmel.
*Lexis cell phone rings!!! Shake it but don’t brake it!!!!!*
Dean- Hey! What You doing
Lexis-Dean its you.
Madison- Hi Dean!
Lexis- Madison said hay Dean
Dean- Hey Madison. Tell her Jakers said hi
Lexis- Madison Jake said hi
*Madison blushes*
Isabella- Awe Madison has a crush on Jake.
Madison- How did u know I had a crush on him?
Isabella- I just know these things.
Lexis- So Dean why did you call.
Dean- Because I wanted to see you before you left tomorrow.
Lexis- We leave tomorrow at 5:00 am
Dean- I mean I want to see you tonight.
Lexis- Oh ok 
Dean-Look out front.
Lexis- Awe Dean you have flowers.
Dean- Just for you baby.
*Madison and the girls go and look out the window.*
Madison- OMG he has flowers for Lexis
Lexis- Dean you can come on up my mom is down stairs
*Lexis runs down stairs*
Lexis-Mom dean is here can he come in with me and the girls
Mom-Honey if you want you can have a party tonight because I am leaving for a party
Lexis-Mom thank you
Lexis lets dean in
Dean-Hey mommy christen
Mom- Hey Dean how are you?
Dean- I am good.
Mom-Well kids I have to get going have fun
*Mom kisses me and dean*
Lexis-Bye mom
Dean- Let call the boys 
Dean invites all the guys over
*Lexis and dean kiss down stairs when no one is down stairs, Madison walks down*
Madison- Did mom says we could have a party.
Lexis- You scared me.
Madison- Sorry
*Madison screams for the girls to come down*
*All the boys start arriving*
Jakers- Hi Madison
Madison- Hi 
*Jakers grabs Madison’s hand and Madison blushes*
Isabella-Aw look lexis Madison and Jakers are getting close
Carmel- That’s so cute 
Nicole-O my gosh is Matt coming over 
Jake- Yah cause he is bringing Josh and David
Nicole- O yah I can’t wait.
*Matt, Josh, and David arrive then Sam arrives*
Matt-Hey Nicole 
Nicole-Hey how are you.
Matt- Good.
Nicole-That’s good.
Josh-Hey baby 
Carmel- Hey how is Lizzie doing
Josh- She is doing a lot better
Carmel- That’s wonderful
Nicole- Carmel why in the world would u ask if his girlfriend is doing fine if you
like him so much.
Josh- Lizzie is not my girlfriend she is my little sister and Carmel you never told
Nicole- Never told us what Carmel what were you supposed to tell us.
Josh- Me and Carmel are dating and we kind of did it together.
Sam-Give me fist dude you rock.
*Josh hits his fist with Sam’s fist*
*Isabella hits Sam*
Sam- What was that for babe.
Isabella-I don’t know but don’t think your getting any tonight

*They all go off into different rooms with there guys*

Chapter 2
					Dean and Lexis

*Dean and Lexis are in Lexis’s room*

Dean- I am going to miss you baby
Lexis-I am so going to miss you to
Dean- You do know that I love you right
Lexis- Yes I know Dean cause I love you to
Dean-Gosh with you gone and me still senior I will have no one to go on to dates with
anymore I will be so lonely
*Dean has a tear rolling down his cheek but lexis wipes it away.*
Lexis- Dean don’t cry you’ll make me cry and I don’t want the girls to find out
that I have been crying
Dean- But why do u have to leave for collage right now your still a senior in high
Lexis- Well because that’s the way the dance school goes
Dean-When you graduate will you think about marrying me so we can be together for
Lexis- Aw Dean that’s so sweet and yes I will think about it
Dean-Then will you take this promise ring to remember me by.
Lexis-Yes babe I will and let’s go to bed I am so tired.
Dean- Ok 
*They kiss and fall asleep in each others arms*

Chapter 3
					Madison and Jake

*Jake and Madison are in Madison’s room*

Jake-Madison I was just starting to get to like you and your going to collage 
Madison-I know how you fell about that
Jake- Yah Madison if you ever come back to Maryland will you go out with me?
Madison-Yes will you call me while I am at collage? 
Jake- Yes I will you don’t have to ask cause I would have even if you didn’t want
me to.
*Madison and Jake kiss*
Jake- Well I should let you get to sleep you’re the one who has to get up at 5:30
in the morning to catch a plane
Madison-But where you going to sleep
Jake- On the floor silly.
Madison- Jake
Jake- What Mattie
Madison-I love you
Jake-I love you to Mattie 
*Jake whispers*
Jake- I always have
Madison-I heard that
Jake-Well it’s true
Madison-Well then I will tell the truth to
Jake-What’s the truth sweetie
Madison-I have always loved you too.
Jake-Night Mattie I love you always and forever.

Chapter 4
Matt and Nicole

*Matt and Nicole are in one of the guest rooms*

Nicole-So Matt how is Samantha doing on her freshman test
Matt-Good but didn’t you hear that me and her broke up like to months ago
Nicole-Aw I am sorry to hear that
Matt- Well I kind of thought that I would have got you but you’re leaving for
collage tomorrow.
Nicole-I know I really want to date you but I am not sure if it will work out because
of collage.
Matt- I know but do you think that maybe after collage you can come and see me in
Gary Indiana.
Nicole-I would do anything to see you again.
Nicole-Yah to tell you the truth Matt I had feelings for you since 6th grade.
Matt-That’s good to hear.
Nicole-Yah I know.
Matt-So how do you feel right now
Nicole-Not very good now I want to stay and be with you but then I have to go to
school, and I feel like everything is going to fall apart and that you’ll have a
girlfriend by the time I get back.
*Nicole starts to tear up*
Matt-And I have the same feelings I am so afraid that when you go to collage you’re
going to fall in love with some guy that you’ll marry after school.
Nicole-Well I can’t promise anything because I might meet someone but if I don’t
then I will come back here and we can get married
Matt-Ok it’s just Nicole I love you so much it hurts to see you leave for collage
so fast.
Nicole-That’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.
Matt-I just want you to be happy so don’t start crying ok cause then I will start
crying and that’s not to fun.
Nicole-I am so tired.
*Nicole lays her head down on Matt’s chest*
Matt-I love you so much Nicole.
Nicole-I love you to Matt.

Chapter 5
Josh and Carmel

*Josh and Carmel are in the second guest room*

Josh-So Carmel how is life so far.
Carmel-Only you would know because you’re like with me everyday and every night.
Josh-I know
Carmel-So what did you want to talk about?
Josh-Well you know how we did it and everything right.	
Josh-Well I kind of need to know if you’re going to be seeing anyone when you move
away because if so I am changing my mind about going to Purdue for my football
scholarship and coming to dance school with you guys.
Carmel-You would do that.
Josh-Yes for you I would do anything.
Carmel-But you have to know how to dance and/or sing and you have to be accepted 2
months before you graduate for school.
Josh-Then therefore I will move to L.A. and get me a job so I can get an apartment.
Carmel-I don’t want you going trough all the trouble I am not going to dance
collage tomorrow I am staying here.
Josh-But you have to this is your dream.
Carmel-What to dance
Carmel-No its not my dream is to get married and have to wonderful kids with someone
named Josh.
Josh-But why with me babe
Carmel-Because I am in love with you and no school can keep me away from you.
Josh-But I want you to go to the dance school because you really need to go with the
girls they want you to be there with them trough thick and thin because you guys are
best friends.
Carmel- Promise me you wont find another girlfriend to grind on
Josh- you have to promise the same thing ok.
Carmel-I can’t keep promises but I can try
Josh-You promised to do it with me and you kept that promise.
Carmel-Because I did it on the same day I promised you and that was just a little
Josh-Oh was it.
Carmel-Yes you asked me if we could do it and I said no wait until I was done eating
and I promised you that after I was done eating we would do it.
Josh-I can’t take this you’re leaving me and I can’t stand you not promising me
so it’s over until you move back.
Carmel-Then I am not moving back at all.
Josh-You better because I need you more then ever you’re my baby girl and you know
that if you’re pregnant it’s because of me.
Carmel-Yah but then that’s just another reason for me to stay home with you and not
go to dance collage. 
Josh-No because you don’t yet know if you are. But if I comes to your stomach
hurting and u having pains or whatever happens to you go straight to a doctor and get
checked out. Because if you are then you need to come home and be with me.
Carmel-What if you’re not the dad then what.
Josh-Then I will go crazy because therefore you cheated on me.
Carmel-Well if this is how it is going to be then it is over.
Josh-No Carmel you cant do this to me 
*Carmel gets up and walks out the door*

Chapter 6
David, Bellona, and Carmel
And others

*David and Bellona are in guest room number 3 watching a movie*

David-Bellona did you hear that fighting 
Bellona-Maybe I should check on Carmel because her and Josh were in the room next to
us and that’s the room were the yelling came from.
*Bellona and David walk into the living room to see Carmel crying*
Bellona- What’s wrong Carmel
Carmel-Me and Josh had a big fight just now.
David-I know because we heard it.
Carmel-I hope no one else heard our fighting
*Lexis and Dean walk in*
Dean-What the hell was going on out here?
Carmel-Me and Josh had this huge fight
*Lexis hugs Carmel*
Lexis-Dean you need to talk to Josh he is getting way out of hand.
Dean- I know.
Lexis-He is always starting a fight with her and that’s stupid
Dean-Lexis I know I tried talking to him before and he thinks that I need to stay out
of it.
Lexis-Why can’t you control him it’s so ruining Carmel and she is not going to
want to go tomorrow and that’s going to suck because they accepted her.
Dean-I know babe what you mean; I will talk to him right now.
*Dean yells at Josh*
Dean-Hey Josh
*Josh comes out of the room*
Josh-What Dean
Dean-I need…We need to talk to you
Josh-Who is we
Lexis-Me and Dean
Lexis-David take Carmel and Bellona outside
*David led’s the girls outside away from the house*
Dean-Ok now Josh we really need to talk
Josh-About what I am tired and I just want Carmel back
Dean-Just let her go ok 
Lexis-Yah she wants you to leave her alone so she can go to collage.
Josh-But I want here back and will do anything to get her back.
Lexis-You hurt her too many times Josh.
Dean-Yah Lexis is right it was too many times; this makes the 10th time that this has
Josh-But she needs me I may be the father of her baby.
Lexis-She is not knock up by you I know this for a fact.
Josh- How do you know? 
Dean-You know that one day you came for Maggie’s house she knew that you cheated on
Carmel, So Maggie was feeling bad and told Carmel and Carmel meet someone at the fair
two weeks after you cheated on her and Carmel was dating him behind your back,.
Lexis-Well she kind of felt bad about having you know what with him and told me what
had happened and I told her that she might get knocked up because they did it without
a condom and she started crying.
*Josh starts crying*
Josh-why does this have to happen we were so happy together. 
Dean-you were not you cheated on her.
Josh-yah but only because she cheated on me first.
Lexis-No you cheated on her with Maggie before she cheated on you so don’t even
Josh- Lexis don’t start with me I can tell Dean that about you know.
Lexis-What do you mean.
Josh-I know what happened with you and Jake so don’t make me tell Dean.
Dean-I already she told me what had happened and that was way back in 9th grade.
Josh-You still haven’t told her

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