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Sunday, 18 December 2016
04:48:22 AM (GMT)
Claude. Necrophiliac. Pianist. "Crow". Dark. Edgy. A bottomless pit of smoke and paranormal vices. He likes crooning as he nudges himself every night with a skeleton's jaw. He's weird. But fond of poetry and horror stories. He's a legitimate night owl. Eccentric. Heavy drinker. "Sigh." A waiter/Host. Claude(?) Aizen(?) Jasper(?) He runs food, and escorts guests to their tables. Orrr to their private rooms ;"). He never joins the fun though. It's not really his cup of tea. Although, he's definitely worked at the club a while. He's not particularly proud of it or anything. In fact he's somewhat tired of it all. So why doesn't he quit? Maybe he find a job with less.. Turbulence. Well, he's definitely thought about it! However, This upscale death rodeo pays the bills. He's found of money. And if that means dealing with the stench of rotting corpses in the break room, He'll deal. "Sigh." He's probably the closest thing to 'Normal' that you'd gonna get here. Which means he stands out like a sore thumb. He doesn't smoke, or drink, nor roll around in passion like a dog. Claude's just here to wait tables and escort the drunken patrons to the private rooms. He's only here to work. But why? His little brother owes money- lots and lots of money to the [???] family. But guess what? His little brother committed suicide a year ago. So guess what? The debt rolls over to Claude. Is Claude bitter about it? Yes. He had to quit school, break up with his girlfriend, and move to a shitty one bedroom apartment so he was closer to work. But he can't exactly blame his foolish little brother... Claude wasn't there for his him like he should've been. Maybe if he had.. He wouldn't have gotten mixed up with criminal scum. He keeps quiet about it though. No one needs to know. Even so... Claude has been thinking.. He could make so much more money... as a dancer.. He see's the stacks of crumpled 50s and 100s that Night sweeps into his bag each night. Holy shit. He'd be out of debt in no time! He just needs a costume, and some cheesy music, and make up a slutty stage name. He could! He really could. And then he could just.. walk up to those velvet red stairs, and waltz into a private room with a high paying client guest.. He'd be entertaining. The guest would smile. Claude would smile. And- ...? "Sigh." He pushes the idea aside, and stacks dishes on his arm. "I'm not that desperate." He exhales. Or is he? Claude is fucking stressed. He tries to not let it show, but his hair is starting to fall out... And he definitely can't sleep at night. At this rate, Even with tips, he'll be in debt until he's 45. Ugh. he'll have to find an outlet for his ... frustration soon... He's probably one of the few staff members thats never killed anyone before. But he's a bending twig, that's about to snap. So don't push him. Marlis Family spy. Infiltrated the Midnight burlesque, in order to find a way to bring down their enemies. This night club is on Marlis turf. Pavlov should've respected the deal. They get west side. But whatever. Marlis sent Ricky- a hideous soul- to make sure the Pavlov operation is shut down. And it will be, soon enough. Cleaner. Goes by Red. Or Ricky. He likes cleaning messes. And from what Lord and Pavlov can see, he's a very hard worker. Be's Dedicated. But he can make messes too, rest assured, he does make them too. Ricky's job is simple: Go into the private rooms after the fun is over, and clean up the mess. Make it pretty. Make it spotless. Make it like nothing ever happened. And Ricky always does. He's no novice to it. Ricky is the culmination of a long, grim, red line of cleaners. It's all he knows. Dismantling a body, Bleaching out blood stains, fisting some clogged toilets. Shrug. Ricky's your guy if you have something go wrong, and you want the mess to disappear. He makes it look like nothing happened. It's a dirty job. Ricky likes dirty. No- Ricky likes filthy. Ricky doesn't talk much. He's always wearing a mask over his face, and his eyes are lackluster. Not to mention he's usually reeking of gasoline and charcoal. You wouldn't think twice walking past him, he's practically a shadow. He sticks to the corners, and the walls, or even just behind the curtains. But don't worry, he's never to far away. So that, when signaled, he can be there to powder the blood stains away. It helps that Ricky's a neat freak. He's obsessed with fine lines and patterns. Cleaners aren't your most glamorous job... But certainly, this place wouldn't be standing without faithful employees like Ricky, cleaning up every night. Hm... Some stains are deeper then others.. FEMALE Carmin. You're run of the mill Jezebel with an attitude. Rawr. She's feisty, and likes it rough. She's been apart of the mob- for. like.ever. Totes. She's a sharp shooter, so her weapons probably a gun. But she doesn't care. She's versatile. she'll claw your eyes out, or beat you to death with a broken bottle. She turns scary. But scary is hot right? Despite being the latest edition to the Midnight dancers, she's already comftorable calling herself Princess. She made a nice little home for herself prying and snooping, and being second in command, while Night's away with clients. People look up to her. She watches out for the other girls too. She's loyal. Protective. Carmin has a love for fashion. She doesn't care much for getting permission either. Nighty won't mind if I borrow.. some.. things.. from his stage locker right? "Hm~ This shade looks great on me~ Thanks Night <3~" Cleaner. She's quiet. fair faced. She's mistaken for a dancer most of the time, and it makes doing her job that much more difficult. Especially since she's required to wear such a revealing costume... Whatever. She takes out her frustration on the guys that try to corner her. One stab two stab three stab four. You won't be breathing anymore. Singer. Elaine(?) Mimi(?). Something like a Carmen. But not? I feel like she would be sweeter... But everyone needs a twist. What's hers? Does she have a thing for bondage? Is she a druggie? Probably drugs. Hyped up on something and always twitching. Maybe she looks up to Midnight? Maybe she looks down on Cleaners? Maybe when she's a highschool student with a fake id? Anyway, her stage name is Pony, A sadistic version of Pony? Less fun loving and more hard as nails do what you have to do tough girl. ? ? ? ?
Last edited: 20 December 2016

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