sad heart, tatered soul, ...acting failed,
...body...torn...beliefs...stomped on.
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sad heart, tatered soul, ...acting failed,
...body...torn...beliefs...stomped on.
Category: (general)
Sunday, 6 October 2013
01:53:52 AM (GMT)
it may be hard to believe but even people who have good as a life as me have tough
times, my soul is old 55016 years to one believes it. my heart has been
tugged so many times it makes want too...too RIP IT OUT OF MY CHEST!! i acted to get
what i worked...for 5 minutes. my body itself is a wreck, my teeth are
jagged, my knee caps almost don't exist and all my limbs are green treed! and to top
it all of...i get shuned for believing that dragons existed and that i WAS ONE (which
i really was...glubbing swords) day i am going to chop my own head off
cause i think no one would mind if i did

‹› says:   6 October 2013   161724  
If you have a genuine belief in something, which you claim you do and
no one believes you.. work hard to prove to everyone that your belief
is true. 

No one would care if you killed yourself? 
FACT: There's always one person that does care and thats YOU.
You have a're lucky. No one believes you and now you have
your WHOLE life to prove them wrong, its a blessing if anything, take
the opportunity.

If you say your soul is 55016 years to date, find a way to prove it to
me and everyone else because right now that's your purpose.

‹Quinncy› says:   8 October 2013   177142  
thank you young soul... but, there is no way other then showing
actual reincarnation for the most part and...that's harder then
breathing fire for a draconic like myself
‹› says:   8 October 2013   932297  
can't hurt to try
you may live a long past, but the future is strictly secret
‹Quinncy› says:   8 October 2013   998156  
true, one must forge ahead, to even get a rusting blade of the past
‹› says:   8 October 2013   859379  
Good luck
‹Quinncy› says:   8 October 2013   301812  
same to your adventures, friend
crazyhot says:   9 October 2013   187816  
Fucking people
‹Quinncy› says:   9 October 2013   624898  
i know right
‹Quinncy› says :   9 October 2013   611627  
some people just don't have any respect at all


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