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Quick 'get to know me' survey.Category: (general)
Thursday, 17 April 2014
10:56:42 PM (GMT)
What's your name?
Maria. It's on a long line of other Maria's in my family. I'm really wondering if
I'll make an effort to keep the name in tradition or be creative in the future. 

How old are you?
I'm 19. 20 in August! Damn, time flies by quickly. 

Where do you live?

How tall are you?
As of my last check up, I stand tall at 6ft1, roughly ~185cm. 

What colour is your hair?
Pink at the moment. Though it's faded now. Should dye it purple or blue. Maybe blonde
if I want to feel tame. 

How long is it?
I'm actually growing out my hair this time. It was properly short last year and
reached my ears and no lower. I miss my old long hair so it's growing out but I
rocked short hair! Then again, I do miss styling my hair so we're growing it out for

How much do you weigh?
That's personal, you. I'm not sure. I honestly stopped caring. I just eat healthy now
and I weigh healthy. I feel healthy. That's all that should matter. 

What's your favourite food?
Er, it will always be spaghetti. 

Favourite animal?
Bunnies for sure. Had one when I was younger, they're much more intelligent than
they're given credit for. 

Favourite song?
At the moment, oh, erm. It's changing every other day so my opinion on that could be
different very soon. But at the moment it's the AMTRAC remix of should be higher. 

Favourite film?
Anything by Nolan. 

Favourite game?
I'm really into TF2 and it has taken over the majority of my free time. I do enjoy
other games though like Civ5. I loved the red alert series when I was younger. I'm
also really liking SC2. My friend is getting me into LoL though, so we'll see how
that works out. 

Favourite scent?
On me, it's probably vanilla or something sweet like my strawberry scented body
butter. I own too many coconut scented products though, so that's what I smell like
normally. On guys, I'd say keep it clean and natural or a subtle splash of cologne. I
hate people who drown themselves in deodorant or too much cologne. 

Favourite book?
Anything by Lee Child. Man's a genius. 

Something odd about you?
Erm. I have hypermobility and a metal kneecap so I can walk easier? That counts

What are your hobbies?
I'm recently getting into making EDM/ambient music and posting it on soundcloud and
such. Otherwise gaming. And sleep. I'm a student, I don't really have much time for
anything else. Boring, right?

Dream job?
Er, I'd like to work with prosthetics and making them as human like and as
comfortable for the patient as possible. I'd love to learn Cybernetic Engineering as
a master's to get closer to this. Have you ever seen that prosthetic hand that can
tie a shoelace using complex finger movements? That's sooo cool. Technology yeah!

Current occupation?
Computer science student. I'm doing a few projects every now and then but no
permanent income yet. Maybe more so on the industrial year of my course. 

Dream holiday location?
Uh, maybe Fiji? I hear the water's clear and the beaches are golden. I dunno though,
I'd love to backpack this or the next summer all over Europe with someone. That would
be a lot better than just a holiday in my opinion. 

What kind of people do you hate?
People with unfair double standards and liars, really. I don't have time for people
that cheat others for their personal gain either. 
Oh and don't forget people who live thinking that they're entitled to something

What kind of people do you like?
Those who match my interests and personality. Though it's good to have different
people in your circle of friends I think, makes for interesting conversations and
makes you respect people more. 

Last question...

What's your most controversial opinion?
Welp. Now's my chance to make enemies! Uh, I don't really have one. I'm pro-choice? I
don't really know what to say without sounding like some crazy tumblr social justice
warrior, but, slut shaming is absolutely stupid and the double standard that pairs
with it is equally stupid. Eh.
Last edited: 17 April 2014

x__lou__x says:   18 April 2014   295244  
Next year is my gap year, I'll backpack with you! None of my friends
are taking a year out so all my travelling is going to have to be
alone in 2015 )-:
‹m a r i a› says:   18 April 2014   584838  
Haha that would be fun! Well, at least you can go anywhere you want
without people telling your otherwise? ): 
‹holtbeast› says:   20 April 2014   711459  
You're 185 cm? OMG so tall. /jealous
‹m a r i a› says:   20 April 2014   450563  
Yeah! I feel so awkward wearing heels. :/ 
‹holtbeast› says:   20 April 2014   775962  
You shouldn't. Stand tall and proud, Amazon. 
‹m a r i a› says :   20 April 2014   441552  
At least I can do a pretty rocking Wonder Woman cosplay though. :D 


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