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10 Years AgoCategory: (general)
Saturday, 13 January 2018
12:57:41 PM (GMT)
My non-academic writing has deteriorated quite a lot throughout the years but this
is just for me. So it doesnt matter.

I can barely remember the 7th (6th?) grade science classroom I was sitting in when
one of my classmates showed me this cute little website where you could decorate your
own little character, and talk to people around the world. Before I knew it all of my
friends made profiles on Kupika and we had fun talking to each other and sneaking
onto the site on the school's computers. Eventually, we left for summer vacation and
my friends left the site one by one. I continued to make profiles and talk to people
as I grew up and went through the several cringeworthy phases of my young self.

At 13 years old I smeared black eyeliner onto my eyes and wrapped studded belts onto
my waist. I made a persona that fit my personality on kupika and met some memorable
people. I remember talking to a boy with celiac disease, being in a "relationship" in
which both the boy and I essentially catfished eachother. I remember him and I
revealing the truth to eachother and remaining friends afterwards. I remember talking
to an egyptian, a juggalo, and a younger hispanic boy who for the life of me I can't
remember his name and it bothers me so much. There are many others that I no longer
remember. All people who affected my young 13 year old self in some way or another,
each of them influential in their own way in shaping my perception of kupika.

At 15 I started highschool and I experienced my first heartbreak and "love" on this
site. We talked on the phone, he wrote to me and sent me mementos. In the end we were
both incredibly immature but none the less, it shaped me into who I am today and the
way I view relationships. I dont know anything about him anymore.
I went through more phases in highschool: prep, grunge, a mixture of everything. I
hated the world after my first heartbreak on kupika and I was convinced that I would
never love anybody ever again. I drew aliens on my fingers and wore black again. I
fell in love with the curly haired boy who strolled late into art class in his tight
jeans and band shirts. He walked me to calculus after art every morning and we texted
always. He gave me a candycane on the last day of art before winterbreak. This past
month he celebrated the birth of his first baby with his fiance.

My junior year I fell for a freshman who sat at the outcast table with my friend and
I (fyi we were only outcasts because we were the only upperclassmen there). I
experienced my first anxiety attacks and he brought me food when I skipped lunch
because the lunchroom was too much for me. He waited by my locker at the end of
everyday and hugged me goodbye while my friends snickered. He called me 20 times. 40
times. 70 times. He pushed me and threatened me. He works the cook line at a mexican
restaurant and spends his days smoking weed.

My 18 year old self was sure that she wanted to be a doctor and she was rather
immature. I was not immune to the "Andrew" spell. I dont know what became of him.
I'm now 23, at 18 I met my current boyfriend of almost 5 years and this is when I
realized what love really was. I met him online (not on kupika, mind you).
I wouldn't be who I am if it werent for this website, everytime I felt bored with
real life I turned to this site. I met so many memorable, kind, and funny people with
so many stories. It's so strange to think that I'm now 23 graduated from college, and
full of goals for my life. Thanks for everything kupika. Kupika is friendships,
heartbreak, "love", pedos, dreams, drama, essentially my childhood.
Last edited: 13 January 2018

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