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----Chapter One----Category: (general)
Saturday, 20 January 2007
11:49:38 AM (GMT)
Izumi walked into the kitchen and saw Hinata cooking.

 "Should I help to Hinata-Sama?" Izumi asked quietly.

 "N-no need too!!" Hinata answered turning slightly red.

 Izumi nodded and bowed slightly. She walked into her bedroom and thought, "The first
day...And I am of to no help at all..." Then she picked up her electric violin(that's
what it's called I forgot). She play a song, this song:

 "Bravo...Nicely done Izumi..." Neji nodded clapping slightly from her opened door

 "Hn...So you heard?" Izumi asked.
 Neji nodded, "But I only came here because it's time for dinner."

 "Okay...I'll come in a few." Izumi answered.

 Neji left closing the door, while Izumi put her violin and bow away and stashed her
music in her treasure chest...Filled with all her most treasured stuff. After that,
she walked into the dining room.

 "Izumi-san!! That was excellent playing!!!!!" Hanabi told Izumi with wide eyes.

 "Y-you...should think of playing when the...Sakura Festival's here!!" Hinata told

 "Oh...Out of all you people...I thought you guys would think it..." Izumi started.
 "Annoying?" Neji asked as Izumi nodded in agreement.

 "It was. But you did very good." The Dad told Izumi.

 "Thanks you guys...Now..." Izumi started again.

 "Itakadimasu!!" Everyone said in unison. Izumi ate quickly and when she was done,
she asked, "May I be excused?"

 the Dad nodded. Izumi got up, pushed her chair in and walked to her room and picked
up her violin and played something dull and

 "oh...look at the time..." Izumi said to herself...It was 8:30 p.m. Izumi looked at
the opened door and saw Hinata trying to hide herself, "I saw you...What do you

 "Well...since your already a genin...you don't really...want to go to the
public...ninja school do you..." Hinata asked hope in her eyes.

 "I need to go...I need to be put on a team to enter the Chuunin
Exams...Hinata-sama..." Izumi answered Hinata, her back at her.

 "A-ah...Okay...Tomorrow I'll wake you up and lead you there..." Hinata answered.

 Izumi answered then said, "G'night Hinata-sama."

 "G-Good night Izumi-san." Hinata told Izumi. Hinata left the room and shut the door.
Izumi changed into her pjs...A long blood colored red t-shirt that had black words,
trouble-maker, her bottoms her dead black with red words on her pockets, trouble and
maker. Then Izumi went to sleep after washing up for bed time.

LucyRose123 says:   20 January 2007   293621  
This is a sick story keep on writing your friend LucyRose
tiffanie465 says:   20 January 2007   794145  
cool! that's so great! maybe you should write a fanfiction you know.
hinata_naruto says:   20 January 2007   223152  
hinata_naruto says :   20 January 2007   774941  
thank you tiffanie!!


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